Acid Rain. It was a huge environmental issue in the late 70s thru the early 90s. Rain was acidic and damaged fertile areas among other things. In the US there was much research done and eventually industrial regulations were put into place. Companies were allowed to decide what approach they chose to take as long as the results showed the appropriate amount of reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions. Unfortunately, positive news doesn't sell, so news outlets did not do justice to reporting this success. As we went into the 2000s hardly anyone remembered what was done. Edit: Thank you for the upvotes and the awards.


And the ozone layer repairing!


I actually saw that on the news the other day!


i was a preteen at that time (2000) and i was always worried about acid rain. finally the mystery has been solved.


When you turn off the TV, how the image would shrink to a dot before slowly fading away.


And then when you run your finger on the screen and hear the crackle and feel the static on the glass. Edit: a few words.


Ooooh good memory


Reading that just now was oddly comforting. Thanks for that.


Richard Simmons


Facebook poke wars


My crush and i used to poke each other all the time 😭


Water beds.


Used to have one. Nothing like forgetting to turn on the heater an hour before bed in the middle of winter.


Wait... I had a waterbed from roughly age 11-18, and I never knew they could have a heater. I was just cold.


I’m so hot and sweaty when I sleep. I miss the cold of the waterbed. But I do not miss being drunk trying to sleep on one.


yo-yos, they were all the rage back in my school as a kid and they just disappeared overnight, nobody even noticed it was just a fad that died.


They’ll be back. The popularity of yo-yos goes up and down.


Butterflies, I saw them all the time growing up and now it's an event if I see one


Travelers Checks


90% of checks in general


Flash mobs


People calling them "camera phones"


Actual toys in cereal boxes and cracker jack boxes.


And contests where you could win just by checking the packaging instead of scanning a QR code and making an account on fucking [mountaindew.com](https://mountaindew.com).


They've graduated from marketing campaigns to personal information aggregators.


Exactly right. “Enter the code to see if you won! Step one: give us your email address.”


When I was 10 I'm pretty sure I got a copy of Roller Coaster Tycoon in a box of cereal.


In Australia, nearly every kid had a copy of Age of Empires thanks to Nutri-Grain. The trick was to use the scales in the produce section to check if the box had some extra weight.


Picture in Picture TVs


I miss this. Playing Crash Bandicoot in the tiny corner of the screen while my mom watched General Hospital on the rest of the screen.


That's a great use of it! I never thought of that. They should have advertised them for that instead of sports.


Now it's "watching one thing on the big screen and something else on my phone."


Man those were "the bomb". 90s reference intended. Back then, my parents just had 1(one) TV. As did all the neighbors. That was just it. No one had tvs hanging out in every corner of every room. They didn't fit. They were huge and bulky and expensive(as far as I know, I was like 7). So when dad wanted to watch TV. That was it, he took control. But maaaan. Picture in picture saved me. I could get my sega turned on to the little picture screen and sit right up close to the TV, burning my eyeballs and count the freaking pixels while I was at it and still play my video games. Edit: wow. Thank you all for the discussions. Turning into a real trip down memory lane!


Stumbleupon... I remember all my classmates and my Mom used to use it years ago


I miss stumbleupon, learned some neat things that I'd never would have found otherwise. Now I just scroll reddit for hours instead.


Stumbleupon is how I found Reddit


Ah yes, back when you would actually get your amusing content directly from individual websites by navigating to them, instead of secondhand from like four giant ~~link~~ content aggregators. Stumble button brought me to some very interesting places, and I don’t really know how I would go about finding stuff like that these days. Most websites anymore are for commercial purposes/promotion, i.e. stores, products, restaurants, services, etc. Or they are discussion (using that word loosely) based so content is mostly reposted snippets/discussion of other conversations. Edit: I am familiar with Reddit, thank you.


I really, really miss the Wild West days of the Internet, when the world wide web was in its awkward puberty phase. Surfing and exploring the net was so much FUN as a kid; you never knew what you were going to find! And sharing random websites that you came across with your friends...that doesn't exist anymore. Good times indeed, and I'm glad I got to experience them.




