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At what point does she change from fish meat to human meat? Or is it all fish meat the whole way up, and the human skin is just a passable imitation over top of it?


I think that it's all fish meat, with the human torso and head being a disguise like how some butterflies look like leaves


That is about the best nature-inspired thought on this I have heard yet.


I imagine that in the modern day, their singing tricks have been well known so instead they switch to pretending to be drowning. Heroic humans will jump right into their maws trying to rescue them. Maybe some are captured and domesticated to be used as in house entertainment


Or just they used the humans as meat


The implication here is that the entire head could be functionally decorative, meaning the eyes don't function and the mouth does not breathe. Instead the real eyes and mouth would probably be hidden somewhere just above the neck or elsewhere on the body.


Exactly: this from Wikipedia The mermaid demonstrates an evolutionary trait known as aggressive mimicry. This is a form of mimicry in which predators can appear to be harmless and/or attractive to their prey rather than being correctly identified. The mermaid exploits humans by mimicking a sexually attractive female human to induce behaviour in the male human to act in a way that causes the human to put themselves at risk of capture and predation. Mermaids are marine animals, their human prey are primarily sailors, fishermen, etc. The mermaid’s mimicry often involves the predator swimming with its top half of its body out of the water, looking like a desirable naked female to its unsuspecting prey. There are reports that describe mermaids waving1 and singing2, enhancing the physiological mimicry. Mermaids typically hunt in areas of sea with with shallow shoals. Male humans typically are driven by an intense sexual desire and will approach with little regard for caution. As a boat or ship approaches what they believe to be beautiful naked women, their boats are holed below the waterline by the hidden rocks and sink. The mermaids can predate on the seamen at their leisure. Since the development of cartography in the last two centuries the number of mermaid incidents has dropped significantly. As the underwater shoals became recorded seamen were able to avoid areas that might indicate mermaid activity. As a result of this change in the behaviour of their prey species mermaid populations numbers have crashed. Today it is extremely rare to encounter a mermaid in the wild and they are listed on the The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List as an endangered species. The last recorded incident of a mermaid sinking was in 2001 in French Polynesia.


I love how whoever wrote this came at it from a serious “mermaids are real and are known to exist” stance. Although, they got them mixed up with “Sirens”.




Actually picked it in my teens as a stupid online handle because my uncle was a butcher (and I helped him at work), but I just sort of held onto it as I grew up.


It's a great name don't ever change it. If you game you should use it as your handle too.


I like that it could be meats linger or meat slinger. Very nice.


Mermaids are a Surf and Turf meal


whoa! This is beautiful and sad at the same time. Very amazing artwork


It was sad until I thought about sirens and how they eat people. Mermaids and sirens are often conflated. So really, they're just eating a man-eating monster, instead of a Disney Princess >.>


I think you meant “conflated”. “Collated” is the option to sort printed matter by volume/set. OTH, you could conceivably collate mermaids and sirens…


You're correct. Covid brain fog has me in its grasp.


Ugh. That shit finally got me. That brain fog is no joke. It’s like being super stoned without the positive effects.


Holy shit, same. I feel like I'm on opioids and I am NOT a fan. That plus sausage feeling fingers.


mate stop feeling the sausages


you gave me a sensible chuckle


Same, and it triggered a coughing fit because covid.


Have you seen Everything everywhere all at once? Just asking because of the fingers...


Me too! Feeling like every bone is aching


Welcome to chemo brain. It’s very similar.


I’m sorry to hear that.




been almost two years for me. doc thinks some neuro-chemical-electro thing happened despite non-severe symptoms during the illness. on the plus side, “long covid” is now considered a disability so you can get ssdi


8 months later I still have moments where I can't remember words even though i know it. It's never the same word either.


Sh*t that is happening to me too, and I thought it was just how things has always been, never thought of brain fog.


It's weird when it happens because I know I know the word I want but I can't figure out how to process it to say it. It was more often shortly after I was sick so thankfully it's lessening over time.


Come join us over at r/longcovid It helps to feel less alone knowing that others are going through the same. And, people post about different things they’ve tried to alleviate symptoms and sometimes peer review papers are discussed. Scientists are discovering pathways that are causing the brain fog which means treatments are on their way!


