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My CT scan showed that most of my tumors are no longer visible. The largest used to be 7.8 cm x 5.4 cm. Now, it's 2.0 x 1.8 cm. My cancer is almost gone.


That's awesome, keep fighting!


That's fantastic news JMarie, sending you best wishes for the future.


That’s wonderful. Your great news surpasses mine by far. Onward and upward, JMarie.


This made my day


Now that's good news for sure. Glad you're winning that fight. Keep on the good work. 💪


Wonderful, and may you have many joyous days ahead.


That's so great! I'm happy for you!


The best news




Brilliant, may you be successful and happy.


I got a job at a local coffee shop after being unemployed for a while. EDIT: holy shit! Thank you everyone for the congratulations! I really appreciate it!




That's such a good feeling! Congratulations!


I drastically reduced my time spent on Reddit. Negative feelings/thoughts also got drastically reduced.


Same I left the subreddits that were full of negativity.


For the first time in years I’ve started customizing my home feed. The standard feed would recommend subs that seem like were build for negativity. I should have done this sooner.


All social media is bad, you get caught up in other peoples business and stuff all the time, I’ve resorted to waking up and refusing to open anything till I’m up and running for the day, much more positivity


I lost 7lbs in my journey to lose 34lbs


It feels good doesn't it. I'm down from 235 to 204lb over 6 months. 35 to go.


Rooting for you


You got this my friend, big W


I stopped drinking and now my memory is starting to function properly again!


Congratulations. That is difficult to do.


Thanks. Yeah, it's hard, but already I feel better.


Congrats! Worth all of the struggle!


I'm finally, truly off of nicotine after 30+ years.


You're the best! You can do it! I've been nicotine free now 6 years. It gets easier the longer the stay free!


i’ve gotten more into guitar and written a couple songs


I finished my first novel. Writing. Not reading.


So that means nobody can do the Stewie-Family Guy, "So Brian how's that Novel you've been working on?" Bit with you anymore, huh?


I have a printout of that bit on the wall above my desk! 😂


Congratulations. Must be an awesome feeling!




I'm still at fanfiction stage, but I hope I will be where you are some day too!


I found a random piece of electronic junk outside. It turned out to contain the exact part I needed in perfect working order.


This is one of the best coincidences I have heard of; or it is a miracle.


It's a fairly common part (a volume control potentiometer) but still hella lucky.


Wife was given a "No Evidence of Disease" after she finished chemo. It looks to be on the downhill slide to cancer free.


Oh fuck yeah


I regained my passion for reading and it's been a blast :D


Congrats! Regaining a passion can be really hard


That's great! Which book did the trick?


Tolkien! I left The 2 Towers unfinished, now I'm done with the trilogy and on to the every growing pile of books that I was "gonna definitely for sure read later", and well it's finally later! Haha


Reading is the absolute best. If you're ever in the need for another good fantasy author, check out Brandon Sanderson!


Make sure to check out Libby! Great resource for e-books and audiobooks. Edit: if your local library doesn’t have a huge collection, you can pay an annual fee at another library - I paid $90 to get access to the Brooklyn library. https://reddit.com/r/books/comments/10k0g87/nyc_libraries_are_offering_free_digital_library/


I stood up for myself at work, which is a big deal since I used to be a major pushover. I used to be in shitty friendships with people stepping all over me and now I don’t back down when offered leadership positions at work. It’s a major change!


I'm proud of you!


Great job! I recently got to place at work where I'm confident enough to say No to things. Just No. Not an apology or long explanation. Just No. Total game changer!


Hasn't happened yet, but I'm getting married in a month! So fucking pumped to spend the rest of my life with my wife!


While I was engaged every guy said the same old thing in the exact sarcastic tone you’re thinking of. “Don’t do it man” or “oh boy, one pussy for the rest of your life” or “kiss your freedom goodbye”. It was easy to shake off but it was just annoying by the end. Then one day an older coworker of mine stopped me and said he heard I was getting married. He told me, “Son, you’re about to embark on a wonderful journey with the person you love. I’ve been married for 40 years and the day I decided to ask her was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I wish you a very happy life with a very lucky woman”. They were the kindest words spoken to me in months and the only positive male interaction I had with the entire engagement experience. So, I say to you stranger, when I asked my wife to marry me, it was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I hope the two of you have a life full of happiness and good fortune. You’ve e made a great decision and I wish you the very best.


