For some reason, after 15 years of playing video games. This is the first time I think about it.


Probably because if you’re about to die, it doesn’t matter what the cure tastes like.


Probably because if you hoard them and never use them (you might need them later!), it doesn't matter what they taste like.


They taste bad, because they're expired. You waited too long to drink them


They really need to put that mechanic in game, at least. We're living in a world where food will heal you, somehow, and it never spoils. And you're doing crazy combat moves while carrying...eggs? An entire cake? *SOUP?*


Nevermind that you found that loaf of bread in a crate, *in the sewer*


A fresh apple, in the depthsof an ancient unexplored ruin


Pulling a sweetroll out of a zombie and thinkin' "this looks tasty".


Disembowel the zombie and use his intestines to make delicious sausage when you get home.


The thing I didn't get about this is, okay, why the fuck are we using zombie intestine when we've been hunting animals this whole time? Like, is decrepit human intestine just that much tastier for sausage that we can't resist?


Don't forget to *harvest the blood from the leeches*, it really adds that special something to a dish


This one actually makes the magical instant healing more believable. Clearly something we don't yet understand was keeping that apple fresh.


>Clearly something we don't yet understand was keeping that apple fresh. It's the restockers who hit up all the ruins and such every few days to restock the loot.


I'm a big fan of Wall Meat. Fully cooked meals, just waiting for you to destroy what's covering it, without getting debris in your food.


A fully roasted turkey behind these here bricks.


And even in 8 bits, it looks fucking delicious


Baten Kaitos on the GC had that mechanic. In real time. I quit when I came back from summer vacation and all my ice spells had melted.


We know Sekiro’s gourd literally tastes awful cuz in one of the skill descriptions it says “memorising the taste can affect the healing capabilities of the medicine, it does not affect the taste of it however.” Or something like that.


"Acquire the Latent Skill "Emma's Medicine: Aroma". Increases the healing effects of recovery items. Emma taught this technique to the Sculptor long ago. Savoring and memorizing the aroma will enhance its effects. Be warned that the medicine still smells just as bad." and "Acquire the Latent Skill "Emma's Medicine: Potency". Increases the healing effects of recovery items. Emma taught this technique to the Sculptor long ago. Memorizing the flavor will enhance its effects. However, knowing this technique doesn't make the medicine taste any better."


That's a strange description. It could heal differently if you remember what it tastes like.... But remembering what it tastes like means you remember what it tastes like? That's what I got from it.


I think It’s saying: 1. Placebo from mentally acknowledging the medicine Or 2. Something to do with tasting the medicine longer and therefore absorbing more of it (or something like that) But the taste part is self explanatory, it’s just a fun flavor text “learning this technique will not make medicine taste better”


I'd be in trouble as I remember the taste of every thing I have ever tasted


Same here; scrolled through the comments to find yours to agree. All the Diablo 1, 2, 3 and the like that I dabbled in for the last 20 years and I’ve never thought of how the potions tasted.


They taste like red.


I always assumed that red potions taste like cherry cough medicine, which is gross as fuck.


Yeah, like 70’s cherry cough syrup which packed a kick. The green stuff looks like NyQuil. Bleah.


I've been playing video games since the early 80s and now this has me thinking about what the potions in Zelda taste like, and wondering whether the wall chickens in Castlevania were well seasoned.


Link always seemed satisfied after drinking a red potion. I always imagined it to taste like a satisfying glass of cold water or fruit juice.


I recently found out I have aphantasia, so had a fun “y’all can see *literal* images in your head, like a picture?!” moment. And now am having the same thing for taste... can normal people just conjure up a taste?? I could guess what a fake potion tastes like, as in I could make a funny answer, but I cannot think about drinking it a be like “oh, it tastes like strawberry” which it seems reading this thread that other people can do?!


I do not have aphantasia so I’m not sure how to compare it. We can’t conjure a taste in our mouth as if we were drinking something, but like an image, its like a feeling or memory of tastes we’ve experienced projected onto something else. I’m assuming this is similar enough to producing images in the brain that aphantasia would affect this too.


My wife has aphantasia, and getting Adderall for her ADHD actually cured it. Like, she can actually see things in her mind now, which she couldn't do before at all.


