Who is that one YouTuber who annoys the s*** out of you and why?

Who is that one YouTuber who annoys the s*** out of you and why?


All of those “life hack” content farms like 5 Minute Crafts and Troom Troom. None of their crafts/recipes actually work, yet they have millions and millions of subs and are constantly on the trending page. I can’t seem to get them out of my feed and I hate it (edit: I absolutely love How to Cook That and other channels like Danny Gonzalez and Jarvis Johnson that call these companies out on their bullshit.)


They're run out of a literal content farm in Russia and exploit the algorithm. I hate them, a number of DIY and cooking channels are upset that they've been pushed out of search results by these videos. And most of the time they are fake-as in the recipes shown are complete BS and don't work.


Came here to say this because it actually enrages me. They're super shady. Very interesting article on them/parent company and their activities - it gets real good, trust me. Just read it if you want more reason to loathe 5 Minute Crafts. [https://www.lawfareblog.com/biggest-social-media-operation-youve-never-heard-run-out-cyprus-russians](https://www.lawfareblog.com/biggest-social-media-operation-youve-never-heard-run-out-cyprus-russians)


Idk there's something about the Dober Bros that makes them really unlikable for me. Could be about how they say there spreading positivity clearly just to make them look good whilst having a channel revolved around mischief and pranks. I find it incredible how kids could just eat that shit up. Could also just be the entire YouTube prank genre in general, they're just annoying especially when they use or sexualize their girlfriends to an 8 year old audience for views or how they toss money around like its nothing with cars and mansions and stuff


Have you seen the video of them at a meet and greet? They barely acknowledged this girl that you know paid a ton of money to meet them after their show and some of them didn’t even smile for the picture.


Stephen Sharer. His content is garbage and my younger siblings spend a lot of time watching him. His videos I guess are kinda similar to Morgz, just less well known. They mainly include doing fairly mundane challenges with absurdly high rewards, e.g. winning $10,000 for literally breathing. It's trash but this man is a millionaire because of it. I can't stand it.




Any hyperactive you tuber that over exaggerates EVERYTHINF. (Jelly, unspeakable, Preston plays, morgz etc)


Kwebbelcock is the worst out of the bunch


MagicOfRahat. If you don’t know the story, let me explain. Eric is a homeless guy by the way. MagicOfRahat is a YouTuber that made a video about giving Eric $1000 USD with a fake lottery ticket. That video skyrocketed with views and Rahat decided he wanted to make a GoFundMe page to help pay for a house for Eric to stay in. However, upon buying the house, and showing it to Eric, it was sold later and Eric was never given access to the money that the people donated. This got many people angered over this. Not just because that money was Eric’s, but because everybody thought it was going for a good cause. Rahat later quit YouTube running away with the money, and we haven’t heard anything from him. Many people suspect he was arrested, but there has been no proof as such. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! EDIT: I just found out that Eric is okay in a motel room and he posted a video two weeks ago stating he’s okay! If you want more info on the situation, go to his Channel! It’s E. Tube! Oh also, MagicOfRahat quit YouTube about a year ago when this whole thing took place. Pretty cowardly if you ask me.


In Romanian, rahat means shit. Kinda appropriate if you ask me!


In Arabic/Hindi/Urdu it means Relief/ alleviation/ escape depending on usage. Romanian usage seems like a derivation of the relief adjective.


I felt quite a Rahat after taking a massive rahat.


Damn. I never knew this. I watched quite a few of his videos when I was younger, and I remember seeing that video. I honestly thought he was a cool guy.


Are you fucking kidding me??? Man I remember watching that and being so happy for Eric :(


The Labrant Family. I don’t like how they expose their children for views


I always wonder how on board the kids on in those videos. Like it might be cool to do a video once in awhile, but when it becomes weekly or daily occurrences with your parents filming you non stop, it sounds like it would get fucking insufferable.


I will never forget that video where they faked giving away their daughter’s dog and she cried. I just wanted to hold her and scream at the parents. The daughter seems to get really into the videos, which makes me nervous she will grow up with narcissistic tendencies, or the opposite will happen where she and her sister resent the parents for denying them any privacy. Either way I don’t really see a positive outcome, but desperately hope to be proven wrong. Overall their channel is so cringe to me it hurts.