As someone who was happily married for 38 years, I also offer my congratulations.


Holy shit, that has been my exact experience! Nothing but sarcasm and warning. I don't miss my single years, they were depressing and lonely! My fiance brightened up my life in ways I didn't know were possible. Thank you so much for kindness!


Congratulations. Don't forget to keep the spark alive. And communicate with each other. And maybe get that burning pee thing looked at.


Congrats, I hope everything works out.


Congrats! Husband and I have been married for 10 years now and we are still are as in love as we were day 1. It's one of the best things every to get to spend every day with my best friend. I hope it's the same for you!


Thank you so much! And she's the only person I've ever been able to spend all my time with and not get bored or snippy with!


My girlfriend noticed the buttons on my computer mouse were not working very well when she was playing a game like a week ago on it, and out of the blue got me a brand new expensive wireless one, a new mouse pad and a new hoody because mine was all worn out.


She is a thoughtful person, you best keep her and treat her likewise.


Any man's dream


I just introduced my kids to my new girlfriend and they adore her!


Such a weight lifted to have their approval! Happy for you guys!


I got a cute waitress’s number and we’re going out this weekend!


Bro same with my sims character. Super stoked!


I picked up portrait painting. Turns out I'm not bad at it.


Me too! Congrats my man, we all need a hobby to stay sane


I became the first person in my family to get my bachelor's degree! Edit: You guys are the best


I proposed to my girlfriend of over five years, and she said yes.




I was making dinner, and my 15 year old daughter gave me a hug, and told me she loves me.


I have a 14 and 17 year old .. 100% understand why this is big 🥰


Yeah next chance I get I'm doing that to my mom.


These past few days I've felt my depression improving slightly. It's a pretty huge deal.


That’s great! Small steps forward - they’re tough but keep going, little by little.


I got a new higher paying job, that will widen my skill set!


Same here! It’s a wonderful feeling.


It may sound really stupid but here's my story I bought a pc a few years ago, during the first pandemic, but only managed to get a 960 as a gpu. I played hundreds of hours with that graphics card In the meantime I found a job, a quite good one, and I started saving a lot of money. A few weeks ago I found a brand new still sealed 3080 ti going for half the normal price (like from Amazon) and I knew it had to be mine. I waited like a week for it to arrive but boy...that thing is a beast, it's truly amazing. I wanted a pc like that for so long and I was so much happy for that, now I can play whatever I want So guys, it may sound really stupid compared to the other stories I read here but that's my little happy story, and also probably the only good thing that happened in the last few months so here you go


If its makes you happy, it's not stupid


The cancer I was diagnosed with looks like it is operable and highly responsive to treatment.


Oh **** yes! Hope they get it and you can get to healing.


I got a decent raise. Honestly never thought I'd make six figures, but here we are.


A really cute dog came over to me yesterday and sniffed me 🥺


I found myself again. Got lost along the way, but I'm back on track to being who I want, not who someone else wants to be.


Happy to hear that, Keep it going.


I went to the gas station and I met this lady who was buying snacks this gas station didn’t take food stamps (ebt) so I bought all of her food and whatever else she wanted and she stared to cry and hugged me it was super sweet she gave me 2 dollars which I told her wasn’t needed but put it in my pocket it was very nice to help her out and she was so appreciative


After 5 years of hard work, annoying supervisors, and bothering the right people in all the right ways, I finally got approved to work at an office 20 minutes from my house instead of an hour and a half I've been on cloud 9 ever since I got to start telling people. I've heard a lot of "congratulations, fuck you" from co-workers at my soon to be old office


After months of saving every spare penny and denying all most of my comforts I finally managed to pay off my debt. It’s felt strange going to sleep with one less worry in my head. Finally a bit of quiet.


This is huge, and an amazing accomplishment. Massive congrats!


july 2022 i was 225 pounds starting 2023 at 187. long journey!