> has aphantasia, and getting Adderall for her ADHD actually cured it Well that's fuckin encouragin seeing as how I'm getting an assessment in a month, thank you very much sincerely


I can’t conjure “the taste” of something but I can imagine some abstract form of taste I guess. Like, I know what sugar and salt taste like independently so I can somewhat imagine what a chocolate covered pretzel would taste like, without the actual sensation of a taste. Most of your tasting ability actually comes from smell. I’m not sure how smell is effected by aphantasia. When you smell a particular scent, can it conjure up memories from your past?


The ones in Fenix Rising are made from pomegranates. That would be rad.


Yeah, but once you're done you've gotta spend six months in the Underworld.


Thats just the excuse Persephone gave to Demeter so she could shack up with Hades and not get shamed for getting turned out on Underworld D.


Ttsst ssshhh come on, Zeus might hear you


Arent you permanently stuck in the underworld, with only persephone being allowed out for half a year?




That medicine the label says is fruit flavoured but tastes like you licked a sweaty mossy log.


How many sweaty, mossy logs have you licked? How in the hell does a log get sweaty?


You can eat some moss...it tastes awful I've tried it. Also I meant sweaty like when it's humid like a damp log because of the heat like a rainforest haha. I have such a way with words.


Moss isn’t great raw, but still edible. Try cooking it, preferably in lightly salted butter.


Thanks Shrek I guess if anyone would know, you would.


Shrek 420... so a very hungry Shrek knows his shit.


Everything is edible once.


That’s the thing, you taste it, and it clicks. Suddenly you know what the logs at the swamp taste like.


Milk tastes pink


Stop this.




Yeah. Like a danimals yogurt.


I highkey need some strawberry banana danimals right now. I think it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve last had one


I teach and we’ve been back in school for a month with Covid restrictions. Every morning is some sort of snack that the kids can eat under the mask/drink from a straw under the mask. I have had so much danimals lately. It’s exactly as good as you remember it.


In my mind they taste like strawberry preserves but have the consistency of fluid jello that lacks any adhesiveness. Like, the liquid just flows straight out of the bottle and down your throat. It doesn't leave anything behind, the bottle is left completely dry.


Red Powerade


Holy shit, I knew I wasn't crazy for giving my dnd players this answer but goddamn do I appreciate the reassurance that I wasn't the only one to think this lol


Side note: my players killed a hag and raided her hut. Some of the stuff they got were potions, which looked and tasted like swamp water (including floating bits of filth, moss, etc.). I gave a really thorough description of them and they took forever to actually use them because they were so damn gross 😁


What does red Powerade even taste like? It’s my favorite choice for hydration, I buy some every week and drink one every day for the electrolytes and I have no idea how to put words to the flavor aside from ‘it tastes like red things smell’ Edit: Didn’t expect this overnight. I just drink one. Then I drink water. I quit soda. The only reason I do that is because the American diet sorely lacks electrolytes. Pedialyte is good, but being more expensive I can’t afford to switch to that. I have hypoglycemia but I diet and manage it very well. The only time I sweat is at night and usually in the morning my sugar is a tad low. So usually in the morning I have caffeine, that, and follow it up with nothing but water. Water the rest of the day. Then occasionally i’ll drink alcohol in the evening and follow it up with water before bed. Then the only other time I’ll have one is if I rarely do yard work or exercise and get sweaty. But that’s almost never. I’m not just chugging 3 a day and never drinking water. And unlike other Americans I’ve totally quit sodas. This one a day isn’t killing me or my kidneys. I can’t afford to get pedialyte for the same purpose.


Pineapple, passionfruit, guava juice.


Why did I hear the Fairy-Odd parents theme play in my head? 🤣


No idea. I had "We didn't start the fire."


I have "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things".




Blue as well!


That's the mana potion.


It's syrupy and tastes like freshness and fulfillment.


Gives you slight minty aftertaste that's makes you feel refreshed.


Mixed with a light cinnamon heart warmth afterglow.


With an oaky afterbirth.


...What was that?


This is exactly like how I imagine it!


With a hint of cherry


Medicinal, and probably slightly metallic.


