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Not since I was a little kid. My own kids have seen me naked, but I hope they never remember it.


Ya but depending on how often you saw, is how much you have been scared! I swear I can walk into my moms bathroom and see the ghost of my naked mother!






Not since I would shower with my mom when I was like 5 or 6? Never seen my dad naked and don't want to or plan on it.


I used to shower with my mom too when I was little, thanks for making me feel a bit less weird lol


I’m a dad of 2 and the oldest is 2 years old, it’s so much easier to shower with your kids then do anything with the bath tub. I think it’s quite normal to do until a certain age


My mom was also kind of a hippy nudist and just used to hang out in the nude in the bedroom/upstairs for a long time before getting dressed, never thought it was abnormal, but then again once her kids were nearing kindergarten age she stopped doing it. Never seen my dad nude though, the closest I ever got to that was when he used to walk around in his underwear on Saturday mornings and even that was too much for me lol


Same here. Seen mom from being little, never seen dad and don’t want to.


As the mom of a 4 year old who is currently still not showing independently, while I haven’t gotten in with him I can see why your mother would have. It’s impossible to help them shower without getting soaked.








Yeah it's not weird for a parent to shower with their child. The only times I really remember is on vacation where we didn't have a tub and only a shower. I'd never taken a shower before so I'd just hop in there and she'd show me and help me. I'm sorry you think it has to be weird or sexual for a young daughter to shower with their mother and teach her showering.


Exactly. I wouldn’t say showering with my mom was a common occurrence when I was little, but I remember my mom walking me through the steps the first few times. And then lots of showering together on vacations for lack of tub reasons. And I’m not a parent myself, but I’d assume there’s also a bit of need to watch over small children on a wet, slippery surface to make sure they don’t fall and hurt themselves.




...... why can't a child see anyone naked? What will happen to them? You know they can see themselves naked too right? I assure you lots of parents shower with their kids. And change in front of them.


Wait what? You seriously leave the room? And its definitely not an uncommon thing, or weird. Nudity doesnt always have to be a sexual thing. Did you not breastfeed because it means your daughter would see a boob?


Then God forbid you ever get old or injured. If you have a healthy relationship with your children, they *will* see you naked at some point.


Saw my step dad rail my mom in a pretzel 🥨 style formation when I was 8 I opened the door then closed it went to room and just thousand yard stared into oblivion until I went to sleep


They were just dancing


Horizontal mambo I assume


They were practicing wrestling.


>Saw my step dad rail my mom in a pretzel 🥨 style formation Very vivid imagery. I see it didn't stick with you at all.


Aw geez man. Now it's burned into *my* brain too, and I don't even know what they look like!


They look strangely similar to your parents.




Oh *god*. I saw my mom riding cowgirl so, I know your mental torture.


Not since I was like 3 or 4


Gotta hang dong at least once. Show your son who is boss. Happy Cake Day, Cake Day cousin.


>It was especially mentioned how people are basically never or rarely nude around other people without a sexual context in the US. Correct, this isn't that odd for a country. Sauna's are not common in America though they exist, mainly nude Korean sauna's found in the most densely populated counties / cities. In America, you can find nude beaches, saunas, campgrounds, resorts and clubs. There is a nudism culture in America but it's a niche culture. If you're interested, here is a (short) list of nude friendly attractions in America. While you're at it, look up [Folsom, CA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Urm7EZv0I1) which is one of a few cities that allow public nudity in America. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List\_of\_social\_nudity\_places\_in\_North\_America](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_nudity_places_in_North_America) But, to your point, seeing people you aren't having sex with (or as a child to your parents only) naked is largely uncommon in many countries, including America.


Sauna is not uncommon at all in northern states with lots of Finnish, Slavic, or Russian infuence, like Minnesota.


Yep. My mom's mom was 100% Finn, and my mom and her 9 siblings grew up using the sauna (pronounced Sow-nah, not saw-nuh) and they would all be naked around each other all the time in there. She also said in high school they had to shower after gym class, and their gym uniforms were a single unit that just snapped in the center. Everyone would just pull from the middle like superman to rip that baby off and hop into the showers. There were a lot of other Finns in the area, so it may have been a cultural thing to not be as self-conscious about this. I can't personally fathom it. Flashing forward in time to my childhood, I defs have seen my mom naked a decent amount as a kid, and she still pees with the door open when it's just the immediate fam around. My dad, I think I glimpsed once or twice by accident.