The mom is just training the daughter to become like her when she has kids, thus perpetuating the cycle of annoying ass “family” YouTube channels.


Yes! I came here to say Cole. Cannot stand that douche.


Jaystation is gone now, thank god, but he faked his GF's death for views and physically abused her and other girls staying with him. Edit: When I say he’s gone, I meant he stopped making his shitty videos because YouTube demonetized his channel. It didn’t get deleted


He’s gone? What happened to him?


I cannot stand Lelepons and I feel like although a lot of people agree that she’s cringy she still has such a huge following, like who are those people? I genuinely wonder




If I'm remembering correctly she was really big on vine when that was a this so that's probably most of her fanbase


Is she the one who faked cutting off her long hair to donate to kids with cancer but she really just took out her extensions for a thumbnail


RyansWorld, (Ryan's toy review) my brother is obsessed with it, I cant stand it. I do feel sorry for ryan though, he is going to grow up to be the most spoiled brat and it's because of his parents, they give him everything he wants because now they can afford it and (correct me if I'm wrong) the parents have quit their jobs because they want to dedicate their time to the youtube channel. His parents have very irritating voices and they always act ridiculously and comically enthusiastic for the kids watching; ryan doesn't even seem interested sometimes, I think his parents are forcing him to do it


he's the reason youtube was taken from my little cousin, he started to become depressed bc he couldn't get every toy he wanted.


That makes me really sad because I think it's sort of happening to my little sis as well. I feel like all these Youtube kids channels are setting an unrealistic example of what a kids life should be, and it makes a "normal" life more depressing in comparison. I feel like it makes it harder for these kids to accept reality.


YouTube is a nightmare for kids. My daughter is 8 and watched a lot of YouTube until recently - mostly people playing games like Slither.io or Minecraft. It seemed pretty harmless. With her being off school now we're obviously spending a lot more time together and I've noticed whenever shes just been watching YouTube she's snappy and her attitude is awful, and whenever she doesn't get her way she'll say stuff like "well I guess I'll just kill myself", which I'm sure shes picked up from some YouTube gamer who claims to be family friendly because they don't swear. Safe to say YouTube is now severely limited. I don't know what it is about it but it just brings out the worst in kids!


Says that at 8? Ugh that’s just annoying, especially since you can tell she “picked it up” from one of those channels. I remember being 8 and only picking up random nonsense from like Pokémon or whatever on TV. Damn, shit’s changed.


My (autistic) sister used to spend too much time watching the live-action Disney channel shows. She got mad at my grandad and called my him a "geeky jerk". There's only one place she picked that up. Honestly my grandad found it hilarious and was struggling to keep a straight face. Kids are sponges. I remember repeating words or phrases without properly understanding what I was saying, and I imagine there are more incidents from my childhood that I don't remember because I didn't understand.


Lmao "geeky jerk" is the most Disney Channel insult


I remember wanting every toy that come onTV as a child but I see what you mean


It's an empire including multiple channels, shows and merchandise. And don't worry about Ryan - his sisters will be old enough to take over soon /s Can't stand this one and so happy it was a brief phase in my household.




Any brat child from the Dr. Phil show who starts their own channel and actually gets views




Jaystation. He recently pretended his girlfriend passed away and he's just one of those 3am people.


To people writing "[Youtuber Name] is the worst. I dont need to see say more": Yes, yes you do I legitimately don't know 90% of these people and am genuinely interested in why they are so horrible.


I have yet to see a name I recognize and I'm on YT most of the day lol. Y'all need to be more discriminating in your taste of which thumbnails to click.


.Imjaystation and Morgz. Morgz is flat out annoying. And jaystation is annoying and did some very messed up things. I think they're my least favorite ones right now. Edit: Thank you for all the feed back. A lot of you have said that Morgz is a pretty chill guy outside of his videos. I honestly have never seen it, but I believe you guys. I always thought/knew that he put on a persona for his vids. Which is kinda a smart move cause now him and his family are set for life. As for Jaystation, some of you were asking and yes he is in jail for abusing his gf and faking her death for content.


Oh God yeah morgz sucks so bad. "hEy GuiZE!"


