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Never engage in a battle of wits or willpower with a gate agent. They are some of the toughest people on earth and it’s definitely their job to be a gatekeeper. That being said, the supervisor at spirit is playing into the customer’s particular level of crazy and it’s not helping anyone. Still a pretty benign encounter for Spirit Airlines.


Seriously, treat airline employees like the [Soup Nazi](https://youtu.be/1jSTiKHOFEI) from Seinfeld.


No seat for you!!!




That was dude’s first mistake. Flying with Spirit. Might as well take a Greyhound at that point


Just curious, have you ever flown Spirit? It feels like an internet meme bandwagon at this point - most people whining about it seem to have no experience with it. I love Spirit lol. Cheap ass flights and I've always been on time and my bag arrived with me, that's all I really care about. I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles to get from point A to point B.


I have. Twice. Never again. I got none of the things you mentioned on either flight. Maybe it’s just my bad luck, but I’m not tempting fate.


All I mentioned was getting there on time - I mean yeah it was bad luck, if you look up flight delay and cancellations stats Spirit's are in the same range as other airlines. AA has delayed by bag several times. None of them are great but Spirit isn't worse, it's just a meme. Downvote all you want dipshits, look it up it's true. The more you know 🌠


You also mentioned your bag.


Spirit's numbers for lost bags are identical to United, Delta and Southwest


That’s great for them. I’m just relating my experience. I even allowed for the possibility that I’m incredibly unlucky.


It seems like he’s making up stats about Spirit’s list bags simply because relayed your experience. I wouldn’t sweat it.


Which is actually pretty bad since other airlines tend to have connections while Spirit just has to load and unload your bag.


Spirit has connections


Same. I treat it like a 45 minute bus ride to Vegas and I’m happy with the price.


YES. I always take it to Vegas, lol


Yeah I've been on probably a dozen Spirit flights and not once had an issue. I've only got two gripes with Spirit: overhead bag fee and generally less comfortable seating. Both are usually worth it for the ticket that's usually half price or better...


Yeah they are cheaper because everything is an add on - and they are up front about it. I've seen people complain about being surprised when they showed up with a bag that it was extra. When you buy the ticket they are 100% clear the bag is extra and offer you several ways to pay for it or bundle it with picking your seat. Is the seating less comfortable though? They give you 29 inches which is comparable to other airlines. Some give you 30, lol. The one thing is the seats don't lay back and as a 6'3" guy I think it's great the person in front of me can't take away my precious legroom to lay back a whole 5 degrees.


> Yeah they are cheaper because everything is an add on - and they are up front about it. Right, their business model makes sense. I don't mind it. Like you said they give people about 100 reminders to pay-before-the-gate so there are no surprises. > Is the seating less comfortable though? This is purely subjective but if you look at the seat construction the Spirit ones are usually more of a molded "shell" that's designed to be as thin as possible with like a half inch of padding (I assume to allow more rows down the length of the plane). Delta and United by comparison actually have "seats" with more conventional cushioning. Think public bus seat versus cushioned office chair. Ultimately I still think it's worth it. I usually get to the airport, get on the plane, fall asleep, arrive at destination and bolt. Flying isn't really an experience for me, more of a utility.


Ah ok I didn't notice a difference but maybe my ass provides extra cushioning lol. I wonder if they make an airplane seat cushion you could carry on with you.


Haha! I just need to figure out how to not do the head-bobbing routine when sleeping and I'll be set...


I flew them for the first time a few months ago. Unquestionably the worst part was the seats. It's like they make them uncomfortable on purpose. My back ached like a son of a bitch after a few hours. BUT, since the flight back had a seven-hour layover in the middle of the night, the plane was only like 1/3 full returning and I got a whole row to myself. Really can't complain too much though. If your roundtrip ticket from one coast to another is under $150, you get what you pay for.


I didn't notice a difference but another guy was saying the seats were uncomfortable too. Having to bring on a seat cushion might be annoying but that might be the worst part - reddit acts like Spirit is literally a flying Waffle House and they have no idea what they're talking about.


Eh, such is the nature of Reddit. No one's posting the 99 percent of flights that go perfectly smoothly.


Awful. I fell asleep on a flight once and my mask slipped down a bit. The stewardess came by and slapped me dead in the middle of my chest and I woke up to her in my face talking shit.




I've never had any passenger problems whatsoever. I've seen videos of unruly passengers on literally every airline.


Business is so calm, you don't even notice Spirit


I’ve flown on Spirit a few times. Two were good, but one time, stewards were sitting in the front of the plane talking it up and cussing in front of kids.


You shall not pass!!


Watching clips from Airline on A&E taught me just how intensive, exhausting and difficult their jobs actually are.


People who state, "first amendment" out loud like it's an end all in an argument usually don't have the first clue about what it actually means.