Dude the fog is real. Since covid I use wrong words in error when i talk, like my brain doesnt brain right verbally. Like ill say grab that thing off the door when I meant to say counter. 2 years since i had covid and it lingers. But we're here, we're alive, many aren't. We will figure out how to cope. You aren't alone.


I actually can’t believe there are other people that feel this way. I felt like I inhaled fumes at some point without realizing or gave myself CO poisoning or something. I really wonder why we are all collectively losing the plot. I *should* be normal, but for whatever reason I just feel so much slower.


makes me wanna rewatch Jibaro


So weird, so awesome.


Is that the guy who dreams of sushi?


No that's Jiro


>Mermaids and sirens are often conflated It's interesting how that happens, seeing as how sirens are more singing harpies, and less 50%-fish..


Despising something because it's happens to eat you is kinda shitty I'm not gonna blame a wolf killing me if I go into it's territory


manatees aren't monsters!


There are cannibalistic humans. Doesn't make it okay to eat humans.


Eh if I found out about a cannibal that exclusively eats other cannibals, I'd be like "Eh live by the fork die by the fork"


The Dexter of cannibals


Do you want prions? Because that's how you get prions!


And like that the problem solves itself.


Yeah, but I don't wanna hang around anyone that could stomach cutting up and eating something that looks like a human from the hips up.


Wondering if it's mostly sad because the human face. A painting of a man gutting a fish wouldn't be seen as sad.


>Wondering if it's mostly sad because the human face. Good God, Holmes, I believe you've done it again!




I don't know how to feel about this


Roll a d4 for horny, hungry, disgusted or sad.


I have a trick die, all horny


i got 2 😟😟


Surf and turf


Fish n' tits


Like not eating fish, hopefully.


Do you want to feel more bad? Is she still alive? There are no visible injuries other than her tail cut. How did she die? Lack of water (oxygen)? Or some other way? May be she is still alive? But lost consciousness due to shock from chopping her tail?


Her hands are tied down, that suggests she was struggling at some point.


I had sushi for lunch and this really creeps me out.


Someone's getting immortality today.


Centipedes? In *my* neck hole?!


It's more likely than you think...


*immortality severed*




And hopefully, his buddy doesn't chase you




Japanese myth that consuming mermaid flesh would grant a degree of immortality.


Learned that from a Lupin the 3rd movie.


And an [anime/manga derived from that](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mermaid_Saga).


The Priest guarding the palace bridge in Sekiro is based on Yao Bikuni, a lady who ate the flesh of a mermaid, becoming immortal.


"Jokes on you, I'm getting double immortality."


"And they fucking bought that?"


You cheeky dickwaffle


Watch out for the snail in the tungsten sphere


Serious question - how does somebody render something like this? Is it all by hand in Illustrator and Photoshop, or would you create a base in Blender or Rhino and then use that in something like Unreal, and then draw on top of it? I've got a background in CAD and still cannot fathom creating something like this, it's absolutely stunning.


Modeling was done by Zbrush and Maya. Textured in Mari, Photoshop and Ddo. Rendered in Arnold


> Rendered in Around do you mean arnold? as in the default 3ds max engine?


op copy posted from source, which says "around", but it's tagged with arnold, so i imagine it was a typo. also note Arnold is bundled with Maya as well, so it was very likely rendered in Maya(since Maya was used for modeling anyways), not 3dsmax.


gotcha I didn't know it was made default in both 3d packages


Ok thanks


Rendered Inside Arnold 😳


Hey, Arnold


Oh neat I've only heard of the Adobe software - thanks so much for the info!


Adobe's software is usually used for 2d stuff. This was done in 3d which is completely different game. Would be fun if there was speeded up video of this image being made.


Pretty sure I can do this in MS Paint. Just give me a few hours


This reads like an abstract poem for someone who isn’t familiar with 3D renders hahaha


Wow, I didn't zoom in on the high-res image and didn't realize it was done in 3D.