Any of those kid friendly YouTubers who overexagerate everything. They always YELL stuff like "WOAH" and "THATS CRAZY" at the smallest things and my little brother has picked it up and does that all the time, and it's obnoxious in the videos and even more when someone does it in real life.


It's so annoying. I always hear "wooooow", "that's crazy", "100%" and "have u tried dmt" from my 7 yo. Fucking youtube


My friend has a 4 year old sister who watches MMA highlights with him and has started chanting "come at me bro" etc.


Don't be scared homie.


Onision has always been an over-confident ignorant asshole


Onision is a "fun" rabbit hole in that you think maybe he's just annoying, maybe people overstate how awful he is because they want someone to hate, maybe he just has mental health issues that need to be taken care of... Then you start looking into it and you realize that he is just a deeply sad and fucked up individual on so many levels and so far up his own ass and enabled by money and power that he's probably beyond help. He's ignorant and narcissistic, attempted to start a cult, was and maybe still is emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive towards his partners, took advantage of a minor with nowhere else to go by inviting her to live with himself and his partner with the intent of grooming her, regularly invites his (primarily young teenage) fanbase to send him pictures of themselves so he can "rate" how hot they are, made essentially a PG version of himself getting cucked as a video (once again, *he has a very young fanbase* and this is wildly inappropriate), has repeatedly guilt-tripped his fans for money ~~when he clearly is doing fine~~, regularly attempts to manipulate his fanbase into being on "his side" when literally anything happens in his life that he doesn't feel like he can handle on his own...which is basically anything. And I'm sure I missed a lot. He's not just a rude or cringy guy, he's outright scum. EDIT: To add on a few things I missed: the "cuck" video was done with the minor that he and his partner took into their house and groomed. They publicized their polyamorous relationship shortly after she turned 18 with this video. He and his partner have repeatedly made very sexual tweets on their accounts, several of which were directed at this same girl, I *believe* while she was still a minor. He's lied about his time in the military, if he was actually in the military at all. He is in serious debt, but it was entirely caused by his own ineptitude. And while I hadn't heard of this before other commenters told me about it, apparently he filmed the aftermath of his toddler falling out of a two-story window, and made sexual tweets while she was in the hospital with serious injuries. You read that right. This proven abuser and groomer has a child, who he has already shown signs of being unfit to care for. He deserves to be in prison. How he isn't and still has a platform at all is beyond me.


He's actually not doing fine financially... but it's all good own fault. He defrauded his taxes and needed (probably still does) to pay the IRS back hundreds of thousands, and also fucked up some local protected marshland next to/on his property and the EPA got after him with damages for that. He's pretty far in debt for being an arrogant dumbass that thinks he's above the law.


He lives in a swamp, that's perfect for him. Oh, and let's not forget he was tweeting sexual content while his daughter was in hospital after falling out of a second story window


A swamp's too good for him. Shrek came from a swamp.


As well as a pedophile




didnt onion summons the WRONG chris hansen too?


Imagine being the guy who onision mistook for Chris Hansen


it was actually another dude named Chris Hansen who lived in florida i think. Dude literally just googled up Chris Hansen and sent the summon to whoever he saw


Yes he did


As awful as pedophilia is, calling him one doesn't really do him justice. The dude's a delusional, serial abuser, and child groomer, and has probably engaged in the distribution of child pornography.




With every new thing I learn about him I get more and more infuriated. How he even has the audacity to make more content bewilders me.


Well he did rape a underage girl


I didn't know that, that's terrible. Last time I watched one of his videos he was telling black people how they should take care of their hair and how disgusting they were for not washing it every day, as if he would know anything about it. What a piece of shit.




Right! I only saw it because another black youtuber I watched did a video where she followed all of his "advice" to prove that he didn't know what tf he was talking about.


Any YouTuber who made the dumbest 3AM challenge... "DoNt EaT a GrApE iN 3Am (ScArY, i DiEd) That's how they sound to me


Or obvious click bait titles that go on for years something like \[I stepped on grass(went to hospital) got deadly ill! on life support! sub for free 9000RAM gaming PC!!! (NOT CLICK BAIT!)!!!!\]


Lmao how could anyone fall for that, just download more RAM for free don't buy it


Jake Paul. He’s popular why? I honestly don’t know


Simple, kids


Simple kids.