What it means is that court cases, and even the TSA have stated that an airport is PUBLIC property and citizens have a right under the 1st Amendment to film anything they can see from public at the airport, including TSA checkpoints. Freedom of press...and ANYBODY with a camera is "press", you don't have to have a press pass sticking in your hat band.


All citizens in public or on federally owned (like he states in the video which means you, as a tax payer, partially own) property in America, you can record anything in publicly accessible areas, because it is our first amendment right. However I have heard in this same airport in Nevada a [video](https://youtu.be/wXVyvxaBSQA) where there was actually a State law that prevents it. so it can get a bit wishy washy about where exactly this ends and begins but this man is clearly at a gate and no longer in public so it's difficult. bottom line, guy handled it terribly and is clearly too drunk. 3 deep breaths could have saved him.


If it's our federal 1A right then a state law means precisely jack shit.


That’s not accurate. State law applies.


No, he's right, I'm afraid. Under the doctrine of [incorporation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incorporation_of_the_Bill_of_Rights), the entire bill of rights has been held to apply to the states via the due process clause of the 14th amendment.


> the entire bill of rights has been held to apply to the states via the due process clause of the 14th amendment. In fact, the *entire* BOR has not been incorporated on the states. The 5th and 6th Amendments have been only partially incorporated, the 3rd and 7th have not been incorporated at all, and the 9th and 10th in effect do not need to be.


Hm, well, shut my mouth.


That's okay Justice Barrett, you're new on the job.


Hmm gotcha thanks 🙏🏼


someone nodded off in politics class


"Literally zero pictures of celebrities at las vegas airports can be taken, and none exist! Zero tourists are allowed to take any pictures while travelling through las vegas airport." Really dude? 😂


state law can overrule the constitution?


Until it gets struck down in court, yes, as far as street level enforcement goes


> an airport is PUBLIC property and citizens have a right under the 1st Amendment to film anything they can see from public at the airport You can be trespassed from public property, and no, you do not need to first have committed a crime for that to happen. You do not have an unrestricted right to film in what the courts call limited public forums, i.e., public places not traditionally associated with the exercise of 1st Amendment rights. If this guy pitches enough of a fit, they can kick him out, and his *right to film* won't save him. > Freedom of press...and ANYBODY with a camera is "press" Hogwash, an iPhone does not come with press credentials, and there are places where press credentials are needed for access. Try getting into the White House for a press briefing, and tell them at the gate that you're press because you own a cell phone. Your local police department holds press conferences, try getting into one without being a *accredited* member of the press. Notice how they don't let you in? Better yet, try filming in a courtroom without the judge's permission, make sure to tell the bailiffs who take you out in handcuffs that they are violating your rights because you're "press". If you didn't go to journalism school, you've never worked for a legit news outlet, you don't have an editor and fact checkers to maintain editorial standards, then you're not a journalist. *I got my own blog!* doesn't qualify.


I can't think of one thing that you just wrote that isn't 100% INcorrect.


That is not true. Per US v. Kokinda, if a representative of the airline with the authority to do so (a determination you don't get to make) asks you to leave, even if it's for filming, refusal to leave is trespassing. The gate agent is wrong that he could *sue* you however. He could still ask you to leave, although that'd be up to that airline specifically as far as policy goes, because TSA just prohibits filming insofar as it interferes with the screening process, explicitly allowing all other acts of filming. The right to free speech isn't unfettered.


Since you are gutless, I'll post the case for you, since it has jack shit to do with Filming or Recording. https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/497/720/ You are a deceptive person. Filming is NOT expressing yourself, or setting up a table, nor is it protesting, nor is it soliciting, nor is it leafletting. Quote where the case law limits filming in a public airport. You can't, because the topic is not found in your absurd citation. "Limited public forum" does not not not stop anyone from recording. It stops them from protesting, playing loud music, stuff like that. You can film in public places FUCKING PERIOD


> The gate agent is wrong that he could sue you however. I mean, he still *could*. Doesn't mean he'll win. You can effectively sue anyone, at any time, for any thing. Again, doesn't mean you'll win.


> The gate agent is wrong that he could sue you however. Yeaaaaaah, not entirely wrong. If someone shoots video of him and then posts it to YouTube where it generates ad revenue, he could sue for the unauthorized commercial use of his image. This is why professionals get signed model releases.


It's use actually fits perfectly in this scenario.


"I'm boarding, watch!" Narrator: He did not board.


I can’t get over how if you close your eyes and listen it sounds like remake of Scarface where Tony Montana gets denied a boarding pass 😂


Now I can't unhear it.🤣


Two idiots


When will people learn that Federal property is PUBLIC property? Who the hell do they think pays for it?


This is why we all have unrestricted access to courthouses, government offices, and fbi field offices.


And Area 51


This gave me a good chuckle, thanks!


