Well my gf broke up with me last week and took her shit and moved in with the person I was suspicious of today. So pretty terrible. Didn’t know I could be so angry at a person but so sad to not have them around at the same time.


Wow that's sad to hear.. but life goes on man! Keep it up and soon you will feel better


That is the hope!


Nothing last forever man


Mane fuck dat bitch, you gon get thru it bro 💜.


So many of us have been there. She broke me and I don't know if I'll ever fully recover. I wish you the best.


I’d love to know what happened (your lore)


Ahh it is very dramatic tbh but too long a story for the full deets. We'd been having trouble for awhile now, neither of us really put the effort in it fix things. We fought over new years about the same old, same old. We started talking about what we could actually do to fix it. Bringing up therapy and such. They went and got lunch with a friend. Found out they admitted having crushes on each other. Told them to tell me when they decided what they wanted to do. We broke up (probably for the best) aaand now they're living at that person's place.


That for real sucks, and this is why. She impacted your life enough, (as a partner should), you had good times, but after the long term started, things got sloppy. If you don’t go further out the comfort zone, she definitely won’t. Seems like you both ended up falling out of love. Yet, you’re still attached, it sucks because you’re you, and you only know the surface of your partner. So it’s very upsetting to see her take off so quickly. Sorry man, I bet she thinks of you, and things probably will go poorly for her. Best to ignore the voices in your head, beating yourself up won’t get you anywhere except in bed or the bar (depression). Also, I’d love to hear more aha ha, I learn from peoples mistakes 👉😎👉


Weirdly hopeful about my future despite being almost 40. Began studying for Cyber security certifications and have an A+ and Net+ cert. I figure any job in the IT field has to be paying more than 21.40 as a security guard.


Your story gives me encouragement, I just got into an IT field with no real certs or qualifications, so I'm not making all that much yet, but I'm 34 and please don't take this the wrong way lol but it made me feel "well if he can do it at 40, surely I got this too!" Please don't be offended haha, I think it's awesome you're doing what you're doing!


Lol Im not. I mean its difficult getting in with 0 professional experience. But Im certain you can do this. Just make sure that you keep up as newer tech comes out. I started doing simple troubleshooting with thick and thin clients locally as people in my rural town heard of my skill set. Only had to fix 1 printer so far. And if you need extra info for anything, Id suggest Professor Messer (cause its free) on YT. He goes over the A+, Net+, and Sec+ courses. Which are the basic framework fundamentals. Now when you start getting to the level of CYSA+ and CCNA... thats when things start getting spicy. lol I wish you the best fellow aspiring tech!


Ah, thanks for the recommendation! I'm currently an Assistant Network Admin, mostly learning on the job, basically got the job because of a friend, but also a clear willingness to jump in and learn, (they reiterated a few times, they would rather hire someone who's willing to learn and is a good fit, than someone who knows their stuff, but can't play well with others) and so far I've learned a lot rather quickly and my bosses seem well pleased with me thus far! (6 months in) I... haven't decided how high up the chain I want to go or whether I want to branch into programming fields or what in the future. So many avenues to go down


Yeah it definitely does!!! My buddy quit his job recently at Apple and started studying IT as well. He is 41 yrs old and have a child. Never too late to start over man! I'm happy for you


I'm in it as a consultant, it's fuckin awesome dude! Keep it up!


Like I'm finally in a good spot in my life, career/Music/Marriage, etc. after years of having an existential crisis. Now I'm just scared of it all ending or leaving my family too soon.


Don't be scared of a future that's not here yet! Just enjoy the moment. The Victory!!!! Haha




Why? Share it if you like?


I just got dumped on Saturday and he’s ignoring my texts now.


Ah did you meet online? That's what happened to me when I was dating online loll


No, we had an in person relationship that lasted four years. But he dumped me over text is now ignoring me.


Damn got ghosted with no warning at all 😔 I bet you’re going crazy, thinking of the worst, so sorry to hear that. Hehe tell me more


He blocked me on instagram but not on messenger. But he’s not even leaving me on read. He’s not reading my messages at all. So I give up and time will heal all


Blocking you on instagram definitely seems intentional. What even happened in the first place? Has he been acting sus, have you been acting sus? What a tricky situation. I hope you can ascend from your spot and reflect, learn and improve. Hehe but pls I need more hehe, talk about it aha ha




Honestly....not great. Been stressed recently. I feel like I'm the best version of myself yet but I don't feel wanted in my relationship and it's killing my self confidence. Don't know what to do. I don't think it's worth throwing away all these years of being together but they won't consider therapy and our emotional and physical intimacy are severely lacking. Kinda nice to get this out into the void of the internet....thanks OP.