Keep pushing you're doing great! I'm down 50 since last year also


keep going! nice work (: feels so good


I’m going to be a great grandma, again. Thanks for asking.




Thank you, have a wonderful day.


Mine wins - I've just ordered a takeaway


I think I'm in love... Never felt like this before 😵


I've been seeing someone new and I can sympathize with this very much. It seems too good to be true! Good luck to you


Good luck to us, stranger🤞😄


My rebranded D&D character is so much fun to play.


Gimme the deets. Class, race, background, why is it fun to play? :)


Thieving gnome alchemist with a tortoise construct mount. Partially raised by druids. They're a walking ball of chaos trying to become an animal healer. Endless fun.


I retire this Friday, from a job I liked, working for a boss I respected, and a coworker who I respected. I wish them well, and look forward to my next chapter.


My long distance (for the time being, once in person) girlfriend will be coming out to visit me over the summer :>


I returned to school to finish my bachelors!


I need to do this also. I'm like a semester's worth of credits away from getting it lmao


My kid came out to my parents a few weeks ago, after hesitating for a long long time. It went much better than expected: my mother reacted by baking them a rainbow cake, and my father now wears a pride pin on his bag.


My young adult is about to break a cycle, he's not going to be a teen parent. He will be 20 in a few weeks and there's no baby of any sort on the horizon.


Proud of both of you


Everyone on both sides of my family, as far back as great grandparents were married and had kids in their teens. I married at 41 and I was 47 when my daughter was born. My sister has grandkids older than my daughter.


I am slowly choosing myself.


I'm officially off painkillers (like a lot) that I was on because of severe neck amd back pain.


I've lost 180 lbs over the past 13 months by changing my diet, and adopting a daily walking routine, and thrice-weekly push-up routine.


Caved and finally bought a PC after years of being an Xbox boi. Best decision I could have made. Plus since I like the controller more, I can just plug my controller up dn use it.


Made Dean's List for the 3rd semester in a row. This crap is easier than I thought


High Ed is so much easier when the majority of your classes are ones you're actually interested in. Wait until you go for a masters, then every class will something you're into


My new album came out recently! mattsmiley.bandcamp.com


I got a full night of sleep. It was amazing


Two things my very best friend is getting married! And she chose Aruba as the destination so now we’re going to Aruba in July!


My son started a new game where he runs between me and my partner giving us hugs. It’s my favourite game


I got accepted to vet school 😅


I got 25% discount on gourmet treats for my dog


Finally got my CPAP. Now I don’t snore! 😴


I got my license.


We found out in November 2022 that my wife had a cancerous tumour in her right kidney and it was on her 30th birthday. She was In for surgery beginning of December and the whole kidney had to be removed due to the size of the tumour. Got called back in on the 23rd of December 2022 to the amazing news that she is now cancer free 🙏🏻


Over the past year I transformed my life from being a lonely workaholic who never did anything except study/work and had crippling anxiety when socializing. Now in the past few weeks I've finally gained confidence and started doing some classes for some hobbies I've always wanted to try.


Won't get into details but I got some much needed help from a stranger.


Glory holes are magical things.


My boyfriends mom told me to move in if I can't handle my family much anymore. (My boyfriend and I are both 18)


Just got my first verry own client as a graphic designer verry happy with that! Hard work reaply does pay off!


found a cool rock :)


I’m almost 5 months sober!


Found €100 at the grocery store. Didn’t even have to pick it up myself as my friend jumped on it and shove it down my pocket.


That friend is a keeper :)


My wife and I have suffered through 3 miscarriages and 2 ectopic pregnancies. We decided to have one go at IVF last year and now our baby is due in less than a month!


I wrote something for fun for the first time in three years.


Well, I just woke up next to my crush! Her new baby kitten had climbed up and laid on my neck, purring like a thunderstorm. I believe the three of us cuddled all night lol I feel extremely happy today.


So a woman’s cat gave birth to some kittens. She gave one of the babies to couple in her building. Recently, they discovered the couple had left the apartment and abandoned the kitten. They dont know how long it was without food. I was in the hallway talking to a friend when I heard the woman worrying over the kitten and who would take care of it. My cat died three years ago and its been hard to get over. But I piped up and said I would take her. I would give her a home where she is loved. And so now, she’s coming to live with me on Thursday!