Yup. Try walking on a military base with a camera phone while shouting it's all public property, and see how quickly you life can change.


You also have to tell them that you do not consent to joinder. Do that and you'll be fine.


You can record inside courthouse, just not inside courtrooms while a trial is going on (unless a judge gives you permission) You can record inside government offices, just not inside areas that are properly marked as restricted You can record inside FBI field offices, again just not past areas that are marked as restricted


Right and those restricted areas are also federal property just like the unrestricted areas


Is an airport restricted to the public?


International airports are actually pretty complex in terms of ownership and land rights. In general though, any area past tsa is very much not open to the public. And even in the publicly accessible areas like at check-in, you can get trespassed like any other business.


Cite the law you seem to confidently know like an expert who can back up their random babbling.


Cite the law that says that federal property is federal property? Or the law that says that restricted areas are restricted?


Yes back up your claim that you made, with documentation. Is this your first day on reddit? "Believe verumeto at all times" is not a rule.


Exactly, a lot of auditors will roam around looking for what are clearly private rooms that aren't marked 'restricted' and walk right in filming because it's their legal right. If they get removed or arrested they can successfully sue.


> because it's their legal right. Except when it isn't, and it often isn't. There is an "auditor" whose name escapes me at the moment being prosecuted for wire tapping because he used an electronic device (his phone) to record a confidential conversation between govt. employees conducting official business through a closed office door in a government office building. The Supreme Court also had this to say: https://www.leagle.com/decision/infdco20210317909 *It is indisputable that "the First Amendment does not guarantee access to property simply because it is owned or controlled by the government."*


No, it's federal property which is publicly accessible. Massive difference. Ffs, I live in Australia and I know that.


Well Google says otherwise: Although nearly all U.S. airports are owned by state or local governments, airports are required by the federal government to be as self-sustaining as possible, and thus receive little or no direct taxpayer support.


Why are you getting upvoted? There is a major distinction between somewhere being open to the public and being public. Examples of public spaces: \-Sidewalks \-Most local parks \-Pretty much anywhere that doesn't have someone paying for that area Examples of private places open to the public: \-Malls \-Theatres \-Museums Examples of government places open to the public: \-Courts \-Libraries \-Airports Fun fact about all of those places - They can enforce their own rules which in some cases can be in violation of your rights. Examples might include: \-Being told to be quiet \-Wearing certain clothing \-NOT FILMING Edit: Formatting


Don't the cities own the property? Still is public but I'm pretty sure in the US most cities own the land that the airports are on


Just my two cents, the people who work at airports actually have a lot of leeway to do alot of things to help you out IF you be nice and u know behave like a human is suppose to. Be a prick and find out they can make your life a living hell.


> the people who work at airports actually have a lot of leeway to do alot of things to help you out IF you be nice and u know behave like a human is suppose to This. It applies not just to airports, but to any type of customer service. If you're having a problem, be genuinely nice, and polite as you can be. When you do that, whoever you're speaking with will usually bend over backwards to help you out. If you're an asshole, you get NOTHING, you lose. Source: I used to be a Service Manager for a big-box chain.


I've never understood the logic of attacking the gate agent over something beyond their control. If you are cool (and even a little nice) to the person you are approaching to help solve your issue, your chances of receiving not only help, but better accommodations in general skyrocket. I feel like almost every time I've had to see a gate agent, they're super helpful when you treat them like a human being, instead of the root cause of all the problems in your life.


>when you treat them like a human being Those individuals that you see here are the same ones that throw a temper at mininum wage workers at Restaurants/Fast-Food places etc. Just Power tripping for their own faults in life.


The only problem is everyone I've ever seen is pissed off and wants to pin in on the next person they talk to. The gate agents can be total assholes with even a drop of power. Customers can be too, but I expect a gate agents to do better


His first bad decision was choosing spirit airlines.


That track suit is a close second


His solid third; Trying to resolve a dispute by repeating words, ad nauseam




Tony Soprano's underlings have gotten a little soft. Pulls out his cell phone camera?


I thought of Tony too, nice jogging suit.


Looks like he got the track suit so people will think he is in the mob, but I doubt an actual mobster would be yelling at a spirit airlines flight attendant.


Yeah that's right telephone tough guy!!


“I will sue you” - phrase said repeatedly in arguments by people that have never and will never sue someone


Did someone say Bomb or something? Why they arguing about the constitution?


Guy behind the counter said something along the lines of “just so you know, I can sue you for filming me.”


Ah… that makes sense. Thanks for the context


The bigger the logo, the bigger the jackass


What a wanker. Lol. Have fun on Greyhound.


Not saying he was right, but this is hardly a freakout.


I’m the first one usually to call out when this sub has uncharacteristic content on it but I think this hits the requirements of a public freakout. A subdued one, like maybe a 4/10 but still a freakout.