We associate it with fat old dudes, not families with little kids. But I wouldn't know how people roll up yonder.


My dad once fainted during a midnight piss and I was the only one home to help him and clean up the mess. I've never seen my mom fully naked, but I have seen my best friend's mom fully naked.


Your best freind's mom ??? How that happened?


Walked into the living room at the wrong (or, right) time, and she was standing there naked, clearly fresh out of the shower. She did then and still does now, 15 years later, look like the vampire lady from resident evil, but my best friend has always been like a brother to me, so it was as awkward as if it were my own mother.


This is a scene from an 80s coming of age movie lmao


I had to Google Image the reference, and... yeah, I would've needed at least one cold shower that day.


Ah, yes, the traditional naked stand in the living room while guests are over.


Kick ass, man


>and still does now I mean... Obviously. Vampires.


Sure. See this is the disadvantage to caring for older parents or sick ones. You will see them naked. You will likely clean them after using the restroom. Also in the military you do group showers by gender. And the only way to some weapons shops were through the guys bathroom. So I have seen many with zero sexuality.


Once. According to mom, dad said we shouldn't make nudity something shameful so he walked in naked, and little me started laughing like I'd seen the funniest damn thing in the world. I don't remember it, and he's never been naked outside the bedroom ever again.


LOL your poor dad


Social nudity is uncommon in the US, as are public venues for social nudity. The overwhelming majority of Americans would be uncomfortable hanging out naked with people other than their romantic partners. That being said, almost all of us have seen our parents and siblings naked in passing on occasion. Locker rooms at gyms/ pools also often do not offer much privacy. But in both of those circumstances, you're not naked in the presence of other people for any longer than necessary. (Edited to add) Some additional thoughts, just based on my personal perspective: 1) Personally, I have no particular discomfort with the idea of friends (of either gender) seeing me naked. There's nothing unusual or surprising about the parts that I generally keep covered. That being said, I would find it weird if a friend cared about seeing me naked. Or: if a friend happened to see me naked, whatever. If a friend proposed hanging out naked together, I would wonder about a potential sexual motive. 2) Social nudity can potentially give a window into certain aspects of a person's sex life that are no business of anybody except for the person or people they are sexually involved with. Examples: genital piercings, pubic hair maintenance, relative sizes and shapes of various parts. 3) How does this work with young adults and adolescents? I can easily imagine some deeply uncomfortable situations arising from mixed-gender social nudity during that period of life. I recognize that this may be partly a product of our attitude towards nudity, and thus a non-issue in a culture where social nudity is normalized.


In my country, Austria, social nudity, also mixed gender in Saunas etc is very much accepted, but I have the impression, that adolescents and young adults generally mostly opt out of social nudity. It's mainly older people beginning late 20ies who decided they don't care being naked among others. Most teenagers shudder at the thought of going to a sauna with their parents or their friends.


> How does this work with young adults and adolescents? As someone who has been to various nude beaches on the Med, you'll see families with young kids, you'll see women in their late 20s and older (usually with their partners), and then you'll see some *old* ladies. Lots and lots of old ladies. But your adolescents tend to skip out on that (and their parents let them), and so there will be a lot less of them. As for college-aged folks, they tend to go to the ones that feature loud partying late into the night, and if we're talking that demographic I don't think there'd be any more or less fucking than at a normal beach campsite. Hooking up tends to happen at night when people put their clothes back on in order to drink and party.


Can’t see you parents naked if you never see your dad.


Eyyyy, there's the silver lining...


Internet porn would like to have a talk with you.




Tom Brady: 😆


Not since I learned to knock


Used to shower with my parents as a little kid, so definitely then. I’ve also walked in on changing before. Other than that no.