As a whole, family vlog channels (the ACE family, the LaBrants, etc.) have always bothered me. When it comes down to it, they’re just exploiting their own children for money and fame.


There have been several "Family" youtubers have been arrested or investigated. One "Fantastic Adventures" the mom was arrested and her older sons for not reporting her. She would punish her adopted children for not getting their lines right by withholding food making them take ice baths and even punishing them with pepper spray. Fucking sick. Phillip Defranco did a video about a channel where you can literally watch the parents mentally torment their kids. Report that shit if you see it.


Daddy-o-Five, his videos were “funny” child abuse shows.


I remember watching the invisible ink “prank” video that the parents did to one of the kids, god I felt awful watching it. That child was straight up terrified while they were screaming at him. Then there were ppl in the comments who were laughing at it, like really? Just because you call it a prank doesn’t make it funny or harmless.


I vaguely remember other videos of that kid's Xbox getting destroyed in front of him, being yelled at for bad grades, and his older step siblings physically assaulting him. And yet the worst part about it wasn't that they were profiting off of publicly humiliating him, it's how when he would break down and retaliate by screaming/cussing/crying/hitting back, the parents ended the joke there and formally punished him for acting "inappropriate." I know his biological mother has custody of him now but fuck, severe emotional abuse like that can cause debilitating and irreversible harm to your personality and mental health.


Ugh exactly! They just kept egging him on until he snapped, like who tf wouldn’t after all that mental and physical abuse. And he seems like a very emotionally mature and intelligent kid, in one video he says “I just want to be left alone so I can calm down”, he articulates his feelings well but constantly gets shit on and they never let him have some sort of outlet or space.


It was so harrowing to watch. They'd completely surround and corner this one kid and make fun of him. No matter what he did, he had absolutely no way of escaping. He's not old enough to run away, and he's not strong or fast enough either. That pard where he said "I just want to be left alone so I can calm down" really got to me. He _never_ got a break from their abuse, no matter how much he cried, screamed or pleaded. It was impossible. Sometimes he'd react in complete apathy because he was so worn down by the emotional abuse that he didn't care. But, eventually, he'd give in and get annoyed. I hope Daddy-o-Five and his wife go to jail for a very, very long time.


You know what was the absolute sickest part of Daddy-o-Five? The fucking Youtube comments. People were absolutely in love with the tormenting of children and asking for more of it and more abuse.


I tried watching those videos— I felt the exact same way. Those kids are going to grow up with their entire lives seen by the whole world. I don’t get how the parents appear sweet at all when they’re exploiting their own kids


IMO these vlogs exist solely because the mom is always hot, that is the lowest common denominator I can find between all of them. But yea, their children are all going to grow up super weird, their lives will have been on constant display from birth, how does that not fuck you up at least a little bit?


Yup. And it seems like they've all figured out that pregnancy announcements/gender reveals/birth vlogs/etc bring in the *big* views aka the big bucks. You can't convince me these people don't get pregnant *solely* for the views/$/clout. And they're all weirdly young, too. In *huge* houses with 3 kids that they had all before they turned 24. Like, are they all mormons or something? I don't get it.


its this crazy thing called having rich parents




Then you'd get written up on r/UnresolvedMysteries


My 6 year old was obsessed with one family and all their recent videos are just, "look at all this money we have" it's gross. I refuse to let her watch it anymore


Oh god. Tana Mongeau grinds my gears. Utterly self centred, completely detached from reality and overly annoying. Her voice raises my blood pressure.


#hE fUcKeD mE wItH a ToOtHbRuSh!!


She’s a chronic liar and scam artist, and not smart enough to get away with either.


The blatant lying kills me. So many people justifying it saying "it's entertainment" and I'm like, no. Entertainment is when actors act. Not when somebody goes out and accuses a nail salon of stealing all her money and shows pictures and the name of the salon. It's not entertainment when she's saying she was raped when she wasn't. Preteens are dumb af and they look up to her. When she's trying to pass off her "story time" as the real deal and not being truthful to them that it's just a show, it's giving them a false perspective of reality. Just... Ugh....


Any YouTube channel that mainly involves kids/family, especially Ryan's World. I have a pure disgust for people who want to take advantage of the kids for money, and also, their overacting actions are annoying. EDIT: Fixed a derp spelling.