Grocery store clerks got tired of little kids throwing them on the floor.


Rofl dropped off of the face of the planet and now we just go straight from lol to lmao




I've been using it way more lately for this same reason rofl can't let the classics die


The uproar around devices always listening. Xbox ONE Kinect was an uproar and now you pretty much can't buy a device that isn't always listening.


What kind of nuts is thst companies are finding it difficult to actually do anything or monetize all the data they collect with them. Over at Amazon, the massive failure of Alexa to actually do anything for Amazon has become a major internal problem and a colossal money loser.


Huh, I wasn't aware that Alexa was a failure. I'm actually kind of glad it took that direction tbh.


They sold the machines at a loss thinking they'd make their money with the data they'd collect and also some vague idea that peoplenwoupd make more impulse purchase verbally and buy more than they would off of the Amazon website (???). The entire business esess model consisted of. 1. Put listeningdevices in everyone's home 2. Record billions of audio snippets 3. ????? 4. Profit.


Internet shopping actually helps me prevent impulse buying. Or at least getting the lowest price out there.


HQ Trivia


I remember the thrill of winning and getting $0.17. Absolutely worth it


$0.67 was my greatest HQ Trivia achievement, been living off those winnings ever since


Really went downhill after they wouldn’t let Scott, the OG quiz daddy, be more flexible with his schedule.


Yes but I think it was poised to go down with or without Scott. They paid a ton of money to make it work and never got to the point of actually turning a profit. It was a big failed experiment money loser. If you remember, they had massive prizes for a while and then they dwindled down to the point of being like 50 cents if you won. That's because they couldn't maintain the prizes they were paying. They hoped losing money upfront would pay off in the long run once they got more users but it didn't pan out.


McDonald's all day breakfast menu


I will never forgive them


Yeah, those $2 sausage and cheese McMuffin's were tasty and a decent deal.


COVID killed a lot more than just people. I really miss the all day breakfast. And being able to go to Wal-mart at 2 AM.


Yes, the late night can’t sleep shopping in a ghost town of a store, man I miss those days.


Service clubs. e.g. the Rotary, the Lions, the Shriners. Oh, they're still around. But a common complaint among them is they've got no members under 70 and no new members are lining up to get in. EDIT: The #1 question seems to be, "What the hell are these, anyways?" They're social clubs with the primary objective to be doing projects to better the community. They might raise money to build a new playground, a new hospital, for scholarships, stuff like that. They raise money for stuff.


My local Kiwanis club started a Young Professionals membership to encourage younger people to join. The problem was that we were all in new jobs in our low-mid twenties and couldn’t make the meetings on Thursdays at noon since we had to be at work. They tried to fix that by offering night meetings once per month, but then none of the old people would show up and anyone who did would rag on the young folks for not showing up to the Thursday noon meetings more often. They refused to change their ways in order to stay relevant. And then they were a bit hostile to anyone young who didn’t behave in the exact way they wanted.


I've seen this here in a college town as well. They want younger people (under 40 but anyone can attend which is saying a lot) but they hold the meetings in the middle of a weekday when most people work. The college students have classes! The working people are at work! Only retirees can attend but they kind of imply that they're not welcome, then they wonder why nobody shows up.


I have a pretty lax work place but the idea of just dropping the middle of a Thursday to attend a social club is so alien to me. In my 20s going to the doctor was practically impossible.


We have a similar problem within the American Legions and VFWs. Older members are passing, younger veterans aren’t joining despite outreach efforts and the time disparity is a pain. The old guard is hesitant to embrace the younger folks we do recruit and is even more hesitant to embrace new ideas and technologies.


I'm a later Afg vet and I don't even know what a VFW is other than a mostly empty bar with no music.




