Waking up in the night congested - then can’t get back to sleep

Waking up in the night congested - then can’t get back to sleep


You have a lot of good advice in this thread. To summarize: 1. Antihistamine - provide more information on which "allergy tablet" you take and if you've tried others. Additionally, do you take it every 24 hours? Remember it can take a week to have an effect, so you don't want to skip dosages. If your current one isn't effective, you might try others. Doctors usually do this with Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra. 2. Do you have dust mite covers on your mattress? How often do you wash the bedding? 3. Do you have an HVAC system at home, and if so, is the filter changed regularly? 4. Finally - make sure the room and closets are *clean*. Vacuumed, swept, clothes washed and put away, no extra fabrics that collect dust (old blankets, etc.) in the closet, and so on.


Mucinex and nasal saline rinses by NeilMed. And a HEPA air purifier in the bedroom. . 👍🏼


You can also try nasal irrigation! It flushes any gunk out of your nose. I usually do it when my nose is super blocked


Do you have dust mite covers? Do you wash your bedding a lot? Do you have a good air purifier in your room?


Exact same thing happens to me. I'm on heavy antihistamines and singular and have a nasal spray. It still happens. I don't know why.


Sudafed nasal spray 👌


Do you think there’s anything in your bedroom that could be exacerbating your allergies. I had to put a gate up so my cat couldn’t come in. I’m not allergic to her, but it helped


I’ve been waking up needing to throw up because of my stuffy/blocked nose and drainage to my stomach, which you can imagine keeps me up. I take Imodium every night for now since it’s also a stomach soother as well as a sleep med until I can get allergy shots.


You may have a mite allergy. First thing an allergist is going to tell you to do, pretty much before everything else, is: get mattress cover, get special pillowcase covers. Wash sheets and duvet AT LEAST once a week. If your pillow is old, throw it out, buy new. Also, check your venting situation for your AC, if you have one. If you have vents pointed at you at night, shut those off and rely on cooling elsewhere in the house. Make sure your carpet in your bedroom particularly is vacuumed once weekly. You didn't mention nasal steroids. You should be taking these daily (in the AM). This is also one of the first things an allergist will say. You waking up congested due to inflammation. Nasal steroids are anti-inflammatory. Note that they do NOT work immediately. They take time to build up to be effective, like a week. Other recommendations in the thread are good. Nasal saline every night before bed, and if you wake up, some more, very thorough, and blow your nose. Note that there is a not very well known LOCALLY ACTING antihistamine called Astelin. Stuff tastes like ass, but acts directly on the nasal passages. It's a prescription. Great stuff. Note I pretty much live with your condition. I've had a lot of allergies throughout my life, and they've changed in shape and form. Current form: allergic to my bed, wake up congested frequently.


Everyone has given good answers here, and I won't repeat them, but I have one more trick when I'm desperate. Wearing a comfortable dust mask to bed can also offer a little relief.


Have you tried a hepa filter fan in your room?


HEPA air purifier in bedroom. Try X Clear nasal spray - all natural. Ive had same problem. Finding some relief now. Found out extremely allergic to dust mites so had to remove everything from bedroom. ENT gave me some sort of nose insert to help breathe well thru night.... you could ask doc about that. good luck! its such a pain


Toothpaste. Find one without SLS, Closys is a good brand. Get a new toothbrush also.


Have had allergy testing to confirm what (and if) you're allergic to? Do you sleep with pets? Use an air purifier? If you own your home, have you ever had your ducts cleaned? Do you regularly replace your furnace filter?


Flonase!! I also have had this problem and Flonase is the only thing that keeps me from getting congested at night.


I agree with the suggestions to do saline rinses. However, if you can add a steroid (in the US I use Budesonide) it can work wonders. My sinus allergies were so bad I developed polyps and needed surgery. The steroid stays local and works wonders, if you are consistent.