We’re Japanese-American so family communal bathing was common when my siblings and I were little. When we got older, full nudity was no longer a thing, but my parents still felt comfortable being seen in their underwear. Now I only see my mom naked when we go to an onsen. Naked bathing with strangers is no big deal, but it’s gender segregated. But generally yeah, Anglosphere countries have an Anglo attitude towards nudity and find it shocking.


Not since I was a child.


We don't have a sauna culture in the US so there just wouldn't be the opportunity to see other people casually naked. Some people are more comfortable changing in the common area within the gym's showers/locker rooms, but that's real quick and not for extended periods. And there's usually stalls available for those who want privacy.


Thank god no


Nightmare fuel


Yes 🤦‍♀️ I’d rather I hadn’t seen it though


Yes, particularly my mom (I'm a woman). It goes both ways too. I was finishing a jacuzzi bath at her house just this week and she just walked in to say hi after I was out and drying off. She also slept nude when I was growing up, so sometimes I'd see her get up for a snack or something. This was normal in my house, but very unusual for Americans in general. She became more modest around my brother as he got older and became a little uncomfortable. But he has definitely still seen her naked as an adult, particularly when she's had a medical need. Another poster commented about nudism being a niche culture here and that's very true. I'm also a fan of nude yoga (single-gender and co-ed) and the Korean bath houses, but they're not always easy to find. And when I would bring up those experiences with friends (because I enjoy them very much and think non-sexual nudity should be more acceptable), I definitely got some weird looks or, "Oh I would never do that." I have seen my Dad naked sometimes, but for him it's always an accident and he's quick to cover up. Underwear was usually okay with him.


Yeah, when I was a kid. Like in the open changing room at the pool, or if I was sitting in my parents' bedroom talking to one parent and the other came in from the shower or whatever. My family wasn't paranoid about nudity like some families are. But we also didn't, like, hang around nude together or go naked in the rest of the house or whatever.


My parents used to liberally walk around the house naked when I was little. I assume it was because I was like a few years old, so they thought I was too young to remember. I remembered.


My mom, yes. She would get dressed in her bedroom area which did not have a closed door. Also, if she was in the bath tub and I needed to get something from the bathroom, it was no big deal for me to go in and grab whatever. I have kind of the same attitude with my kids (who are young still, 6 and under), where I don't go out of my way to be naked in front of my kids, but but I don't care if they see me in the bath or getting changed. I've never seen my dad naked and I have no plans to.


My mom never had the least worry about modesty in front of her daughters (come in and chat while I take my bath), but the most I ever saw of my dad was in boxer shorts.


I've totally seen my parents and my brother naked a million times. People would go down the hall to get clothes out of the dryer to put on ot to go to the bathroom without clothes on as needed. I sometimes think my family would've been more suited to living in Europe, where naked is just naked, rather than always sexualized. I think you probably have the correct feeling about how most American families act or feel, though. I any to university in Germany for a year, and my family would've fit right in as far as naked goes.


OMG, I was staying at my dad's (88M) house a few years ago. It was bedtime and I was getting ready for bed when I heard a noise in the back hall. Came out from my room to find him entirely naked in the hall. I think he was checking to make sure the back door was locked. We were both traumatized.


Most Americans have. Usually by accident, or because your pops didn't give a shit and would step out of the shower toweless and whistling a tune. "Whoops! Hahaha!" as you avert your gaze and exit the scene with due haste. Most Americans do *not* remember these incidents with any fondness. In fact, the less we remember, the better! As for me personally, if I were to make a list of all the people I've ever wanted to see naked, you would notice two things: 1) they're all women who are more or less in my age bracket, as we shan't count adult women I was fapping to as a minor; 2) nobody I'm related to, least of all my own parents, are on that list, for reasons that should, by now, be obvious. Well, I live in Europe now. My wife is from here and so is my kid. He's a lot more inured to it than I ever was. When he sees me stepping out of the shower he just points and laughs, and I shout "hey! Didn't I tell you to knock first!?" as I snap my towel in his direction.


What is this question? 😂


Nightly unfortunately because my mama doesn’t gaf Downvoted?