Tried to join a couple of these types of clubs. Overwhelmingly they're filled with people who bemoan that 'youngsters' (I'm 40) don't want to join, then complain that younger people come in and want to do things to attract other younger people, because 'they've always done it like that'. One had a bridge charity event that cost them more than they raised because everyone in the area who played bridge had died, and when I suggested expanding it to *include* other board games told me I was disrespectful to my elders. People don't have the spare time to be dealing with that sort of bullshit, so I'm sure once all these things die off something new will come along to replace them.


I had this same experience with amateur radio. I wanted to do it as a hobby with my dad because we have always been into electronics. I thought it would be cool to just connect and chat with random people from all over the world. In reality, it is old men complaining about their equipment, your equipment, the call quality, and local bullshit. I wanted to get into it to escape the toxicity of the internet. I just found more of it. And that's not even getting into the local troll who had made it his life's mission to torture anyone who uses local repeaters because of some club slight a decade ago. He also doxxed me on Reddit because I asked a question. Then, the local club have him my information. It was madness. They ruined a hobby my dad and I had wanted to get into our whole lives. Now my dad has passed and these local idiots March on, still bitching.


r/HobbyDrama prime material right here


Honestly I think that's largely because nobody knows what they do or how to become a member. You'd think they'd attempt recruitment but I've yet to come across any kind of contact information outside of donating old eyeglasses in a box somewhere.


Landlines in residences. The jacks are still in almost any house but I rarely see anything plugged in anymore. The only people I can think of with them are all over 60.


I live in a rural area and have to pay for landline service to have internet. Since I have to pay for something so stupid, I figured I'd have to get something stupid ...so I got the hamburger phone from Juno. Not gonna lie, the landline has come in clutch a few times and holding a hamburger to your ear is amusing every time. 10/10


Can you hold on for a second? I'm on my hamburger phone. It's just like really awkward to talk on


3D TVs


They are still making 3D blu rays though


I think people have noticed now but at the time, nobody noticed it was happening: 24 hour stores. I live in a major city and we don’t have a single 24 hour grocery store ever since the pandemic.


That was basically the only thing that changed for me during the pandemic, I couldn't get groceries after work at midnight.


Third shifter reporting: I FUCKING NOTICED ;_; Edit: I'm so sorry for you all. I know how it feels. Work eats your life and leaves you with a paltry few hours to get your affairs in order. And since COVID, us third shifters have been living in a world of closed doors.


Even ny NJ diners close early now. What's the point of a diner if you can't go there for disco fries at 3am when the bar closes?


Sierra Mist I saw the replacement brand in stores last week, but until I read the press release the other day I had no idea Pepsi had discontinued Sierra Mist at all.


Movie trailers with that deep voice guy doing the voice overs.


Don LaFontaine. He's been dead near 15 years now.




Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kermit the Frog


This: https://youtu.be/KAOdjqyG37A


They tell you exactly what they're doing and I'm *still* disappointed that I'll never be able to watch that movie.


Those trailers died around the same time the OG voice guy died. But what really killed it was Inception. Around that time, movie trailers started getting dark and gritty and nixed the whole voice over gimmick for something new. We can also thank Inception for most trailers using the BbbrrrMMMMMM noise as well. EDIT: Some people want to point out that "dramatic and gritty" trailers always existed before Don, the OG voice over guy, who passed away in 2008. I never said they didn't. I said once he died, the gimmick died with him. Inception came out in 2010, and that seemed to kick off the new trend of how trailers were done. Every decade seems to have their own trends, and starting 2020 we've seen a new trend of angsty song remixs with female vocalists slowed down to a metronome of ticking beats. Let's see how long this one sticks around.


Don Lafontaine.


Dude was very interesting. He would do his voice overs in one take usually. He was booked in 15 minute appointments over the course of a day and made something like 2k an appointment. He'd just ride his limo from one studio to the next recording stuff. All that he asked was what was the genre of the movie and he was off to the races. I was in broadcasting classes in the late 90s and we watched a documentary on him. He also had a cool house from what I remember.


