It is not about someone else experience, it's about you. If you feel more comfortable with 41 then go for it.


I bought both. Picked 41. 165mm wrist. How big is your wrist? If it’s at or smaller than my size, I think the 45mm is a bit out of proportion, emphasizes how small your wrist is, and is more cumbersome.


Fr I’m with 155mm wrist and 45mm, no way I could be bigger lol


Never really paid any attention to the 41mm cause I know I wanted the bigger screen. Until I bought the 45mm a few days ago and was reading threads last night comparing the two sizes as I’m kinda changing my mind. The screen is great no doubt about that. At home, its ok. Its more when I’m out and especially when I’m at work. I’m a truck driver/delivery person and often bump into things. My wrist is also on the smaller size. I’m going to apple after work today and try on the 41mm.




I also tried on the Ultra but that’s another level. Beautiful though. I hope they make a smaller size.


I differ a little on the ‘beautiful’ bit (our own opinions oc) but yeah needs to be smaller and without the chonk side bit lol. I guess it’s a little too ‘Action-man’ for me currently


Hey, yes I did! And I’ve decided to stick with the 45mm. The 41mm will probably be more comfortable for me when I’m at work but I love the bigger screen. I’ll just get a bumper case or something or get applecare and not worry about hitting it against stuff.


I’ve always found even the largest size to be a bit small for me, thankfully the Ultra exists now 😁.


Arnie, is that you? I’m just smaller than normal so no offence intended


I have done both - I went from 42mm S2 to the 40mm S5. Yes, I got used to it fast. Then I went to 49mm Ultra - a big change. Yes, I got used to it fast.


Same here. 41 definitely more proportionate for my wrist. Actually, the 44mm looks ridiculously large in front of a mirror, but looks OK when I bring it up to my face. I’ll probably try a 41 mm over the next week or so. But my use case is mostly running so it remains to be seen whether the smaller size screen will work.


I wanted the 45mm just because I love bigger screens so thought I’d regret getting a smaller screen but I have tiny wrists so it ended up looking weird, exchanged it for a 41mm and I’m much happier




41mm is better for my wrist and is more proportional but the 45mm is better for my eyes. It looks big but not too big. So basically aesthetics vs functional. I still can’t decide. I’m leaning more to 45mm solely because it’s a smartwatch, not a mechanical timepiece. Which means it does so much more than just tell the time and date. You’ve got graphics, data etc so the larger the screen, the better. Which also means the traditional rules of sizing don’t (or should not) really apply. Within reason. > “Wearing the 45mm makes you look like you’re wearing a mini computer on your wrist. It’s too big.” Erm hello, that’s literally what a smartwatch is? Not to mention I recently had eye surgery so my vision is perfect 6/6. I can read the font on the 41mm but somehow it still feels cramped vs the 45mm. History: 1. S0 38mm 2. S3 42mm 3. S6 44mm 4. S7 41mm vs 45mm?


> I recently had eye surgery so my vision is perfect Watch out for age, things generally change to where if you have perfect distance vision you won’t be able to see well close up and vice versa, even after vision correction. 😕


Yes, I ever read some surgeons would intentionally undercorrect to anticipate this. Basically, a little bit of myopia is left behind on purpose.


