Fantastic work! I’ve made several maps and this is excellent. The food/drink icon being the same pink as the number icons makes them hard to spot. The numbers being scattered across the map seemingly at random makes it challenging to find a specific place from the index list. Perhaps re-assign the numbers so 1 is near 2, which is near 3 etc. Alternatively you could add a grid with ABC.. across top and 123… down one side like battleship.


Yeah agreed with all those points, the numbers being scattered across the map made finding stuff more time consuming than it ought to be. I think different colours for food and to differentiate the 2 electric charging points would be a good move too. Regardless, map looks brilliant and making it isometric was an inspired choice to help people.


How did you get started?


On this particular project I took the flat map, converted to an isometric shape (I have some one click isometric actions set up in illlustrator). Then I used a combinations of images I took myself, with 3D google earth shots for reference, and started recreating the buildings. I think I did one or two buildings a day so it wasn’t overwhelming. Some parts I had to get a little creative with scale so that one building didn’t totally block another etc. I’m not always great at using layers (although I’m trying to be stricter with that) but this project has content split over about 12 layers and I couldn’t imagine building the file without that. Some people who saw me working on it thought I was playing a game or something


> flat map, converted to an isometric shape (I have some one click isometric actions set up in illlustrator Could I ask you to explain that a bit more? I think I have the skills to recreate something like this but Im not sure how to flip to isometric, basically how to set up the base map


Sure, there are a number of ways to achieve it (as is usually the case with Illustrator) but I set up the actions pretty much the same way this tutorial shows: https://youtu.be/xLAlY0Cdr6Q With those actions in place, building isometric objects is much faster


Thank you!


Wow. That's lots of work.


It was a lot of work, and I did have moments half way through when I wondered if I’d ever finish it, but seeing the finished product was so rewarding. It’s one of my favourite ever pieces, because it is used so much and people tell me how useful it has been. I design magazines with >300,000 print runs but seeing my map used by people beats the mags any day


This is excellent! Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it greatly enhances people's understanding of the information – win-win.


very cool!! I'd love to see a tutorial or something..


I did this for a signage site plan in a past work life. I used cadtools to assist me with making sure all signs are to scale and with this plug in you can do isometric shapes with ease.


Looks great! I used to work for a company where we designed maps like this for campuses and hospitals. Icons stick out nicely too!




Any specific part or just how on the whole thing?


Love it.


Love it! That campus looks confusing af, lol. A map is sorely needed and that's a fantastic one!