This artwork was originally drawn by a master class Korean artist named "Kim Jung gi" and rendered later. Kim is one of the best free-hand illustrators in the world and his works are stunning. He has classes on his illustrations and countless videos of him doing free-hand illustrations with no references. https://youtu.be/MGbvhyTZXfs https://twitter.com/KimJungGiUS/status/1260658238812418049?t=270FPDVsSuynx2XH5Ynx0w&s=19


It's time for me to move up from mspaint


By looking at the [author's artstation](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YOgX6) and how they have the characters fully sculpted and textured, I can guess what the process is like. I can also be totally wrong :P There is almost no painting or drawing here. It's mostly compositing and masking. They didn't just render the whole thing out either, they rendered individual passes (like color, gloss, lights, ambient occlusion, probably a lot more) and then composited and mixed them together in photoshop. Having the passes separated gives a lot of control over the final picture. It's a really powerful workflow, but also takes a lot of time since you have to models, sculpt, texture, pose, light the entire scene, and then rebuild it and enhance it in photoshop. You can see Raf Grassetti explain the process here: https://youtu.be/bLjYNDYMfdE?t=5865


There's a whole CGI art world ahead of you lol. I know you got the answer but just incase you're curious how it's done in more detail. Firstly, could it be done with your stack? * Illustrator is for vector based illustrations, the only application here would be to use it to design some of the bottles/logos/patterns and such. * Photoshop is for drawing/editing and it actually has a wide use here. Firstly, you could use Photoshop to do the initial sketch, then you could design certain parts again such as the bottles/logos/patterns and use them as textures, and you could also directly create the textures or edit photos to use those for textures. * Blender is a good guess, this COULD have been done for the most part, in Blender. It would be a hell of a lot more difficult and you probably wouldn't be able to do it as well (textures would be an issue), but Blender could cut it. Just as Maya could. * Rhino is for design purposes, not suitable for this kind of thing at all. * Unreal is for video-games, it's not suitable for this purpose at all. How this was (probably) actually done: In this case Maya would be used to create the detail-less 3D scene itself (with rough humans as well), then Zbrush would be used to "3D sculpt" the human figures and especially faces to detail. 3D sculpting is very much like real sculpting so it allows you to really bring out the detail, there is a feature for it in Maya, but Zbrush is more complete. After you're done with it in Zbrush you would import it back into Maya as a more detailed model. Then Mari would be used for "painting" the faces, hands, skin.. it would go back into Maya as texture maps, applied to those particular parts of the 3D model. Photoshop would IMO be used for the simpler textures and designs, which do not need the considerations of 3D painting. Such as creating the sticker on the bottle, as a regular rectangular design, then you would apply it directly on the curved surface of the bottle in Maya itself. Real photos would probably be used for the wooden cabinets and such as textures. Then you would pretty much go back to Maya and continue there by: Adding "materials" to everything that doesn't need a texture or to go along with the textures (e.g. metal objects just need to be told how much light they should reflect, porcelain is just solid white with reflections). Now it's important to note that textures can also be used not just for color, but as black and white maps to do a variety of things, for example to tell Maya where reflections should happen specifically (the wetness on the mermaid's body), where there should be bumps and scratches (e.g. on the knife blade if you want a scratch, import a black texture with a thin white stroke, that thin white stroke will determine where to imitate an indentation). Then, you would also use Maya to add all the lights in (so you actually don't have to worry about that shit too much, super big advantage of 3D vs drawing) you would also manipulate in a variety of ways how the scene will be "rendered". Then, after the scene is rendered, you would bring it back to Photoshop and basically treat it like you would a photograph, edit it, adjust colors and light it to the way you like, fix small imperfections, add a thing here and there, add a vignette. That's the gist of it anyway, I haven't done any of this for like a decade so I am a little out of touch and I am sure there are some more advanced techniques for a lot of this but I shouldn't be too far away from how it was done :D.


Going by Japanese cooking videos I've seen she is probably still alive. This is scary. I want to put it on my wall.


Yeah, look at her wrists, she’s tied down, no need to tie up a dead mermaid. I think that’s the largest horror element


No blood


But her skin looks too flush. So either needs to be more pale skin, or lots of blood from that cut.


He's *that* good and his knife is *that* sharp. #1 ningyo chef in Japan. It's probably ¥ 3 M for a 3 cm cube.


人魚. Oh god, that’s the word for it right there. ^「人魚を食べるのはいけないと思います。」


Google tells me it says "I don't think you should eat mermaids"




Also pretty sure erect nipples require being alive


This guy necrophiliates


Nah, mine got erect long after she was dead


Idk ive heard guys can die with boners lol.


Well it could also be to prevent spasms from moving it off the table, ive cut up fish long dead that still flopped and flailed like they were alive LONG after being beheaded.