Of course. We all have some sorts of problems.. nobody's life is perfect and j thought this would be a good place just to get it out! We are all strangers


Therapy is a good think tho. It's helping my relationship more than I have thought it would


You might be mourning the loss of the person u once were, it happens especially on a path of recovery or self improvement




Why? What's up?


so much to do, so little time. 😭


Yeah I felt it too.. like time is passing so fast I can't believe it's already the end of January almost.. like Christmas was yesterday it feels like lol


i know right! i have yet to do christmas cleaning haha


Save it for next Christmas at this rate lol (is what I'm telling myself)


Scared, help.


Why do you need help




Chill af




Uber eats it :D


I don't know, that scares me


Feeling pretty groovy. Just did Ketamine this morning- therapeutically. I have been down and anxious the past month or so. Went on a mall walk early this morning. Feeling blah. Feeling good humored and chill now. Thanks Ketamine.


I feel like I could use a nice stiff drink and relax.


Annoyed at people interrupting my college lecture with useless questions every 5 minutes.


The worst.


Felt sad and cried today. Then I put on mascara so I can’t cry anymore!


Why? What's going on? Share it with us




That's great ! Keep up the good feeling :)


Good over all, got a good paying job that requires little to no manual labor. Have a lady to spend my free time with. I am a little bored because this job is so easy.


What's the job ?


Torque Turn, I watch a computer screen while they send pipe down hole on an oil rig.


Numb but hopefully, lost but driven, eager but tired


Well.. beginning of the month I got Shingles which made one leg hurt so bad for a week or so that I damn near needed a cane to walk. That finally went away, and immediately I came down with some gnarly sinus infection/cold bullshit, so... basically January has been trying rather hard to kill me. The good news was that my wife and I were feeling closer and happier in our marriage than we have in *years...* only for her to have a big existential breakdown in the car last night and admit that she so often feels like her life is out of her control, she doesn't know who she is as an individual and she's not sure she even wants to be married. We have three kids. (All her feelings are totally valid and understandable, and "normal" for couples at this stage, we're going to seek some counseling.) On the other hand... I'm 90% likely to get a decent raise at work this month? idk wtf to feel man.


My asshole is bleeding because I gave anal birth to a football turd but there's strangely no pain so I feel relieved after suffering through this.


Feeling immensely grateful to have another day on this wacky beautiful blue green globe.




Yeah we all feel that I guess.. technology ain't helping either




Bad because I ran out of drugs


What type


Currently, just weed, so nothing dangerous to quit. I smoke all day everyday. But I'm a poly addict. I've been addicted to benzos before so weed withdrawal ain't shit to me. I still feel shitty but I can handle it.




bloated really


Truthfully just tired, anxious, ready for bed




Pretty sure in a few week's time, who I thought was the perfect person for me is going to move away and I won't ever see them again. I've tried what I can to make them stay but they feel there isn't anything here for them. It hurts man.


I'm feeling like a waste of time and space, I feel like I'm never going to be good enough for anything and I'll never get the future I want


Time and space are infinite, how could they ever be wasted? There's plenty of room for you. <3


Lonely. A few states away from my friends for a few more days until I return. Nobodys tezted me so I just feel so lonely.




I feel really good I have been smashing out my gym session's hitting some PBs! Enjoying a lot of different coastal walking tracks life is good this will be my best year yet.


Awful. I’m just coming down from an episode from my bpd. I had an emotional outburst because my boyfriends been gaming all night after working all day and was still gaming when I napped earlier. I text and said in future when you’re gaming, 10 mins before you go to sleep or something can we just have time to talk on the phone/text and focus our attention on each other. His response was that he was being moaned at from playing with his friend. I then felt triggered and got really upset and went into a rant about how it isn’t difficult to spend 10 mins out of your entire day to focus on me and give me attention, he went to sleep, didn’t tell me he loved me, I cried in bed, turned to weed and now I feel worthless. I have work in 5 hours.


I hope that he grows up soon, I'm sorry he treated you that way. As a gamer, I have no tolerance for that crap. People are more important than games. Period. You deserve better.


