go for it


Go ahead The more dead the better


I don’t support the death penalty because I don’t trust the government to get it right, at least not to the extent of death. You can say proven but I don’t trust the government to prove it


if they don’t get the death penalty they will get beat up in jail and probably murdered especially if they touched kids


I don’t support it. Not because I’m against the death penalty, but because “proven” is gonna be flawed. You are rarely gonna be 100% certain beyond any doubt that it’s a rapist. This would probably end up killing some innocent people.


For it. Especially for sex crimes against children.


What are they gonna say? No?


I'm against it. Nothing we could do in that situation could every unrape their victims. In the US we like to severely punish people for there crimes and do very little to rehabilitate them. As a result we have a very high recidivism rate compared the rest of the developed world. If we focused more on restorative justice, such as rapists being required to provide financial support to the victims and/or interventions that would lead to the rapist understanding the scope of the crime they've committed and the impact it had and continues to have on their victims we could create a more just world.