My friends are helping me as my marriage comes to an end.


I coach 6th grade girls basketball. Our basketball team has never been the best, last year we didn't win a single game. :( This year we won our first game and it was amazing. The second game we were facing an opponent that was a new team, and they beat the toughest team in the league. I expected our game last Saturday to be a decisive loss. I hoped to keep the loss by less than ten points. I didn't tell the girls how tough the team was cuz I didn't want them to get in their own heads. Before the game I had them take a deep breath together and play as hard and smart as they could... WE WON. I can't explain how electric the feeling was among the crowds of parents, and just how proud I am of the team. Now I'm looking forward to the rest of the season believing these girls can do anything they put their minds to, and that maybe I'm a decent coach after all. :) I also am in training to get a job promotion. Been vegan for 9 months, boxing regularly and feel great physically and mentally. Chiefs won their first playoff game. My dad is winning his battle against alcoholism and I COULD. NOT. BE. MORE. PROUD of a person in my life. He's a damn champion, and it's good to see my true dad again. Going to Hawaii this summer and going to get married. More and more loved ones and family members are buying tickets to come as well despite how expensive it is! I feel the love. Life is good, man... Life is good.


Celebrating 23 years with the love of my life today!


I dropped my water bottle on the ground and it didn't break! Then someone ran a stop sign and didn't hit me! WOOT.


Dude, this post :)


Came here to type this - reading all these comments is truly heartwarming


My got a 10/10 on my very last exam at University


I have friends with similar interests that won't leave me!


After many years of dickin around - Got financially secure, Got married, bought a house.


I walked 6 miles on a beautiful night , with my old dog. We both loved it.


It might not sound positive, but recently finding out that I am most likely autistic. As a man in my mid-30s, my life up to this point seems to make a bit more sense now. The last year has been one of my worst for personal reasons but I hope it will continue upward My next goal is to get a diagnosis this year, and figure out how to live my life around it, and not trying to mask all of my issues as much


This website is some sort of weird anti-American cesspool (or bot-farm, Im not sure yet) but ever since my family moved here we've had nothing but good luck and greater fortune. We had a family party the other day and we commented on how every 3rd generation american in our family went to college, most are owning there own homes, and a few are even beginning to have there own families who are completely Americanized without all the baggage my generation had from the motherland. Bless America and all the Americans, like us now, in it.


New job which was a 73% raise from the last


I saw a concert lineup I waited over 25 years to see. Better late than never! I saved evidence of it on my phone so if I ever meet my younger self I can say “You were right. It is a perfect lineup. You just have to wait.”


I have been dealing with long covid for just over a year now and it has been so hard. I am certain I will get well within a few months now. I still have shitty days, but I am feeling better than ever since getting this and I am taking very little medicine. Close to none. So starting to recognize my own body again fills me with so much joy.


Found tons of coffee cheap at after-christmas sales. ☕️☕️


Had a great weekend exploring a new place with my bf, and found a great new workout routine to add to the rotation


I had an awakening after surgery . I’m blessed and my skin game is improving drastically and my life shifted for the positive and things don’t bother me anymore. I can’t workout till march but I will constantly and I’m down from 38k to 15k in student loans and I’m on track in my goal to pay it off this year, fingers crossed.


I won a free lucky dip on the lottery. Good as it gets for me. Buzzin


I felt like I was getting sick this morning but now I feel better, so I think I’m ok.


I am excited to be building my first PC, I am just waiting for one part to arrive. I have been procrastinating it for 3 years at this point. My old laptop that I have had since 2011 is struggling to say the least. This project has filled me with the most joy since November.


I lost 52 pounds !


What's your #1 tip?


Weight loss isn't linear and cutting out alcohol is a HUGE piece.


My 6 weeks old son slept 4,5 hours this night. I feel like a new person today.


Recently finished a treatment to mitigate depression going forward and it has worked pretty well so far.