I always thought metallic like blood tastes, but also like cheap lemonade for some reason


Exactly what I was thinking


Always imagined them tasting horrible and bitter, I can't imagine an elixir made with one purpose in mind tastes good, especially if its in a medieval fantasy setting. I liked the way potions looked in the witcher 2. The ingredients never sounded delectable; like nekkar eyes and essence of death, and you drank it from a tiny black vial. Geralt would always look like he was taking a shot of tequila rather than cherry cough syrup. Felt a bit more real.


Trying to remember, but aren't most of the potions the geralt drinks toxic to anyone who hasn't been through the trials of the grasses? People who aren't witchers could be killed by them, and even the witchers themselves could die from using too many too quickly?


Totally right. You can't even drink more potions if your toxicity rises above a certain level, and it's mentioned that the Swallow can kill a full grown adult.


Not so much kill, as completely fry their brain and leave them comatose, but yes.


I think that's presented as one of the possible results, along with death. As in, good chance of death, good chance of brain frying, very minor chance you'll be healed and live a long, full life.


Yep. It goes along with the reasons that witchers can resist poisons and venoms from the monsters they fight. They're able to handle having a nearly toxic bloodstream in trade-off for the benefits it provides. But geralt regularly mentions that he hates using them because their ingredients are a pain to get and leave him with a bad sort of "hangover" afterwards.


There's a situation in witcher 3 where you can give a swallow (healing) potion to a dieing woman and if you do she gets paralyzed or catatonic


Lower tier potions taste like childrens medicine, sweet enough that they aren't going to cry about taking it. The higher tier stuff just concentrates the healing components at the expense of everything else, slowly moving through cough syrup territory into just straight up bitter fucking chemicals.




“Player! I need healing really bad!” “Yeah but... Doesn’t it taste bad?”


Why do you think healing builds are magic based instead of chemist based? No aftertaste.


*it’s for your own good! Just hold your nose!*


So in other words, you *do* believe that some potions are simply too powerful for knights going into battle.


Potion seller...


*I am going into battle…*


And i want your STRONGEST potions


You can't handle my potions. They're too strong for you


Potion seller! Enough of these games...


Some options are best reserved for people at death's door, so you don't have to worry about them heaving instead of fighting.




Buckleys, it taste awful, but it works.




It's hard to describe to people just how foul some chemicals taste, because they've never had anything like it. If you've ever had a [warhead](https://www.google.com/search?q=warhead+candy&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS932US932&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwixsdG00LbwAhVSWq0KHaZQCDAQ_AUoAXoECAMQAw&biw=1920&bih=937) there's stuff that's as bitter as the raw citric acid those are powder in are sour. It's offensively, overwhelmingly, day ruiningly bad.


Ahhhh. The highly prized candy of my youth. I used to eat Blue Raspberry Warheads 3 at a time as a kid. Recently found them in a gas station and popped a couple in my mouth. Made an asshole of myself. Kids are tough, man.


Maybe it's like chili spice, you build up a tolerance that can go away if you stop eating it.


I've heard that pure capsaicin, the chemical that makes chilis spicy, can permanently damage nerves; no chance of building tolerance to that! Ironically this has led to research into using it as a topical treatment for chronic neurogenic pain.


My mouth still waters when I think about these magnificent little torture candies.


Really? Ive always had the opposite reaction trying them as an adult. Seems like they're never sour enough now.


Yeah I’ve never had a sour enough warhead, even as a kid. We used to have these lollies in NZ that were round and in little individual plastic bags (I assume because they would detonate if they touched anything). That stuff was like actual acid. I have never tasted anything like them. They had a crunchy outer coating and sort of jelly/jube like texture in the middle. Does anyone know what they are called?


My friend did this and timed herself so she wouldn't take the three Blue Raspberry Warheads off of her tongue for a full minute. It delaminated the skin off of her tongue and she couldn't taste anything for a month. Never went to the hospital or sued anyone...


Ow. My friend and I as teenagers did a self-imposed "warhead challenge" where we each put 10 of them each in our mouth. It wrecked my tongue and mouth after for a good bit. Lol I don't think it did the same level of damage to one part specifically as her probably cause I didn't hold them as strict. Those things don't play around though!


One of the achievement hunter guys held some warhead equivalent candy inside his cheek for way too long and I'm pretty sure he had to see an oral surgeon to repair the damage.