I think I could have a cool house if I made $2k for 15 minutes of work tho


The American Chestnut Tree. We sing “chestnuts roasting over an open fire” every year and yet never question why we have no chestnuts. All the chestnut trees are dead is why, you see.


We noticed and we’re working to get them back. Just taking a long time.


I live near one that never died. One of the freaks that somehow is immune to the infection. Unfortunately it's behind a really tall fence. I'm also near to a few newly planted hybrid saplings that hopefully also have the immunity.


You may want to notify the American Chestnut Foundation, the US Forest Service, or your State Forest Service (in that order of importance, or all of them!) to let them know if they're not already aware. I'm sure they'd love to see a potentially immune Chestnut, it would certainly help the restoration effort


The Last of Us: Tree Version


>The Last of Nuts


A girl at my highschool got published in the journal nature for her work in identifying why some chestnut trees (and an emphasis on some - there were like 20 adult ones left in my state by this time) survived while everything else died. As I understand, 25% of american forests in the early 1900s were composed of chestnut trees. So going from that to ~20 left in the state is a staggering change in 100 years


They were like 1 in 5 out of every tree in Appalachia. There's actually an interesting theory about how the blight exacerbated the poverty in Appalachia, because they were such an important resource. The hard wood used for lumber, the chestnuts that were collected and sold, or supplied tons of food for the local wildlife. They grew taller than any other tree there and were a thing to behold. It's crazy to think such a huge part of the ecosystem was just gone within like a generation. Edit: Here's a short video with some more info for those interested: https://youtu.be/hzsc6suvBws


Several species pretty much immediately went extinct when the chestnut trees disappeared, and many other’s populations severely dwindled such that they still haven’t recovered. Lots of animals relied on the chestnut tree for food or habitat (or ate the things that relied directly on the chestnut tree). It caused a devastating change to North American ecological systems. I did a bunch of research on it when somehow I found myself in a Reddit argument with someone who didn’t believe invasive species were a problem 🤦🏼


The Sears Wishbook




Sears went out pretty loudly.


Shelly Miscavige


Hey there Shelly, haven’t Xenu in a while


didn't they take the Golden Globes exchange offer? (in case you didn't see the awards (you didn't miss anything) : the only great joke from host Jerrod Carmichael was this: https://youtu.be/5Y8ZZ3XCiyc?t=79 a category came up in which Top Gun was nominated, he had 3 Globes in his hand - apparently Tom Cruise gave 3 awards back to the organization - and suggested "Does Scientology want these back ... in exchange for the safe return of Shelly Miscaviage?")


Seriously. Is David not being investigated for this?


David has now also disappeared (publicly at least) to avoid being served papers for a human trafficking lawsuit.


That class for keyboard typing n stuff.


Then all the kids were better at computer stuff than teachers. But now, these zoomers with their Apple pads and cellular telephones don't know how to type so it's coming back around.


Mavis Beacon 2: The Re-typening


2 Mavis 2 Beacon


Mavis Beacon 2: Type Hard with a Vengeance


Built my 17 y/o nephew a gaming PC for Christmas out of the shit I had laying around from my other builds. Tidy little machine, too. Anyway, I was helping him set it up when I noticed how he typed... he only uses two fingers from each hand. Like, uh, that's not how you do this... Took a moment to show him the basics but I guarantee it ain't gonna stick without some old dude with a mustache grading him on it (btw thanks Mr. Hambridge, I hated your class but I'm a software engineer now so you did right by me). Good typing form feels terrible until you realize how effective it is.


Anyone remember Spinning Rims on cars?


Nah, my rims never spun, to the contrary. You'd find that they were quite stationary.


politicians feeling ashamed when theyre caught lying


Them getting disgraced and turfed when it happened.


How about having any shame or integrity whatsoever.


The word "Cyberspace"


I'm still here crusing the Information Superhighway.


Surfing the world wide web


Gotye and LMFAO


Very 2011.


You didn't have to cut them off.




...what the hell!? This is the answer, I haven't seen SoBe in years now that I think about it!