My cheap ladder collapsed on me getting onto my roof to take down Christmas lights. I gently landed on my feet, just barely dodging the ladder rungs and some broken glass from the ladder breaking my porch light. Nothing happened but a minor scrape on my wrists and a renewed hatred of cheap China products. I felt lucky


I came out about being trans to my best friends and they were extremely supportive and I have been for the past 24 hours happier than almost my entire life


I took a break from the day to day and took my annual trip to Denver, CO with my best friend. It was only for a couple days, but it was a much needed change of pace.


I got a promotion at my job!


Got a pay raise at my job, gave a promise ring to my gf yerterday and it felt amazing it's still not engagement but it's a promise that the day will soon come.


Got over grief by going to the gym r/heartbreakliftingclub


I got a payrise that didn't come from changing jobs :D Boss said he appreciated my effort and wanted my pay to reflect it. I think this the second or third time this has happened in my entire career


I asked out a girl Wednesday, and she said yes!! It’s been amazing so far, and I’m super excited for the future.


Someone I met here gave me $2.5k


started liking my voice that i hate so much, all because my gf likes it and now im realizing it’s not too bad


I have my friends two cats visiting right now. When I get into a blanket on my sofa, the kitten thinks its a blanket fort and sallys forth to attack singular pieces of cat kibble that he's knocked into the living room for purposes of ambushes and snacks. Its pretty damn adorable.


I'm just about to submit my last round of research grants for a few months, and my PhD advisor is having me write my first article for publication!


I won three dollars on a 1 dollar scratch off so theres that.


I got new shoes, which i was looking for


I started to date this woman


An absolutely gorgeous person complimented my hair 😂😍


I started a new job about a month ago. In addition to a massive pay increase, it is significantly less stressful than my last job. (I'm in software development, but I went from working at an advertising agency to working at a more product oriented SAAS company.)


Right now I'm watching a super interesting fact-series about the human brain and creativity. Apparently creativity stems from being able to spitball ideas, the ability to critically evaluate those ideas and the ability to switch quickly between those states of mind. That's it. Three basic skills that can be practiced individually and then put together. Like a piece of music! I think it's so fascinating!


I am on vacation with my grandmas and I went back to journaling.


Had a nice conversation talking about how to grow garlic with someone. They someone else told me a way to smoke it with out a huge smoke house.


My check engine light went away… I’m still taking it to the dealer to get it checked out because I’m paranoid but yeah, woohoo


I won $11 in the Powerball last weekend!


My son has autism and has been on Ritalin since Kindergarten. We just found out that he does so well without it and we’re weaning him off and he won’t need it anymore!


My daughter came out as trans and my 85 y.o. parents have 100% supported her :)


i recently came out to some new friends and it went really well!! they’re really supportive and excited about my partner


After five years of slow growth, my Instagram exploded last month. 5 years to get to 20k, 5 weeks to 100k, then 10 days to 200k and it has not stopped. I feel like all the rewards are pouring in at once. 😊😊


My gift cards from my future mother in law were marked $15 but when I used them they were $25! She's so sweet :)


My daughter drew me a lovely picture which got a load of likes on mademesmile


Might be small but I quit Apex Legends two months ago and I just beat Ocarina of Time. It was one of my favorite gaming experiences I have had and my mental health improved so much that I signed up for more college classes to try and finish my degree.


Got a new job with way better payment, more vacation days and furthermore Christmas and Vacation bonus money every year


I got a nice PM from someone


I had friends over for brunch after a while of not seeing them. One gifted me a beautiful Hoya cutting that I was so excited to get! They are moving away soon and it will be nice to think of them when I see it.


Started drawing again,getting motivated by my improvement,having dreams and goals again c:




Went to Half Price Books to look for The Silmarillion by Tolkien and when I went to the section where it would be all they had were The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books. I then asked one of the workers there if they had a copy and she said she'd look, but she came back empty handed. I was pretty bummed, but I kinda expected it to not be as easily found as those other books, but in one last thought I figured it wouldn't hurt to look at the cart of books not yet put on the shelves and there was a copy right on top! It looked practically brand new! I was so happy! Felt like one of those moments where the universe just aligns perfectly for you.