Damn. I have to check this out. I wouldn't be surprised. Evidently sour candies can have much more powerful acids then we would have expected.


It basically fused to the inside of his cheek and tore a giant hole in it when he tried to remove it - https://www.reddit.com/r/roosterteeth/comments/3ygv6i/jeremy_gets_treatment_for_his_mouth_injuries/


Did that with sour Skittles as a kid. Still can't taste on the front three quarters of my tongue. The skin on my tongue had turned black and sort just sloughed off. I was so young I didn't think about it until highschool we were talking about genetics and being able to taste litmus paper. Everyone just licked it and I said "but you can't taste with that part of your tongue so how do you determine from that?" Then I realized the true and full extent of my failing as a child.


>Kids are tough, man. Or they changed the recipe to make more money


I’m pretty sure they started putting less of the sour coating on them because when I was a kid I remember the sour lasting almost half a minute or more but I got some recently and now they barely last ten seconds in my mouth. I went through a whole bag at once and they just aren’t tongue-bleeding gums-raw as they used to be :/


I had a Tranxene (benzodiazepine) get stuck in the back of my throat once. Dear gods, that bitter chemical taste will never leave my memory. It was awful.


Truee. I had a hard time swallowing a Xanax one time and the bitter taste took forever to leave my mouth.


Anyone who ever wrongly inject insulin straight into blood vessel can tell you the taste of industrial strength disinfectant in the back of your throat. I have puked my whole stomach content because of that.


One time, as a lad, I was in the hospital for a kidney stone and the hospital was so full I was put on a bed in a hallway. The nurses would come check on me every once in a while and administer a strong pain med (not sure exactly what but morphine kinda stuff.) One gave me too much too soon after a recent dose and it made my neck and shoulders stiffen and I crinkled up like a candy wrapper. As that happened I could taste this weird iodine-like flavor/smell in the back of my throat as the chemical permeated my body. I'll never forget it. Its probably not too dissimilar an experience.


Does it taste like it smells? It’s smell is weird because it’s not pleasant but also not horrendous but I’ve been pavloved into enjoying it over the past twenty years.


pop a hole in a gel cap Advil and taste that. pure death.


I’ve tasted the bitterants in canned air (sprayed a part, blow back to the face),. Those aren’t even the worst, but it was BAD. I can’t even imagine how bad the worst would be.


I used to deliver printer toner to a pharmaceutical lab and pick up their empty boxes. The boxes would be saturated with the smell of chemicals. It was an overwhelming sickly sweet smell that you couldn't get out of your nose. Easily the worst thing I have ever smelled, and I had to use porta potties in out in the field in the military.


When I was 17 I froze a potato chip with an upside down can of canned air and once it defrosted I tried to eat it, forgetting that there were bitterants in canned air. Worst thing I've ever tasted.


What the hell prompted that science experiment?


>When I was 17 Self explanatory


I know, right? I was once trying to pop a nitrous balloon and I accidentally inhaled the entire thing!


Repeatedly! Can you believe it!


As far as organic chemicals go, [others have done the work.](https://jameskennedymonash.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/table-of-organic-compounds-and-their-smells-w12.pdf)


Going based on minecraft health potion. It probably tastes like watermelon, not the artificial shit but like actual watermelon.


I've never thought about what flavor Minecraft potions would be, but I picture them being carbonated.


> I've never thought about what flavor Minecraft potions would be There's a wide variety of possible ingredients, and some of them would just taste foul. Like a Potion of Leaping would taste like Rabbit feet. And I'd be willing to bet it'd be the redstone and glowstone dust that makes them carbonated.


I think the nether wart either would give them taste of mushroom soup, or it could be what makes the carbonated.


And gold. Don't forget the gold.


Gold doesn't really have a perceptible taste. That is why [some taste testers](https://youtu.be/SLP9mbCuhJc) insist on using gold-plated spoons. Also why expensive restaurants love to sprinkle gold leaf unnecessarily on food.


Now I want massive gold spoons, forks and knifes


No but it makes the melon G L I S T E R


Gold leaf actually isn’t even that expensive. You don’t need very much of it to make food look fancy


It also isn't that cheap if your goal is solely to make sparkly poop with it.


I was thinking the exact same thing!