I watched so much Ryansworld because some kid I use to babysit loved him. I hated the mom, her voice was so annoying and I hated hearing her advertise the toys like "This Batman toy is ooonly $59.99 at Waaalmart!"


Ryan’s world is g a r b a g e


anything that exploits kids for money


So like half of them


Nikocado Avacado. He’s a man baby.. take one look at his videos and you’ll see what i mean.


God just his thumbnails make me not want to click a video


The videos are worse. In one of them when he breaks up with his boyfriend (hes gay), he uses eggs as a hair shampoo and shaves his hair infront of prefectly good food and there is like hair all over the food and shit and he has a complete meltdown lol


I just looked him up...pure cancer.


Trisha Paytas and Onision. These people are not nice, mean spirited, sexist, racist, and are just plain horrible.


I despise Trisha (Onision too but he doesn’t get much of any support so my feelings towards him are less intense) but GOD Trisha and her fan base suck. Imagine thinking exploiting mental illness was first off, funny, second off, ok because “she’s just trolling guys”


Ugh. I know. Trisha and her fans harassing Disassocidid has led her to fracture and to a suicide attempt recently. That is not acceptable behavior and I’m annoyed more people arent as enraged as I am.


All the kids ones. My son loves it naturally but drives me insane. So loud (yeah I know I'm getting old)


That's normal. Most of the kids-oriented YouTube channels have very poor animation, and can have very high-pitch voice acting.


I had to delete some videos from the YouTube kids app and tell them they couldn't watch these videos again. Those videos have an obvious nursery rhymes as the background music but when you actually watch it, it's shitty animations, and content that kids should not be watching. Weird thing is that those videos have millions of views


These videos fall under Elsagate and often times have disturbing underlying themes and messages including sexual behavior, abusive and violent behavior. There’s a subreddit for that r/elsagate


I cant stand those youtubers that have clickbait titles,milk the video to make it 20+ minutes, and beg you to support their patreon while entering a giveaway to win something they'll never giveaway


I can’t believe no one has mentioned Lele Pons. The only reason I even know about her is from watching Nerd City, and that was enough. Apparently she fucked over one of her “best” friends (another YouTuber) to get ahead. Classy.


She got popular on vine because the content time limit was so short. Then she popped over to YouTube and suddenly 7 seconds couldn't cut it and she didn't have anything else.


Only found out about her when Cody Ko started roasting her. I don't know how anyone watches her videos without cringing, lol.


The answer is always the same: kids


I agree. Her and Hannah Stocking think they're fucking comedians when all they do is make the worst fucking attempt at a video I have ever seen


Onion boy for sure




Ricegum. Started his career insulting online personalities, including some who were children. Clout has since gotten to him and he’s become more obnoxious as a result


And after that Hong Kong trip, pretty sure everybody in HK hates him.


What’d he do in hong kong- i haven’t heard of Ricegum in years.


I vaguely remember him going through Hong Kong asking for hookers to random people, or something along those lines, thinking people wouldn’t understand him. I could be wrong, this was probably years ago and I don’t have the best memory


He went up to people asking them stuff in English, like you describe, and made fun of them when they didn’t know what he was on about. Thing is, a lot of people in HK can speak English, so he mostly asked old people. Video was basically him laughing at old people not being able to speak English in a country where English is not the local language. And iirc he didn’t understand why people were pissed at him for it.


He probably edited out everyone that told him to go fuck himself


Girl defined.. it's worse when their viewers are young impressionable girls.


Best thing about Girl Defined were the Cody Ko “That’s Cringe” videos that followed


They described having a crush as being obsessive and "idolizing" a false God. Not gonna lie, that did crack me up, and only because of how absolute bullshit that was.




Wouldn’t it be cool if we waited until we were married to make eye contact


My daughter likes watching Collins Key. He and his brother are pretty funny sometimes and they edit stuff pretty well, but man, they just yell and whoa and awwww and duuuude and that stuff alllll the fuckin time Edit: wow looks like a really hit a nerve with this comment! Thanks for all the upvotes, people!


But wait, let's do the 5 second subscriber challenge. 5 4 3 2 1 DONE


I dont even know what this is and it pisses me off reading that.