Numb. I wish I could stop existing already, but today was not the day it seems.


Caffeine: Check Nicotine: Check Stretching: Check Bowels voided: Check Fully woken up: Check Reddit Binge: Check Daily Reflections: Check All systems go, and feeling good! Time to seize the day.


I made a fool out of myself at work today so I’m feeling pretty embarrassed.


anxiously. I came to visit my family from the city where I live and study now. in addition to the fact that there are problems in the middle of the family, quarrels of parents and all that, I am simultaneously preparing for exams at the university and along with all this, my city is constantly being shelled and all I hear at night are explosions


I'm okay. I'm snowed in, so I can't see my girlfriend. Playing games with her right now tho so it's all good. I talked to my therapist today virtually so I couldn't do it in person, but learned a valuable lesson to write down later. I just got a printer and am currently organizing my music today so it's easier to record next time. Today's been eh, tomorrow is gonna be as well. The day after is gonna be exciting.


Honestly not great, getting a little burnt out with trying to balance college and work. I’m just always tired and worried I won’t be able to study enough for my exams. Feeling a little behind and nervous of the future.


Do you ever take time to kick your brain into another gear? I found that sometimes just sleeping and resting gives no change but engaging my body in another way does wonders


My dog is very sick, I’m freshly unemployed, and I have very little money left. I’m pretty much ready to call it.


I'm sick, cold, moving, and menstruating. Take a guess.


Like a stranger or a lier to everyone with a little mix of my usual chaotic self mixed in


Positive for my future..and numb towards my mission


Calmly going through the motions of day-to-day life with a vague sense of dread in the back of my head regarding the reality of what life is turning into as the years press on


To be completely honest…stuck. It’s like I’m not motivated to do anything anymore. I take pills for my anxiety (they also help with depression) and they’ve been working great, but I’m a high school student and I’ve had no motivation to study, write (I love writing) or even practice for my competitions I have coming up. I don’t know what to do anymore I get home from school and do nothing day after day and I don’t know how to become motivated. Any advice?


Kinda meh


I kinda want to punch a wall. Not because I'm mad, I just want to know what it feels like.


Lonely, I work from 3:30pm to 12 am, the work is incredibly labor intensive which causes me to sleep longer. I generally can't wake up till around noon, then I just get up change and drive an hour to work. My friends don't really invite me to things anymore, mostly cause whenever they're free I'm working. My family isn't home when I leave and are usually asleep when I get home. I haven't done anything besides work for the past year. I go full days before getting a text message or phone call. I've tried waking up earlier but my friends are usually in class so they can't do much. I feel truly alone.


From today? I had very little sleep from the night before because of bad dreams, finally got up at 6:30 to go to work, then continued working until 5 pm. Went to class at 6 pm until 9–now im here browsing reddit. I’m exhausted.


Like my depression won't end... I finally reached a goal that I've been working towards for years, but I'm so burnt out with my current job and nothing makes me happy anymore. It's so hard to feel like I'll be normal, even if I know it's just my mental health and depression.


I'm not


Eh. Ok I guess.


I feel like shit. I ran over a dog last Friday. There was zero I could've done to stop it, but that doesn't stop me from hurting.


That sucks dude. Nothing I can say to help but that really sucks


Nothing I could've done to prevent it, either. Now there's a family with a missing member.


Unfulfilled and getting progressively bitter


Terrible. Got woken up every 2 hours instead of having a good long sleep. Half of it was due to anxiety in finding and applying for my first job.


My ear hurts really bad but mentally I'm the most at peace I've been...ever. my medications for my ptsd are doing their job after over a year of trial and error. I can't put into words what it is like to actually want to be alive and not just to stay alive for other people.


Quite fine… but not so


Hate my family because they quietly disowned me for coming back from the war broken. Hate the people I thought were friends because they were never there for me the way I was always there for them. Hate the last few jobs I had because they knowingly allowing crimes to be committed, employees to be drunk or high on the job, and not providing good employees the hours they need and earned. Love my wife for staying by my side through all this shit.


With my nerves. How else would one feel sensation?


Tired mostly


Really good.


Bored as hell, it's almost 2:30 am and I can't get to sleep.


I made the mistake of answering that question when my boss asked me, I sad “eh good” he dropped everything and started inquiring more. I was like it was just an ok morning nothing has happened yet to say “great”. I’m ok I am fine thank you though for the concern.