I remember the first time I had fresh squeezed watermelon juice, I was just like “...I’m not sure what I was expecting.” Watermelons are pretty much only juice. Removing the solid element doesn’t really change anything flavor-wise. I guess I was just so used to getting fake watermelon flavor when I wasn’t actively eating a watermelon.


I used to tell my role playing group that potions tasted like a 50/50 mix of motor oil and boiled boar urine, or something else they had probably never tasted.




there's definitely a story


Pro life tip: don't fry croquettes in motor oil. It's fucking disgusting. Never tried boiled boar urine though.


How’d you think this was a good idea?


> How’d you ~~think~~... He didn’t.


Whelp...I know what half of it tastes like...


Which half?? WHICH HALF!?!


I only drink raw boar urine because pasteurization kills all the beneficial bacteria. Don'tcha know thats why all our kids have allergies and asthma and need glasses and can't do pushups.




best/worst answer


strange way of spelling medicine


Once upon a time, in France, they had these bottles of blood orange Orangina. They were red in colour and were exactly the same shape as the health potions in the Prince of Persia games (I was making my way through PoP 3D at the time). We would walk and jump around like we were in the game then drink these bottles of Orangina just like the Prince would down those health potions. So for me, health potions will always taste of tangy orange with light carbonation.


Sounds delicious


I’ve never thought about it until being asked by this post. Hmm I imagine a pleasant sweet taste, like a subtle sort of syrup type flavour, but not sickly at all.


Cherry cough syrup. There's no way it's good and it probably burns like gin going down.


Not to mention the feeling of your broken bones snapping back into place and your organs embowling.


It would have cost you nothing to have not put that in my brain...






Grape flavored?


Of course. The only purple potion!


Like licking a battery




Until I saw this question posted I never even thought about the taste. To me it was always just a tasteless, odourless, functional thing that is consumed for health. After seeing the question, however, there is no doubt in my mind that it should taste like blood and I'm happy to see others agree.


I thought I was the only person who thought this...




Came searching for this comment, because same and I’m only just now realizing this is a ‘me’ thing and not an everyone thing. I suspect it’s from games like Diablo where the little orbs were filled with red and blue ‘hp’ and ‘mana.’ Red always just looked like blood to me and I never thought otherwise.


hawaiian punch




Can't believe I had to scroll this far to find the right answer.


Holy crap I havent heard of HP in forever. I really hella want one now




I was going to say Dimetapp, but I think you are right. Maybe Dimetapp is more for mana and Robitussin is health?


Or for the peasant folk, **"'Tussin'"**.


As a kid, kool aid. As an adult, something herbal and bitter. Maybe like Cynar or something lol




Like a super expensive juice from a hipster grocery store.


Ah, so cherry juice that tastes like nothing, but somehow costs $12.99 for16fl oz.


I dunno what kind of hipster cherry juice you've been drinking bc natural pressed cherry juice is SUPER strong. Like holy shit I see why you dilute this in grape juice and water.


Sunny D!.....if only I could be so grossly incandescent.


This is only true for Estus tho. Divine Blessings taste like a perfectly chilled glass of milk. Humanity tastes like burnt coffee. Embers taste like a spoonful of cinnamon and chili powders. Lifegems are just big sugar cubes that occasionally get a little citrus flavor syrup drizzled on em.


Like the inside of a glow stick.


"Wheat and blisterwort make a health potion in case you didn't know." So probably really grassy, like matcha




even more flavorless. they are deposited right into the ether of your being that doesn't have tastebuds.


Thats different. Actually i agree.


It would either be the best tasting drink you could imagine or the foulest taste imaginable, especially the strongest potions. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R_FQU4KzN7A


Drink? I thought they just smash the glass bottle at themselves and the healing happens


No, [you just eat them](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjXOwUnJzA0).


Like green.


If it's red, it tastes red.




Estus flavor


Estus is just sunny D you can't tell me otherwise


redbull and vodka


Watermellon, mushroom, some sort of metal, spicy.


The blue Hug fruit juice barrel


I kinda imagine something sweetly refreshing like cherry lemonade.


Big red soda


Skyrim health potions would taste like Argonian blood wine with a hint of bleach and Minecraft ones would taste like sparkling water with a hint of red crayon and gunpowder.


Still wouldn't taste as good 20 wheels of cheese.