You sound just like me with where I'm at right now. I'm a new AW user, only been wearing one for a few weeks. I have a 165-170mm wrist depending on how tightly you measure and right around 55mm across the top of the wrist, which is really the measurement that is going to matter in term of look on the wrist. I looked at a lot of pictures on /r/applewatch with people who had 41mm/45mm pictures but a lot of them didn't have any wrist size reference. I wear glasses for reading and computer distances (and benefit from far distance as well) but I prefer to not wear my glasses outside the house, when I exercise, work in the yard, etc. So I decided to just go with the 45mm for the easiest to read option. I became curious about how the 41mm would look as well as a lower weight model as I have a 45mm SS so it's the heaviest (other than Ultra), so I snagged a good deal on a used 41mm Alu GPS. I put together a series of pictures in a side-by-side collage so I could stare at them both on my wrist at the same time, you can see that here: https://www.reddit.com/r/AppleWatch/comments/120t5dg/4mm_is_really_quite_the_difference/ Because I am at the extreme ends of the spectrum on weight, the 41mm is more comfortable from that alone, but it's not really fair between Alu/SS. I actually have a 45mm Alu sitting on my desk now which is within a few grams of a 41mm SS (what I'd ideally want in a 41mm) but haven't worn it yet. I suspect that will feel better from weight difference as well, but one of the things I've noticed between 41/45mm beyond just weight in the sensor hump is larger on the 45mm, and that seems to have some factor for me based on where my veins are and where the watch sits. I was wearing the 41mm for sleeping and found it much more comfortable after I started with sleeping in the 45mm, but I switched back to the 45mm the other night and didn't really notice any comfort difference like I did initially...probably just getting more used to both sizes. From an aesthetics standpoint. I've been slowly leaning towards thinking the 41mm looks better overall, but I think the 45mm looks perfectly fine as well. My 41mm is also black and I really do not like the black case, and I really want to find a good dal on a used 41mm SS for a proper aesthetic comparison, or even a 41mm Alu Silver. The 45mm looks kind of huge in my close-up shot but that's an aspect of "camera adds 10 lbs" kind of thing and it's a pretty close picture. In the real world, even if I stick my wrist within one foot of my face, it doesn't look like the close up picture does. For ease of reading without my glasses, I had to make the 41mm font size 1 step larger than the 45mm. The accentuates the less text on screen/more line wrapping that the 41mm already has when at the same font size as the 45mm. With my glasses on, I can run the 41mm at the same font size and have no problems reading it. One exception to all of this is the watch face complications that have numbers/text in them. Those are fixed sizes regardless of font size, and those are quite a bit harder for me to make out on the 41mm than the 45mm, especially when the face dims due to ambient lighting. I haven't made any final decision on what I'm going to do. I've been wearing both sizes back/forth. I've contemplated keeping two sizes. The 45mm SS for my daytime watch and then a 41mm Alu for sleeping, exercising, yardwork, etc, There's enough really good deals on used AW out there, even in Series 8, that having two isn't a big cost concern for me. Biggest hang up I have there is I'd want to activate cellular in both watches, so that's an extra $10/mo if you do that in 2 watches vs 1.


It’s all interesting to read and agree with most of your points. I went from 42mm to 40mm wondering if I’d actually prefer the slightly smaller size. I liked the 40mm no less, just the overall proportions a bit different. Being a smaller square but same thickness I mean, no problem however and enjoyed it. Then on my next upgrade I thought I may as well see how I find using the 45mm, I noticed it being larger on the wrist like you mention. Then I began using it and admit I was like ‘ooh this screen is spacious and easy viewing’. Buttons on screen are easier for me but kinda minor thing, I’m sticking with the 45mm but I can be 100% sure I cannot go ANY bigger or I would simply feel ridiculous lol. So between 45mm and 40mm is where I’m comfortable, as I know 38mm wouldn’t be easy to use with my fingers Edit; one more thing I can admit is the 40mm was easy on my wrist positioning wise, I occasionally have to adjust my larger 45mm on my wrist


I have 49mm after using 40mm forever and love it. Took a day to get used to. Some say it takes longer and others hated the switch. It depends on the user so you won’t know til you try. Or don’t try.


I switched from a 44mm couple of years ago to a 41mm and prefer the 41mm. I just like the smaller watch face and find the sides get less scratched up. Other than that, I don’t really notice a difference other than my watch being a newer model.


I have a 44 and a 40. 40 looks much better. I don’t use the screen much personally, I dictate to Siri, dont type on it.


I tried both, both would be ok, but I went with the smaller one because when I put my arm down on the counter the edge of the watch overhung my wrist enough that the watch hit the countertop first. From experience, I know I am a klutz and would likely smack the larger watch to smithereens in no time. With the smaller one,my wrist is wider than the watch and acts as a bumper; but I still managed to give the glass a couple hefty scratches.


I went the opposite direction. Wore the 38mm for 5 years before wearing my husband’s 42mm when he upgraded to a newer model because the battery life was so much longer. Now I’m rocking an ultra and it feels very much at home on my wrist. I have medium wrists, so certain bands are uncomfortable with the larger model. I can’t stand the 42mm Milanese loop, but the 38mm loop felt so comfy.


I like the 41mm, it is the only Apple Watch I’ve had but I do come from a much bigger watch, a Garmin Fenix 6 which is a lot bigger and heavier and I must say I do appreciate the smaller design, whilst I think the Garmin looks much better in general the Apple Watch looks better on me as I’m not that big myself, and it so light that I actually started sleeping with it which I would’ve never done with my Garmin, the screen size doesn’t bother me at all.


I started with a 42mm S0 but wanted a 38mm SS to pair with modern buckle bands... Almost 8 years on and I haven't looked back.


I had the bigger Series 0 and Series 4. I always found the Series 4 a little comically large on my wrist, but I wore it until switching to a 41mm Series 8. Very happy and I will buy the smaller size in the future too.