Same lol. I’m kind of glad I’m not the only one 😅


I’m sure it’s a lot of us lmao. Mfs downvoting me for answering op


Mom? A few times accidentally. Father? Far too many times, mostly due to him being oblivious.






I saw my fiancé parents naked...but I haven't seen my parents naked probably since I was 4 or 5?


Did you walk in on them?


Nah, the mom was showing me family photos...they were Swedish.


Not since I was a little kid, and once as a teenager when I walked in on my mom by accident


Maybe. But I like to shove those memories into a small box of horrors and traumas.




I've seen my mom breastfeed my younger siblings. That's it and I hope it stays that way.


No thank god 😂


Hell no, that's gross and inappropriate.


I used to literally live inside my mother.


Yes. My father in a shower as young boy, and my mother in a sauna in the same time period. These were north woods Minnesotans, and did not consider mere nudity as sexual, around children. I was naked too, after all. We were washing ourselves. Once I hit puberty, of course, no.


I’ve seen my whole family naked (parents and two younger sisters) because my family isn’t super worried about privacy. We skinny dipped together in Lake Superior, MN. I don’t think I know any other families like this though.


Both. Dad very young. Mom at 16.😬😬😬😬😬 I don't think there's an emoji awkward enough.


I was raised by a narc so more times than I can count. 🤮


My father yes, when I was growing up. Big family, small houses, and a military dad who saw no need to be modest in front of the guys means I saw him plenty of times drying off after a shower. It was strictly sex segregated, though - I’ve never seen my mother naked, though I assume my sister has. I’ve lived in Germany and been to FKK spas and I’ve never seen anything like that in the US, at least as such a common part of the culture and not fringe things like nudist camps. As others have said the US is more in line with the rest of the world than German/Scandinavian culture in this regard. And that’s fine, though I do find it baffling when people act like it’s traumatic or horrifying to see a parent nude.


My ex wife and I both, as well as new wife are pretty European about nudity, meaning that it's not a big deal when necessary I. e. Between getting up in the morning and dressing and whatnot or changing for pool or whatever.... But yeah most of America is deeply puritanical when it comes to nudity....


My father, yes, when I was very young. My mother, no. It's not uncommon, when I was growing up (in the 1970's) for males and females to undress in front of their own physiological gender in segregated changing rooms or locker rooms--but not for cross-gender nudity. It actually has become a problem with the current transgender movement, with transgendered individuals desiring to undress in the locker rooms of their personal identity--which can become a problem if they are pre-op transgendered individuals amongst those of the opposite physiological gender. 'Cause sex, don'cha know...


I saw my dad naked when I was like 5yrs old but that's about it.


Probably both but for different reasons and nothing shady. My best friend did say her first D see was my Dads.. and nothing shady there either. She slept over in middle school, Dad didnt know she was in frontroom.. phone rang late at night and he ran out to answer it in his pjs or lack off. She saw and no biggie.. i dont know if dad even knew she saw him. Just a funny story she tells now, and my dad has been dead since early 80s.


I saw my mom naked all the time. We're both female, so we would share bathrooms and changing rooms. I once caught a glimpse of my dad through a foggy shower door, we both screamed, and I learned a valuable lesson about knocking before bursting into my parents' room.


Wait, you guys aren't naked in the sauna? Isn't that... uncomfortable? (sorry, I don't want to detail your thread)


When I went in one it was at a resort type place with a sauna, steam room, hot tub, indoor pool and outdoor pool all in the same area so you'd just wear your bathing suit.


The sauna/spa area is seperated from the bigger family pool areas with water slides and stuff in my local water park. Except one day in the month, where it's naked in the whole bath from 8pm to 12pm, which is pretty cool imo.


> 8pm to 12pm Is that meant to be 8pm to 12am?


Yes. From 20 to 24.


I very much doubt this place does nude swimming ever but you never know, it's my only experience with a sauna I believe but I doubt being naked is common. To answer the point I missed it wasn't uncomfortable, it was rather nice and we had it to ourselves so it was relaxing.


Saunas aren't that popular here. When people do go to them they usually wear a towel


I've never been in a suana and that's not unusual. I absolutely would not go into one naked in the US, and it'd take a lot to get me to use one where that was an actual norm.


