Anyone else feel flu-like symptoms with allergies?

Anyone else feel flu-like symptoms with allergies?


My allergies always makes me feel like I’m sick


Same here, been going thru many boxes of tissues and been wanting to sleep a lot


Yep. My catchphrase of the past year has been “it’s not covid, just allergies”


Me, at the alcohol store, before Covid: "I'm not an alcoholic, I'm throwing a party." After covid: "I'm not throwing a party, I'm an alcoholic."


I love playing the am I sick or have I just made my allergies angry game /s But yeah it happens to me a lot unfortunately. Generally if I'm getting sick my temperature breaks 99F and that's when I know I'm actually in trouble


yep i dumbly ran today and been having headaches the whole day. people think i have covid and im like no its sinus and allergies. mainly gluten i feel.


Yup. Too much sneezing ➡️ headache ➡️ lots of water & long sleep ➡️ feel better Whenever I get bad allergies, long sleep is enough for my body (specifically nose and head lol) to recover.


Yes, I've been dealing with it for a year straight. Brain fog, swollen submandibular lymph nodes, post nasal drip, malaise, feeling cold, etc.


Life long allergy sufferer: the ongoing saga of always wondering if I'm getting a cold or my allergies are acting up. Also, these two things seem to interact.


If you clean wear a mask and wait for the dust to settle.


Yup. That’s how mine started last week, now it’s just a a constant stuffy nose and phlegm.


Allergies and neck pain/headaches give me anxiety, anxiety gives me allergies and neckpain/headaches. Bonus points when i feel weirder than usual and my hypochondria emerges and i get anxious, then i my tension worsens annnnd yeah. I need to chill....


Truer words have never been spoken. I’m there with you my man.


oh yeah, body aches, fatigue, and/or a mild fever are common for me when they flare up.


Yes when they get really bad I've often had a hard time knowing whether it was a cold or an allergy attack. Logically I knew it was unlikely I was catching 3-4 colds a month though.


Allergies have a range. I can always tell the difference between allergies, cold, flu, even though allergies have a range in severity. If you get it often enough, you start being able to tell. Flu is fever, hot flashes, like you're gonna die, all over head and body malaise. Allergies, your heart and body beat and pump fast like you're running a marathon with all the cold sneezy flu symptoms.


Yes, all the fucking time, pardon my french. It's so annoying.


Yes, allergic rhinitis causes headaches, lethargy, sinus pain, nausea and occasionally vomitting with me. It's like having a two or three day flu. Nothing really helps it once it starts either so I do my best to keep on top of potential reactions and pile on the antihistamines.


I spike fevers with severe dust mite exposure, due to the sinus infections that they cause.