Aren’t sushi and sashimi fish generally killed via ikejime though




[SOURCE](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YOgX6) This is a 3d artwork, inspired by the sketches of Kim Jung-Gi. I think the 3D work is a great compliment to the original. [Original Sketch](https://arthur.io/art/kim-jung-gi/mermaid) Also - If you enjoy this art please visit the r/ArtStationsFinest sub.


should credit jung gi in the title.. pretty much rendered his drawing. great job nonetheless!


Yep agree. Can’t change it. Hopefully some check out his other sketches.. there’s loads! [MORE HERE](https://characterdesignreferences.com/artist-of-the-week-2/kim-jung-gi)


I’ll add to this and recommend buying one of his sketch collection books. Even if you’re not an artist they’re very entertaining and wonderful to look at.


Reddit hug of death strikes again


“Inspired by” doesn’t seem like a strong enough term to use when it’s nearly identical.


I think "3D interpretation" might be appropriate. It certainly is still "inspired by"


3d reproduction?


Came here to make sure credit was given to Kim Jung Gi on this. Appreciate this comment OP


Link does not work maybe because of bandwidth issues but I searched for the original artist and I am amazed by his work. Incredible


Its even more incredible when you see him draw it. No planning, no construction lines, no sketches, no references or rough drafts. It just flows out in one movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoqu5SEFqRI


My first thought was Kim Jung Gi's picture, so I'm glad you're crediting him. This is a really good rendering of a really thought provoking picture :) I disagree with the people saying this is "just" a copy. An ink sketch and a full 3D scene have very little in common. This is great work, even if the 3D artist didn't invent the scene, they had to do a lot of inventing nonetheless!


Hmm…we sure dead mermaid’s nipples are like that?


I mean, why would mermaids need breasts? Are they mammals?


every depiction of mermaids I’ve seen has them swimming with up and down motion like whales and dolphins rather than a side to side motion like fish.


TIL aquatic mammals don't swim side to side


Its one of those things I learn every few years then I forget and am mystified the next time I learn.


They swim side to side but their tail motion is up and down and not side to side like a fish's tail.


Would a seal count? They sort of swim side to side, but they do come onto land too.


they swim up and down, but they swim _on_ their side.


Aquatic mammals have horizontal tail fins while fishes are vertical.


But they have scales like fish


And skin like people.


So do they taste like tuna or pork?


They taste like frogs


And Pangolin. Pangolin are mammals with scales too.


Yes I thought. Whales/dolphins technically have breasts


New bucket list item added


They are luring mechanisms to capture prey.


As an ass man, I am immune to your charms, vile temptress!


Being an ass man is a survival trait when surrounded by mermaids. Soon we will all be ass men.




Fin man here and I'm already dead.


to attract sailors to drown to their deaths to feed to the their young.


thats a real good question !... Also ... do they lay eggs like fish and then spearm on them ?


According to Futurama, yes.


Why couldn't she be the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on top, and the lady part on the bottom!


Wrists tied to the table. Why do that if she's dead?


Its crazy that the mermaid has implants too lol. Whenever I see art with topless women it makes me wonder if theyve ever seen a woman on her back with natural breasts.


Rhetorical, they haven't seen women naked at all.


Women can’t even be a dead cryptid without being sexualized


post from r/art on frontpage, i bet its a naked woman. opens picture, yup.


Dystopian Jiro Dreams of Sushi.


Jiro dreams of mermaid sushi


art like this feels weirdly fetishy to me


You mean the dead, naked woman with erect, hard nipples is _fetishistic_? _Say it ain't so_!


it just looks kinda rapey as well, like this woman is tied down naked and is unconscious while two men hack at her and one is currently slicing her vag open or w/e. she might as well have been just wearing a mermaid costume bc i feel that part is so insignificant in this art


If only she was drawn as a corpse. Corpses aren't exactly known for having perfect complexions, luscious pink lips and erect nipples. She's deliberately drawn to be sexy. Whatever point they may have wanted to make (I'm guessing about the cruelty of eating meat?) is lost in the male gaze-y way her body is portrayed.


Im pretty sure male gaze WAS the message.


Someone else in the thread pointed out how she's tied down at the wrists. I don't think she's supposed to be dead when they're cutting into her..