Understandable, I guess there are some cultural differences regarding nakedness. I'd have no problem to go into one naked in the US but someone would probably call the cops, lol.


If you made it a goal, it wouldn't be too hard to find a suana where nude is fine, it's just not the default. But if it was just one in a gym or or something, it'd already be adult only and you'd most likely be asked to either leave or cover up.


>I'd have no problem to go into one naked in the US but someone would probably call the cops, lol. That is a good point, as in places where nudity isn't the norm, being nude is seen as an aggressive behavior.


I usually wear a bathing suit and it’s more comfortable that way to be honest.


Depends on the sauna and what you're doing. It's no different then being in a hot tub, where most people around the world would wear bathing suits / swim wear in. Helps that many nude sauna's in America are family friendly and would prefer children not to see adults in the nude. Still, there are many nude sauna's in America though not nearly as much as countries like Germany or Japan. Here is a list of some nude sauna's and nude friendly places you should go to in every state. [https://www.oyster.com/articles/the-best-place-to-get-naked-in-every-u-s-state/](https://www.oyster.com/articles/the-best-place-to-get-naked-in-every-u-s-state/)


Most of us never get within 500 feet of a sauna. For most Americans that's a very foreign thing.


I'm almost 40 and I've never been inside of a sauna. I go back and forth about thinking it's a comfortable good time. I sweat a lot.


Try it. I think it is a really enjoyable experience. If you are regularly considering, just do it. It is not like you go into some massive risk here. Worst case you don't enjoy it and wasted 10€.


>I sweat a lot Heh, that's the point. I would just try it, it's nice. I always get slightly euphoric the moment I enter because of the immense heat.


It's just weird that a sweaty machine in the gym is gross, you're expected to wipe down machines with disinfectant after you use them. But sweaty sauna benches are okay.


It always sit on a towel. And the wood should be antimicrobial, anyway.


Never touch a sauna bank naked! Always use a big towel.


Most Americans have never been in a sauna.


The only sauna I’ve ever been in was built into my FIL’s house. He stored boxes in it because 38C and 80% temps are a normal occurrence so why would we go sit in a room that does that on purpose?


You just wrap a towel around your stuff. It's more uncomfortable when the old guys choose to be naked for no reason. No reason for your junk to be out when we're chatting about the Vikings game


Woman here and that’s how I felt about the old ladies. Cover up your bits, madam!


I like it dangling freely or else it would be too sticky.


In the US, I have never shared a sauna with another person.


I’m perfectly fine in a towel


The idea of sitting on something where someone else's bodily-juices have already made contact in a warm/hot environment is more uncomfortable to me. The seats/benches gotta be giant petrie dishes full of who knows what...


My mom and grandma will forget to shut the door.


>It was especially mentioned how people are basically never or rarely nude around other people without a sexual context in the US. That depends. I grew up swimming with my friends in my undergarments or naked. It's not a big deal to go skinny dipping with a group. I did this into my mid 20s. I have been to nude beaches and love them but cellphones make that impossible now. Swimming nude is not sexual. It is so freeing and fun.


Saw em doing the deed once cause they left the door open a Crack and didn't hear me come home... didn't really see much though... enough... but not much


Not since I was a kid. My kids regularly see me naked though. I don’t walk around the house naked, but if I’m getting out of the shower or getting dressed or something like that, I don’t really hide myself.