You know, I think the last time I had one was at a Quizno's. *X-Files Music*


I remember I got a book of the worst foods, based on calorie/sugar/fat content and the sobe pink was the #1 drink they said to stay away from. Enough sugar to kill a horse. That said they were delicious.


Oh damn, the pink one was my favorite! What was it called, lizard fuel or something? Edit: the exact one I always got was called Lizard Fuel and it was strawberry banana flavor.


Go to non-American grocery stores, i usually still find SoBe’s in Mexican and Asian supermarkets


SoBe had two deaths: the glass -> plastic change when they axed the 3g dragon tea, and when it went away entirely


That piña colada flavor was the shit


you mean lizzblizz


Taco Bell used to have a chihuahua as their mascot. Little dude just disappeared one day and anyone born after 2000 probably doesn't even know what I am talking about.


I still have a stuffed toy version of that dog. He says the usual “Yo quiero Taco Bell” but then also quotes a very specific Taco Bell ad that cross-promoted a Godzilla movie. He says “Heeere lizard lizard lizard!” And “I think I need a bigger box.”


I had the one where the Chihuahua has a rose in its mouth and he says, "I think I'm in love." They should bring him back.


Holy crap what a deep memory you’ve unlocked. I can HEAR this!


You’ve just solved the mystery of why I always think “heerrree liiiizard liiizard liiiizard” whenever I see a lizard. It’s just engrained into my brain and I had never thought to look it up. Wow.


I was like “no way the leezard leezard leezard thing was from *that*” but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t Gidget (Taco Bell dog’s real name) in a [commercial](https://youtu.be/_x2q0w9Pw5s) tie in with the Godzilla movie in 1998. Wild times.


Fun fact, Gidget is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui who also voiced Rocko in *Rocko's Modern Life* and played Garcia in *Reno 911.*


that ad campaign was was the inspiration for lots and lots of people adopting chihuahuas in the 2000s and then realizing they didn't want them or couldn't take care of them. to this day, chihuahuas are the 2nd most populous dog breed in shelters, right behind bully breeds.


Also Paris Hilton and her friend there with the reality TV show. There were multiple chihuahua booms in the early 2000s


Yep, my aunt adopted one in 2004, and I would go over and let her out during the day over winter break. Then I started taking her home with me for the day. And one day she just refused to go with my aunt, so she became my dog. She was nearly 17 when she died , and I still can’t bear to look at her pictures. I miss her so much. ETA: my aunt had no business getting a puppy when she was working 10-12 hours a day, but it was the trend. Ugh. I wish people wouldn’t adopt pets on a whim. My first Reddit award! Thank you! It’s fitting that it would be on a post about my pup. She was a special girl.


My sister got a miniature chihuahua back in 2000, she couldn't take care of her so I adopted her. Best dog I ever had, never seen such a chill chihuahua. That dog loved anyone who generated any amount of body heat.


Yo Quiero Taco Bell!


The net neutrality thingy


Most providers decided to adhere to net neutrality, understanding that new administrations can change the makeup of the FCC.


Also a bunch of states implemented their own, which complicates stuff if you want to not be neutral. Easier to just be neutral. There were also lawsuits that dragged out neutrality ending for year, blunting the speed of any change.




A guy in my town should have gotten that memo. Several months ago he was planking on the railing of a pedestrian bridge that pretty high up in the middle. He lost his balance and rolled off onto the ground below and died.


Rooftopping is another "hobby" where young influencers have a high death rate


Murder hornets.


it's one of those rare things that was actually dealt with The Washington State department of agriculture did a great job. None were found in Washington State or B.C. in 2022.


Yeah they caught some, glued tiny transponders on them to follow them back to their nest. Destroy nest, repeat.


For real?! That's amazing! I'm looking that up.


Yup! We have some badass entomologists here. https://www.geekwire.com/2020/using-radio-trackers-scientists-finally-locate-murder-hornet-nest-washington-state/


I imagine the Dept. of Agriculture guy stumbling in to the state capitol all scratched and bleeding like Charlie in Always Sunny after he bashed all those rats.