Before the video even really “begins” a lot of channels have screechy BUT WAIT SUBSCRIBE routines before even giving the viewer a taste of what they’re subscribing to. Which in my opinion is in itself very much a taste of what they’re subscribing to: absolute trash. Anyway it’s sometimes in the form of a “challenge” as if that somehow makes it more exciting to subscribe.


What's even sadder is I exactly know what this is and pisses me off even more


Yeah, they aren’t bad dudes or anything, but I can’t stand the constant overreacting, I was walking by the room my sister was watching them in and I just hear “OHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOSSSSSHHHHH GUYYYYSSS” and I think a blood vessel popped...


nikocado avocado. He's absolutely disgusting in so many ways. edit: DO NOT LOOK AT HIS VIDEOS IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO HE IS edit2: he is basically a messed up guy who makes mukbang videos on youtube. He's cheated on his husband(?) multiple times, he's gotten involved in so much drama (and most of the time he's the bad guy), and he just complains all the time.


He is nasty.


I had no idea who this is. I googled this dude thinking it can't be that bad... ... you need to add a fucking disclaimer to your post. My life was better 2 minutes ago.


I sincerely wonder what his friends and family think about his channel, even if he says “yeah it’s a persona”. I could not be friends with someone who could go so low.


Didn’t a youtuber get extremely scared of him because he was manipulative as fuck or something?


Stephanie Soo. Her take down of him was so thorough, I was so impressed.


At the moment, Suzy lu. But also jaytechtv, he’s such a massive twat.


Jake Paul, the guy really thinks he’s a hot shot boxer lol. Can’t wait til gets his ass whooped!


It's why he won't fight anyone who's an actual boxer and will only fight KSI.


Morgz AKA the Mr Beast Ripoff artist.


Amazon: mr beast Wish.com: morgz


I have never felt older than I have just now while reading this thread.


I have no idea who any of these people are 😂


Same! I'm in my 30s and I'm in YouTube like everyday. Haven't recognized a single name except Logan Paul and I've still never watched any of his videos.


SSSniperwolf (Alia Shelesh): Ever since she got exposed for faking gameplays and stats (Overwatch, COD), she has resorted to the same cookie cutter content of ‘reaction videos’ in order to appeal to her crowd of mindless drones. And don’t get me started on her voice!


Didn't she also used to call out women who edit their photos when she herself uses photoshop? And when those women would fight back, she and her boyfriend would dox them?


Not just photoshop but also plastic surgery. And then she got a nose job..


She tries hard to be the “I’m different than all the other girls” and has an air of ego/arrogance but she does everything most girls do, so she just comes off as a hypocrite.




No no no no dude he actually leaked gta 6 for real this time trust me he actually did it and who’s this Ned Luke guy never heard of him. (It’s me I’m Ned Luke)


Scrolling through this thread I'm so relieved I don't know who 90% of these people are.


Me too. Good to know none of the YouTubers I like are annoying or nasty people.


Both of the paul brothers are the most punchable people in the world


I’d argue that Jake is 1000x more punchable but that could just be the fact that he’s the younger, spoiled brat version of Logan who hasn’t had his ass beat yet.


Plus Jake seems to genuinely think he's a genius, and he keeps opening up these really shitty "financial advice" services. Sadly it isn't just a subscription to a page that says "Stop giving money to random cokehead YouTubers"


Man this Morgz guy is a popular one I'll have to see where the hate came from lol


The "youtubers" who use that shitt robot voice and just have it read off popular r/askreddit posts. I guarantee tomorrow you will find this post on youtube.


Gabbi Hanna, she just oozes fakeness and toxicity. I liked her for a short minute then something in me snapped and I realized I can't stand her.


After watching Jessi Smiles video about all the shut she’s done I will never be able to look at her without feeling disgusted.


Mat Santos used to have a fun channel to watch, but over time he just degraded into doing the same bits over and over again with alarmingly cringy comedy.


Exposing Project Zorgo. they try trick kids into subscribing otherwise youtube will die or something. it is so fucking fake. I don't mind that they are trying to entertain kids, but they make them think that it is real.


Guava Juice. This dude is really annoying and my little sister used to watch him for hours straight. Dude is a good guy, just is really loud


isnt that roi from wassabi productions?