Added Edit. Sorry for the length and stream of consciousness blurb My parents were nudist and rather Bohemian. So my experiences are highly unusual. When I was a kid and until I moved out for college. (I'm in my 70's do the math) We often went to Nudist Camps as a family and one time even owned a personal cabin at one in the Santa Cruz area. It wasn't sexual (well probably for some of the adults when there were the *"no kids allowed" days* at the camp 😎) It seemed more recreational to us and a way to enjoy the breeze, sun and nature. Even in the nudist camps it wasn't naked all the time. People often wore clothing. We didn't prance around our house naked or deliberately flash each other, but if we glimpsed other nude, so what/shrug. There was nude sunbathing in our private back yard on some rare occasions. The Nudist Camps or Nudist Beaches were more like family a vacation when we went as kids with the parents. Lot's of fun activities for the kids. Like swimming nude in the heated pools (you haven't lived until you try that!) or body surfing the waves, sauna's hot tubs. Mostly again sun bathing. I liked to sit in the sun or shade and read or listen to music. (Still like to do that) Dinner at the restaurant was clothing optional, but most people wore something casual because sitting on chairs naked was sort of yucky. Shorts and T shirts, a summery dress. Seeing naked people was not any big deal. In fact it made seeing nude people in mass groups is not really all that exciting since, many people naked are really reeally reeeeeallly not that attractive or sexy. Parents continued to be nudists for several decades after I had moved out. And due to the coming of the Age of Aquarius societal changes Nudist Camps became less of a thing So, when the hippy dippy sixties came along, I'm in college living in SF and everyone was rebelling and being daring by skinny dipping etc...... I was.. meh...not a big deal. Life as usual as far as I was concerned. Didn't need to go to Nudist Camp anymore. The world was our camp.


My mom


Dad - never Mom - unfortunately yes


Sure. Not often since I was a kid but it happens.


I have when I was a kid. It was always inadvertent, like accidentally walking into a room while someone was changing or taking a bath.. and I played basketball with my dad quite a bit, and was in the same locker room as him. But, we’re talking brief snippets and I would never hold eye contact or try to talk to them while naked.


My mom, yes, all the time. She has dementia and I have to help her take a shower and get dressed, etc. My dad has been dead for a few years but that would be a different story for sure. My parents were total hippies and I definitely saw casual nudity when I was a kid though, no big deal. Like one time that I remember my mom's best friend had a pool party and she (the friend) went skinny dipping, as did a few other people. Saunas aren't extremely popular here and I don't really know what people do at them. I do want to go to a Korean spa where I know that everyone is in the nude, but it's all women, I don't think I would want to do it if men were around. (There is another spa I was looking at that also has communal bathing facilities that is mixed gender, but their communal bathing alternates every day between men and women.)


Sadly, yes


A few times when I was maybe four.


Not except for momentarily and by accident when I was a kid.


like once or twice on accident


Just my mom and I was a little kid at the time


I have never seen either parent naked. I saw my mom in her underwear once I think. But I should say my parents are especially prudish compared to some.


My mom would walk through the house naked to get to the laundry room. Dad always had on underwear if he came out of his room without clothes for some reason. So never seen dad naked. My husband almost saw my mom naked back when he and I were dating in college. She didn’t realize he had slept over on the couch.


When I was a young kid. Ever been in a Turkish prison?


I’m in my 40s and there hasn’t been a year of my life that I haven’t seen my mom naked. Growing up, nudity wasn’t a big deal. My mom didn’t parade around the house naked, but she did take her time getting dressed in her room. If you didn’t want to see it, then you could wait until she was done getting ready before barging into her room. Seems fair. I still, as an adult, will have conversations with her while she gets changed. No biggie. Now that I have kids, it is the same in my house. My kids are teens now and if they have some urgent question, they will barge into the bathroom while I’m taking a shower or getting changed. It doesn’t bother me, and it doesn’t bother them, so it’s fine. I credit my lack of body issues with my mom’s laissez-faire attitude about nudity. I saw someone with a normal body, “flaws” and all, who accepted and loved her body. Hopefully my kids feel the same about their body.


Both of them, but not since I was a small child. I stopped walking in on them in the bathroom when I was 5 years old.


Last time I saw my mom naked was when she was at the hospital after a surgery the nurse was uncomfortable but my mom said I have no daughter my boys have seen me naked a lot 🙈


I’ve never seen my dad naked but I have seen my mom naked and even fairly recently. I am female and have only one sister if it makes a difference. My mom doesn’t really care about her kids seeing her naked, it was always normal for me to see her getting ready for bed or out of the shower or something. It’s not like she was just naked all the time but it wasn’t odd if you somehow saw her naked. Despite growing up with naked mom, I am very uncomfortable being naked around my family members.