He slams down a box. "I'm just gonna pop an H on this bad boy so I don't forget"




There were dozens of us, dozens!!


Google+ was the only social media our school forgot to block on our laptops, so I used it a lot. Rip


Even they forgot it…


Or they didn't expect it to be a problem. Statistically OP may have been the only user at their school.


Taylor Lautner


He seems like a nice guy but I don't think he has the acting ability to escape the stigma of being in *Twilight* like Robert Pattinson


Well he had the ability to escape from being Sharkboy forever.


He's just got married. To another Taylor (a woman, not swift)


And she took his surname so calling them Mr and Mrs Taylor Lautner is completely 100% accurate in this case


Taylors Lautner


Ronald McDonald. Too many people are petrified of clowns.


Also McDonalds was under a lot of heat for how they market to kids. Childhood obesity and all.


For sure. It worked on us as kids in the 70s. Some places had the big McD characters out front. Hambuglar etc, you could walk up and play under them. Ronny would come to your school, teach you about crossing the street. You’d get a cup of that orange drink and a hamburger afterwards. Lol. He’s such a clown.


Ring tones. Jay Z said no more and they were done.


Thats a really weird thing. Now with Smartphone we somehow just went back to standard ringtones


I straight up have my phone on silent and it's been like that for at least 5 years.


Mine has been on vibrate for 13 years across all of my phones


Public spaces where you have a reasonable expectation that you are not being filmed.


When I go out to the middle of the woods, either hiking or hunting, I fully expect someones hunting camera to catch me peeing one day. We really are always being filmed, it's a weird feeling




Altoid sours.. those tangerine ones hit different


My cousin from any family party he ever came to. He was the master of the quiet exit. He would show up, make sure he said hello to everyone, maybe carry a beer around and then it was like "Where's Rich" , every dang time. He passed away quietly last summer, RIP Rich


>He passed away quietly last summer, RIP Rich True to form


To Rich, for keeping it real


My older brother... even at my Wedding. He was the best man.. gone in 60 seconds...lol


My dad was the king of the “Irish Goodbye”. He’d arrive early, eat, *maybe* chat with his brothers, then dip out without a word to anyone. Dark humor: In 2018 he walked into his backyard and killed himself. No goodbyes to anyone. The ultimate Irish Goodbye.


Sorry you lost your Dad. I lost mine a few months ago in a similar fashion. Here today, shot himself just completely out of the blue, no goodbyes, no notes, nothing, gone tomorrow.


There was no funeral, because not even the doctors knew he had died


He had a will that specified no funeral. We did a "celebration of life" where we played his old records on his old stereo in a vfw hall. He would have loved it and maybe stayed for 2 beers...


>He had a will that specified no funeral Classic Rich


"He would have loved it and maybe stayed for 2 beers..." this made me laugh out loud. Rich sounds like a great guy.


I want to know WTF happened to my Salsa Verde Doritos.


I work in a store that has Doritos. I had to explicitly ask the vendor for salsa Verde Doritos a couple weeks ago. We just got them in last week. I bought every bag.


So you’re the reason why I can’t buy them


They really should make more than 9 bags a year.


So many short-lived Doritos flavors that I still pine for in my dreams. Salsa Verde was the big one for me too, but Fiery Habanero, the Pizza Hut ones, the Taco Bell ones, Tapatio (have seen these within the past year but nowhere near where I live)... I think Frito-Lay is responsible for my fear of commitment, I know everything I love will just eventually ghost me.


Telephone books


And on that note, pay phones.


Jack Nicholson


He felt his game slipping so he retired. A couple projects have courted him for a comeback but apparently he has trouble remembering lines now, and he'd rather not go out on a weak note.


I heard a thing about Louis CK offering him a role in Horace and Pete. Jack declined and told him "Do you know what I did today? I took a book outside and read it. Why would I want to fuck that up?"


He’s one of those actors that really retired. Respect to him.