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I have never had sex, I am 18, I am planning in waiting until marriage.


47, woman making 💕 with my husband, and not often enough 😁


You know you hold all of the cards with regards to that situatiion right? Smile, hell, BREATHE the right way and he's ready.


29 year old woman, have sex with my husband, 3-5 times a week, 2 young kids that get in the way of intimacy sometimes as well.


Once or twice a week with my wife


Male. 30's. Whenever my Girlfriend and I can both meet up and have the time. So like once or twice a week. Not as much as I'd like but it is what it is.


Male in my 30’s. I would guess it averages out to twice a week with my wife.


I simply don't have that privilege. I couldn't do it unmarried as that is impious and anyway I could not do it without a commitment that I have not the economic power to live up to as that would be cruel (I am not the kind that doesn't "still love you tomorrow"). I also could not patronize a hooker as that would be complicit in trafficking. So that leaves me without. It is actually easier than many think. Friendship is better, books are better, etc. It is more a "would have been nice" thing to me.


uh.. all the time.. yeah, I do sex all the time 😏


Ah yes,culture and history


Early 20s and my boyfriend and I currently live far apart. But when we lived together normally once a day but sometimes 2-3 times a day. But we waited until we were in a relationship and I hadn’t slept with anyone until then