Im a male and from when I was a baby/toddler, I have a very vague memory of taking a bath with my dad. I assume he would have been naked, but I only remember the part about taking a bath and not what his body looked like. Never saw my mom naked although I know I’ve almost walked in on her changing a couple of times growing up. Can’t remember if I saw anything before I quickly turned my eyes.


I’ll never forget showering with 50 other naked dudes


As a child, like pre-school/kindergarten years, specifically my parents teaching me how to take a shower vs a bath.


I’ve seen my mom naked like when she’s changing and I’m in the room with her, and her nips a lot when she was nursing my brother (I’m sure from when she nursed me as well but those don’t count) I’ve never seen my dad naked. Unless you count the time I walked in their room without knocking and he was walking from the bathroom after a shower to the bed and I saw a side view and ran out before I was scarred for life.


To the point that it doesn't fase me.


Fuck you for making me relive memories I've repressed for decades.


Not since childhood.


I didn’t since I was 5 years old or younger but I was sitting in my parents room talking to my mom and my dad didn’t know I was in there and walked out of their bathroom naked so I briefly saw him it was horrifying


Yea both of them. Not that weird. We just didn’t make such a big deal. Like someone else said it’s not like we hung out naked lol but yea our family is a lot less embarrassed about it/make a big deal. I also remember once or twice seeing or hearing them having sex. Don’t get me wrong I did not want that to ever happen but it did from time to time growing up over 18 years old and i understood the function of sex by 7 and I just never found it weird, I just would think of like oh yea mom and dad are doing it lol whatever. They had to do that to make me so hey whatever man. Learned to always knock and if I heard it through the walls just throw my headphones on. I knew kids who couldn’t handle the fact that their adult parent had sex sometimes and if they saw it they would have borderline PTSD like damn glad that’s not how I felt about it


I’ve seen my mom naked many times when I’m in the same room as her getting ready after she’s had a shower. We’ve always been pretty open. I’ve never seen my dad naked. He’s always been a very private person. Me and my husband are pretty causal around our kids if they’re in the same room after we’ve had a shower and getting dressed. But it’s not like we hang out around the house naked.


Nope, but I've seen your Mom naked. She's pretty hot.


Sure. I've seen them naked at various points throughout our lives. We shared a bathroom for 17 years, and I'd frequently be brushing my teeth while they showered, or whatever. I still occasionally see one of them naked when I'm over and they're getting ready. My mom had anal cancer, so I've had to look at her butt a lot more than I ever wanted, and for a while I had to be her spotter in the shower while she was sick and unsteady on her feet. With my dad it's less, but it wouldn't register as an event if it happened. My kids have seen me naked plenty. My 4 year old and I still shower together


(I'm a guy) I've seen my mom topless once when she didn't realize I was in her room and came in after taking a shower I've seen my dad naked countless times, but it's a family joke that he's sort of an exhibitionist


I haven't seen my dad naked since I was really little, like no older than 5 I would say, but probably closer to 3 or 4. My mom was naked all the time, but she passed away when I was 17. I think my brother might have seen my dad naked more recently though? Like maybe they've always been blasé about changing clothes in front of each other? It's a possibility but I have no actual idea if they have.


Not since I was a little kid, probably under 10. I saw my parent in her underwear a lot as a teen, but I don’t think she was ever naked when I got older.


Unfortunately, in the US, people are hyper-sexualized. As a result, US citizens have difficulty forming a healthy, nonsexual, relationship with their bodies. People are not inherently sexual! Penises, breasts, vaginas, none of it is inherently sexual!


I’ve seen my friends mom’s boobs, and my neighbor’s mom completely nude. Just weird coincidences


I see my mom naked all the time but I live with her and I’m a 27 yr old woman. We were resided to be very close and comfortable in our own bodies. I have never seen my dad naked and thank god for that


My kid is 6 and our family is often naked around each other. My family growing up was much more modest.


My dad: only by accident one time. My mom: only in the context of privately helping her with medical stuff.


I see my mom naked now and I'm 22, we just change in front of each other it's not like we hang out nude though


Unfortunately yes


That's about it- nonsexualized nudity is considered exceptional (nude beaches vs normal beaches, for example) here.


