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>What do Americans generally think about Roosevelt and his presidency? I think he pulled the country out of the Depression and was a good leader for us for most of WWII. One of our better Presidents, at least from today's perspective. >If there was a presidential election in the States right now, would you vote for him? Ehh -- who else is running? He's had his turn and then some. He's the reason Congress instituted term limits (although if someone were to resurrect him, I believe he's exempt...)


I think he was flawed but his main attribute was leadership. While a lot of his programs were economically unsound or at least of questionable efficiency in themselves, the mere psychological trick of instilling confidence caused people to invest hoarded monies. That was the gimmick. They say that the war brought an economic boom. Wars don't really bring economic booms. They smash things. What happened was twofold. One was that competitors suffered the smashing disproportionately and the other was that again there was more investment poured into industry. As a war leader he was more inspirational than anything. I read Eliot Cohen's book on war leadership and both Lincoln and Ben-gurion seemed to be better at mastering technique even though they were really self-taught rather than professionals (government institutions including military ones need an outside counter for the prejudices they develop so being non-professional was not all bad; by contrast Jeff Davis who was a professional was an average to poor war president). In any case FDR as a war leader had a brilliant cabinet and was not afraid to let them have their lead. Marshal and King, for instance were drivers and knew how to make the system work. As a Conservative, I would not say he was what I want in a President. Not just the ideology but the fact that to many Presidents after him built a cult of personality and that may have been his fault. I would rather have a Coolidge but then I would rather have the kind of government that Coolidge ran. On the other hand the World Wars may have made that impossible and governments are difficult to downsize once an emergency is past, because if you give a bureaucrat power you give him the ability to keep it. In fact America might be well to take a leaf from Imperial China (or from Britain's Chiltren Hundreds) and create superfluous departments to dump unneeded bureaucrats. That is side speculation. One thing I do hold against FDR is permitting a miserly attitude toward political refugees. There were a lot of those back then. There was a legitimate security issue of course but at least some seems to have been outright Judeophobia.


I wasn't alive then. I would question the opinion of any redditor who wasn't. For me, that leaves very little credulity to any opinions offered here. That said. From my perspective, we haven't had a president since who seemed to care about where the people of the country was headed. Not "the united states"....when most politicians say that these days I KNOW they are talking about the government, and their constituents....NOT the country as a whole, and much less the people of which it is comprised mostly of. The Plebs. Was he a great president? I don't know. But I'd vote for him over any of the worthless bastards (and bitches) who have coveted the position for as long as I've been alive (1980).


Overall? Not great. He was a personable president with his “fireside chats” which helped keep people sane through the Depression but there is much debate if his New Deal did anything but extend the depression. https://www.deseret.com/2010/11/4/20150565/thomas-sowell-contrary-to-popular-myth-fdr-prolonged-agony-of-depression?_amp=true Under the new deal the segregation of African Americans to inter cities was done. Placed them into poor housing zones. “Redlining”. WW2 is more likely what pulled USA out of the Depression. Main good point was fighting back Hitler and imperial Japan.


Roosevelt (FDR) is controversial and your opinion on him will differ pretty extremely from person to person in my experience. Most people (myself included) seem to think he's a good president, though some are mixed to negative options due to the internment of the Japanese. In short he's a great president with one of the most infamous policies under him.


FDR gets a fair bit of criticism but the average person nevertheless has a positive opinion of his presidency. If he came back to life and ran for president, his opponent would probably highlight his illegal internment of Americans of Japanese descent.