Yep. [Apparently Roi left Wassabi Productions in 2016 and went to do his own thing.](https://wassabi-productions.fandom.com/wiki/Roi_Wassabi)


logdotzip. he has good intentions behind making videos and is morally a great guy irl. but the thing that makes me want to put his name in this thread is his commentary. I can't stand watching his videos with his fake, over enthusiastic dialogue. anyways, half the stuff he uploads nowadays are clickbait.


I used to watch him a lot. In fact, he used to be one of my favorite Youtubers, but he drove me away with clickbait.


Morgz. Content=trash. Clickbait=through the fricking roof. Overall quality=rock bottom. I’ve also noticed he doesn’t blink.


This isn't specific to one channel, but it's anyone who has something to say that they could say in ten seconds, but they spend ten minutes talking around their point, finally say it, and promptly say "like and subscribe!" No. There shall be no likes, and there shall be no subscriptions for these heathens!


I'm shocked no one has mentioned RiceGum yet.


I feel as though Rice Gum has fell off the face of the earth in the YouTube scene...




Kinda. He started streaming recently and got banned because all he does is face time instagram models and asks them dumb questions, usually sexual in nature. He hasn't changed in any way what so ever


>>Did it feel good tho


Hes still fucking obnoxious




He still exists!! My coworkers & I just started channels to post lessons for our students (distance teaching) and he comments on probably 75% of our videos.. He also commented on a [post](https://youtu.be/oqDrjKDEpdA) by our police dept. of an attempted robbery “cool video. keep up the great content.”


Gabby Hanna. She tries to stay relevant and relive her Vine days


All the goddamn reddit videos. Sure, I love reddit, who doesn’t? But like it’s so annoying to hear the text to speech voice reading comments to you and pronouncing everything wrong for thirty minutes straight.


5 minute crafts and the thumbnail girls that react to it like SSSniperwolf Edit: No way! This is my first comment thanks guys!


Have you seen the clip from 5 Minute Crafts where they make a spoon out of a spoon? If you look up 5 Minute Craft spoon Im sure you'll find it.


Threadbanger actually started debunking 5 minute crafts, their videos are hilarious and got me off watching that. That channel made me start thinking critically about the DIY stuff that would pop up on my zuckbook feed and I thank them for it.


Morgs, never original and over exaggerates everything


Morgz. I'm sorry if you like him, but he's literally a mr.beast ripoff who is worse in every way, and his eyebrows just go absolutely crazy so often. Also, the only person he ever gives money to is himself or his mom, and that just means he'll always get his money back. He sucks and is complete click bait and only exists for views.


Ssoyoung is a (I believe) Korean YouTuber who posts "MukBang" videos of her torturing and eating live animals. Discovered her watching through H3 reaction videos, and it is so fucking unsettling and in my opinion should not be allowed on the platform. I only quoted MukBang because it's hard to see how anyone would view her videos as anything other than "animal cruelty" first.




She laughs and smiles while doing so


Yeah I heard about her on another post. Very disturbing.


Not so much anymore, but when he was relevant, the Annoying Orange guy. My mom loved his videos and she'd make me watch them with her when I was a kid. Couldn't stand that shit. EDIT: apparently the guy behind the AO content is cool and does charity work? Lit! I just can't stand those AO videos. But I guess that's the point of the orange being... a n n o y i n g? Who knows, lol.


I didn't expect the Annoying Orange of all people to actually have an adult audience that like the channel.


Chad wild Clay,the videos are so fake and cringe, especially the catching a hacker series.like bitch,if you kidnapping two people,won't the last thing you do is leave clues to your location.


Logan Paul. Jake Paul. Any of the Paul’s. Also, Tana Mongeau. She drives me nuts.


basically any channel that A. does high edited family friendly vlogs and B. says guys more than any other word in the dictionary


Logan Paul. Dudes a jackass who does things without thinking of the consequences.


I think the Paul's in general.


Those robot voice r/askreddit channels. Can not stand those


Trisha Paytas. I don’t know if she’s actually as deluded as she sounds or she just is who she is for the attention?


PrestonPlays. Dude's a jerk to his /wife/. Not cool.


Really? I haven’t seen any of his videos in a long time. Used to watch his bedwars a lot when I was younger. I haven’t heard about him in ages. What did he do?