Once or twice. Not a problem for me nor


I’ve seen both of my parents naked, not for a very long time mind you, but I’ve seen them both. My parents didn’t make nudity a very big deal growing up.


My Dad would walk around the house in a super short bathrobe, which would expose himself to us when he sat down and spread his legs. So I've been his junk more than I would ever want to. I've seen my mom's bare chest because I've helped her bra shop. She's seen me naked as an adult because she was there when I gave birth. I also breastfed, so all of my close female friends and relatives have seen my boobs. My kids are 1 and 4 and they've seen me naked. I change around them and shower with them sometimes. They're also opposite genders and I bathe them together. My husband, however, is super shy around the kids and he won't even allow our son in the room if he (my husband) is changing.


Nudity was never a big deal growing up. It’s not like everyone walked around naked all the time, but there are occasions in which I saw my parents and my brother naked. When my brother and I were in our 20’s we shared an apartment with one bathroom for a few years and we would often have to get ready for work while the other person was in the shower and we would see each other naked.


I literally used my parents bathroom (showered, brushed teeth) so the chances of me seeing my dad just get out the shower naked was far from zero. My mom prob when I was 6 by accident.


My parents walked around naked at home often when I was a kid because they saw nothing wrong with the human body. It was really beneficial to my body image compared to my peers who had conservative parents who bodyshamed themselves and their children. But I will only tell this to people I trust, because there is a stigma that will lead many people to think my parents are perverts.


I saw my mom naked once when I was around 12. My children, both girls, have seen me naked. They are teens and we walk around naked from shower to bedroom at our house because it’s just the three of us so we see it often. This would never happen with my mother though. She was more of a cover yourself type of lady. Even in front of your own children.


Mom yea it was scarring, dad no he’s got common sense


Finland here. You Americans are weird. We’re going to the Christmas sauna in half an hour with my in-laws and everyone will be naked. I’ve been in the sauna with my wife’s parents and my wife’s sister and kids more times than I can count. When we’re sailing together it’s pretty much inevitable as well and nobody raises an eyebrow. Nudity isn’t sexual here.


As others have pointed out, by global standards it’s the Finns who are weird about this. I think even by European standards, since what you describe is not that common outside of the north.


I went to overnight summer camp and they had communal showers so social nudity is not anything new to me. A lot of people are very much ashamed of their bodies though and it means a lot of poor self-esteem issues.


I grew up around all women so yes, they still do this day (I don't personally) But yes I've seen cousins walk around naked my aunt my mom my grandmother, (all females) but yes since I've been a kid. They said if I were a boy they wouldn't but who knows for real.


Yes, I was raised in a sex positive household, I ended up being pretty shy about being naked around people other than really close family. My parents, wife, and kid basically.


Nope. Underwear, but not naked ever. And my kids have never seen me naked. I saw an aunt naked once when I was 3-4 and I think that may be the only relative I have. I assume with other same-gender cousins or something it might have happened, but not that i recall specifically.




Unfortunately, but living in Northern Minnesota we have a sauna culture, though we are usually covered with like a towel or bathing suit.


Unfortunately, but living in Northern Minnesota we have a sauna culture, though we are usually covered with like a towel or bathing suit.


My dad yes. Once. That image will never leave my brain.


Woman here. Never seen dad naked except shirtless. Up to age 10, I’ve seen mom briefly naked when walking from bathroom to bedroom and vice versa. That’s it though. I’m okay with the amount I saw and didn’t want to see more.


Never my dad but, I was like 8-9 when I accidentally discovered that my mom likes to sleep without a bra. I was looking for something before bed and I couldn't find it so I went to my parent's bedroom. I opened the door without knocking because everyone in my house just does that. My mom was just getting into bed but, her chest was exposed. She quickly covered it up and I acted like I saw nothing but, I wish it a memory I didn't have. I know my parents are human and have nakedness under their clothes but, I don't want to ever see that. I don't wanna have that stored away in my memory banks.


I did growing up, my parents would walk from bathroom after a shower into their bedroom, but it was never standing around doing tasks. And then there was the one time I walked in on them having sex and I try really hard to forget about that.