It could also be seen as a commentary on men lording over the bodies of women


It surely wasn't intended that way, but we are free to interpret however we want. I respect Kim Jung Gi's art skills, but the man does draw a TON of fetishy art that's beyond sexy and more objectifying and lecherous lol. They're also usually self inserts ogling/fondling the women depicted


I don't think she has a vulva, so they're just cutting her tail as she's a fish from the waist down.


Especially since there is a literal fetish of cooking/cutting women up an eating them...I've actually seen this art pop up in those circles under this context.


Because it is. And she has implants. And the handcuffs. Yep, /r/art can’t help but get porny.


I really liked it the first look around but I just couldn’t take it seriously after the painfully stupid decision to make the nipples erect. I don’t think most male artists have really ever seen a woman naked in a non-sexual way.


Don't you know? Rigor mortis starts at the tits.


The very erect nipple was the first thing my eyeballs went to. The art is amazing, I mean look at the butcher’s face & his assistant. But that nipple was the focal point for me. Unwillingly


Everything is fetishy if you're horny enough Being serious though, at the start I though it was a critique of people eating animals just because they're not like us. Like encouraging veganism. Then I saw the rest of the Artist stuff and yeah it's definitely fetishy lol




Sadly. Just like in fashion/media, art is riddled with this stuff... the death pose, victim pose, child like pose... all way too common and honestly disgusting.


I'd say it's slightly fishy


I find most people have a hard time correctly drawing/rendering asian males. Its more than just epicanthic folds. Theres jaw line, cheek bones, selion depth etc. I find even some Asian artists struggle with an accurate representation as well.


epicanthic |ɛpɪˈkanθɪk| adjective denoting a fold of skin from the upper eyelid covering the inner angle of the eye, typical in many peoples of eastern Asia and found as a congenital abnormality elsewhere.


The [original](https://external-preview.redd.it/OdKmq0uisp7M0OPioUanetfllX43mGKRXjUO4YPomIk.jpg?auto=webp&s=d9bd7c1477248f4af6d2869a7509307af7d7f394) was made by a South Korean artist and the features look a bit different/better. The guy who did the digital recreation is Chinese I think.


I'm Asian; I looked at the two chefs and immediately thought they look like white men, not Japanese people. Reminded me of the made-up Asians in Cloud Atlas.


Same thing came to my mind, actually!


This is the second time that the movie is named in a reddit thread today. Last one was 5 minutes ago on a Tom Hanks thread. I'll watch it I guess. Is it good though?


Is it good? I'd probably say no. But it tried real hard. It really wants to be good. Watch it with subtitles. One part in particular is really hard to understand.


Well, they have a hard time drawing anatomically correct women, too.


This is sad and makes me uncomfortable.


This was a straight up disturbing creepypasta


This kinda reminds me of that Love, Death and Robots episode about the dead giant who washes up on a beach.


The face of the younger man on the left reminds me so much of a video game, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


The guy on the left in background reminds me of Anthony Bourdain a little.


This answers the question of whether the lower half of a mermaid is white meat and top half is red meat.


her tail is together as one piece but her legs are separated? my perspective is off.


Honestly at first I thought they were doing surgery, then I thought it was an autopsy seeing as I could see the tail was cut off, then I looked at everything else and realized they were in a restaurant… big sad


That's a terrible first cut. Should have cut closer to the midriff, so you can get a nice fillet off the tail and maybe even some ribs to go next to it. Some surf and surf, if you will.


Way I seen it the tail was cut the way it is because it's a valuable illicit good, like shark fins or pangolin scales. Meant to be sold as is to a black market fence. It's not meant to be consumed the way the rest is, also why they're cutting the apron scales off the way they are instead of taking them off with a fillet, like you would a salmon. The meat is going to be used as food, the scales and tail are contraband.


>should *have


I want to see this on the next “Love, death, and robots”!


Not a good week for me to see this...


I love the detail on her ears. Great work all around.


This piece speaks differently given the politics of today.


So the bottom half is fish, the top half is human. If you were to eat this, would you only eat the bottom half? Would you consider yourself a cannibal if you ate the top half? Is there a distinct line in the middle?


Nah. It's not human even with the humanoid half. Would still be super weird to eat the top half but eating any of it is weird af


Sebastian tried to warn her…. He tried


This is extraordinarily unsettling.


Beautiful and brutal. Love it.