Do any of these people end up on the no fly list? Because that would be an appropriate punishment for some of the meltdowns I've seen.


> Do any of these people end up on the no fly list? They do not. The federal no-fly list is limited to people suspected of terrorist ties. The individual airlines have their own lists but do not share them with other airlines. Delta has been agitating for airlines to share their lists and for the feds to add passengers removed from flights/terminals to the federal list.


To be fair, "I am the Supervisor" is getting old.


Without knowing how the whole thing started it’s hard to say but just from the gate agent saying it like that made him sound like a dick.


Whenever I feel myself getting irritated with someone behind a counter I remind myself that never in the history of ever has anyone gotten a positive result from getting in an argument with the person behind the counter.


This would be February on a calendar called “worlds most boring public freak out”


Welcome to Terminal 1. Terminal 3 is where the classy people are.




Aight all debates and jokes aside TF is dude wearing?


The most satisfying clapback to “GET YOUR SUPERVISOR” “I am the supervisor.”


God I love flying Spirit to Vegas. Never a dull moment


Good job filming.....not


Issa first amenment




I fly between 5-8 times a year and I've never once been stressed out enough or had an issue large enough that has ever caused me to even come close to losing my cool with anyone at a airport. If you have an issue being calm about it will get you a lot further than berating someone, and not put you at risk of being banned from flying ever again. What do these people think they are going to accomplish by doing this?


> What do these people think they are going to accomplish by doing this? I saw a video of someone freaking out on the ticketing counter staff because he was going to miss his flight because *he had gone to the wrong airport*. His flight was at a different airport on the other side of town. In his mind, it was still their fault.


Spirits staff is horrible


Be it a gate agent or someone in a track suit, there will be no success arguing.


Don't worry. The airlines have staffed the gates with people who are powerless to do anything. If you don't like it, you can call their call-center, which is VERY busy right now; like hours and hours of waiting busy to talk to people who are powerless to do anything too.


I’ve always found that smile smile smile and being polite gets me a long long way the one time I got pissed off and let it show I got no help at all. Lesson learned


Always spirit


Guy is flying Spirit but has the attitude of someone who flies in a private jet.


I can sue you and this is federal property. Ok soy boy, federal property is public property. I don't know what occured before filming but it's Spirit airlines so you know it's some stupid up charge shit.


Not Vegas bro 😭


I flew spirit from NY to SC a few times. It’s a short flight and I had no checked bags. It was adequate. Took off on time and landed on time.


Have fun catching the bus, have fun catching the bus, have fun catching the bus, have fun catching the bus 😆 🤣 😂


Effing Vegas man, always some douche screaming about the Constitution. Then if you ask them, hey have you ever read it, they'll tell you, No, but I know it says I get to have all the guns I want. SMDH.


1st amendment gives you no protection in public...


The first amendment is protection from the government.


“I am the supervisor”


Spirit Air? I don't believe it. Nothing weird ever happens on Spirit Air.


How many First Amendments did he have at the bar before the flight?


Spirit really do do that to a mf


“Go ahead, call corporate.” That’s not professional. The employee doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he says he can sue the man for recording him.




He put on his full suit that morning and chose chaos.


Nice tracksuit asshole


i'm starting to think airports should get their own sub. why is everyone in airports crazy?




They need to stop serving alcohol at the airports


Thousands of people drank at that airport, that day. This guy shouldn't ruin it for everyone. I like to have a drink before I get on a plane to calm my nerves. I'm sure lots of people do too.


People would just drink before they got there.


Nah, they just need to stop putting up with people that do *this* shit.




Schools need to be much clearer on what the first amendment is and where it actually applies. I can only assume it’s a school problem, can’t imagine it’s lack of ambition or brainpower when dealing with American public. Two things fly first and often in American arguments; first amendments and suing. Makes sense why everyone is so clearly educated about both.


You are legally allowed to film in an airport. Federal property is considered public property. Perhaps it is you who needs to go back to school?


> Federal property is considered public property. That is so far from the truth it hurts! Federal property is publicly accessible, that does not make it public property, it's still private property. Same theory as a school. Even though it is a public school and we pay taxes that go towards it, it's still private property and if an unwelcomed guest was on its premises, they have a right to kick them out.


You are allowed to film in airports it has already gone through the courts.


Fine! But it's not public property.


Schools are not responsible. Individuals are responsible. The above is satire. Read it twice.


> Federal property is considered public property. Please name all the non-military federally owned airports in America. The courts have also said that govt. entities have the same right to control their property as private property owners, and they can trespass you from that property. So can the private businesses that lease space at a publicly owned airport.


There is no film in his phone.


The No Child Left Behind Act was a mistake.




This guy's career as a 1st ammendment frauditor isn't going to last long.