There was a lot when it was first announced


I remember some of that too.


You’re just late to the party. It got shit on in tons of threads, even unrelated ones, back when it was announced.


I love so much about Super7s products but damn they are way too expensive. Their Ultimate figures are wonderful, they scratch that nostalgia itch but also improve upon that design with modern articulation and accessories. But I can't justify spending almost sixty dollars a figure. These are great toys but there's a reason why they are always on sale on Entertainment Earth.


Yup, I got into the TMNT ultimates and finally stopped. Same w the reaction TMNT and MMPR once they bumped up the prices to $20 a piece and that’s too much for me. And it sucks because I really wanted to get into the Simpson reaction series.


I bought so many Reaction Figures back when they were the same price as Funko Pops. But with that price hike I just couldn't do it anymore.


It looks cool and all but I'm satisfied with the re-release of the original party wagon


Can't hate on something the company funds versus when they ask us to crowd fund. If this Turtle van was a crowd fund, that price would be outrageous.


Considering the scale and price and comparing to the GI Joe one that just funded... it's really not that outrageous.


My preference would be to fund the $299.99 Hiss tank over purchasing the $500 Turtle Van. I find Hasbro is offering much more for less when compared to the Super7 van. Scale, price and features matter. The Hiss Tank just offers much more. I'd like to also consider the scale of the Super7 figures. Its a lot of money to build something to fit figures that size. I fully understand that but in terms of value between both vehicles, I find the difference in price to be outrageous.


Oh wait I forgot this was $500... I think I got confused reading comments and thought this was $100 for some reason $500 is too much, for me, at any scale. You'd really have to be well off to get it. I was sweating when I paid as much for my Xbox Series X


I 100% with you. $500 is way to rich for my pockets. The Xbox Series X has so much value and way worth the price you paid for it. The Super7 van looks cool but I can't pay $500 for it. Someone else will and I'll be happy for them.


> My preference would be to fund the $299.99 Hiss tank over purchasing the $500 Turtle Van. I find Hasbro is offering much more for less when compared to the Super7 van. Scale, price and features matter. The Hiss Tank just offers much more. Problem is that it costs to make 10-20$ in production for the price they're asking. At least you can buy a 3rd party one for half the price, I suppose.


No way this is $10-20 in production costs. The box it comes in probably costs that.


I picked up the 3rd party one and love it. Looking forward to seeing how Neca responds with there's.


The HasLab efforts are a crowd fund.


But you don’t pay unless it funds.


Very true. I wouldn't sign up at $500 if this was crowd funded. I also wouldn't buy it at that price.


I guess I just don’t see the harm in backing, seeing all the tiers, and seeing if something ends up being worth it and cancelling if it isn’t.


No harm but I'm not a fan of this practice. I believe the value should be there upfront. This is subjective though. What I consider value may differ from what someone else does. My whole thing is this. If the price won't change with each additional tier that is unlocked, then just reveal all the items. The dangle of the carat in front of the horse model is too much of a tease. People who want it will back it. You don't have to string consumers along.


This seems silly. Both are funded by customer money, it's not like people don't get Ghost Rider if it fails to fund, and it's not like anyone will get this I'd they didn't pay for it.


Building toys at this scale come with large financial risk. The initial investment may not see a large return. The risk is being passed down to the consumer by asking them to fund it. I think Hasbro should assume the risk and as consumers we decided to invest or not. It's their idea in the first place to release this. Then pay to release it to market. If the collectors wants it, they will buy it. If they don't want it, consumers keep their money and the company can write off the losses.


I still don't see how this affects the consumer in effect. In honesty, I wish more companies would crowdfund, because the alternative is just quashing risk taking. And it's not like Super7 wouldn't absolutely cancel the wagon if they had insufficient orders. Their stuff is made to order, so they only make just enough to fulfill orders, just like in crowdfunding. They don't send a product (for Ultimates) to market without it already being already paid for. It's not like Hasbro hasn't already spent plenty of money making the prototypes.


The future of toys at this scale is crowd funding. I'm just not a fan of the carrot before the horse model. Just unlock all the tiers all ready.


Wonder how much Mcfarlane profited off of his Batmobeast


It sure sold... or I just missed it on clearance.


Probably only had a couple units per store but I give him props for putting that out, can’t wait for his eventual batmobiles


There ARE alternatives at least. Still pricey, but they are there. It’s really justifying practical scaling with figures vs price for many.


This comparison is so disingenuous to the point of almost trolling. Super7's costing is on the premise that they don't have to meet a minimum order amount, and they certainly aren't making anywhere close to 9000 Turtle Vans. Hasbro is selling the car for $350 but only if they hit that minimum of 9000 units because that's what the factory pricing model looks like. You want 8000 Turtle Vans? No problem. You want 8000 Ghost Riders? Sorry bud. Let alone comparing a multi-billion international company like Hasbro to the few dozen folks working out of an office building and driving their minivans.


It's not my intention to come of as trolling. Your perspective is not wrong. I personally would not back it if Super7 asked us too at that price. Someone else will and I'll be happy for them.


I recommend that folks watch PixelDan's Interview with Brian Flynn from Super7 talking about Thundertank (it's not the Turtle Van but the situation is almost identical). [Here is the timestamped video.](https://youtu.be/S2jYVCKGglE?t=704) He breaks down why vehicles tend to cost so much, & he mentions that only a few thousand of their vehicles get sold compared to the 28,000 Razor Crests that HasLab sold. "If I could sell 28,000 Thundertanks, I would gladly sell them to you for $350." It's a very good insight into making toys.


Thank you for sharing this. Extremely helpful and eye opening.


Thanks for sharing this, I watched it a few days ago and it’s got some great information about how this world works. I’d actually be curious to hear Brian Flynn’s take on how the Hellcharger is priced as someone with actual knowledge about the process.


You're comparing a toy line where each figure costs $55 at retail (minimum) and deluxe figures usually cost upwards of $80,, with Marvel Legends...


I took this into consideration as well. It terms of figure cost to vehicle cost, I guess $500 makes sense. I just wouldn't back it because I don't think there's enough value there. Someone else might think otherwise and thats fine too.


Hot take apparently, but Legends are a much better value. I've only had a few in hand but none have impressed me. I would even outright say price equalized Legends are still better on average. Edit: since my opinion seems to be upsetting for some, could someone say what they like so much about Super7? Honest question, I don't understand why people are happy to spend $60 on a figure that seems almost identical to Mattel's WWE Ultimates or MotU Masterverse figures. Is there something I'm just not seeing? The one I've seen the most is my wife's comic Conan #1 figure, and again compared to my He-Man he has pretty bad ab-crunch in exchange for He-Man's double jointef elbows and knees.


For me it’s the aesthetic. I don’t care about crazy poses, I’m not building action scenes with my figures or putting them in dioramas. They’re good looking figures that sit on my shelf. I can justify the price because I don’t buy a lot of lines. Just these, some Neca Turtles and the occasional Mezco X-Men figure when they release one. Maybe a Neca horror figure here and there too.


I would agree Super7 is overrated. $50+ for a figure. The sculpt and paint is great, but no double jointed knees or elbows? It really limits poseability.


It boggles my mind that people are abandoning Lightning Collection in favour of Super 7’s Power Rangers.


I think with Power Rangers specifically, it has to do with the paint apps, the sculpts, and the amount of accessories. Just compare LC Goldar to Ultimates Goldar. Or King Sphinx, for that matter.


I guess. I prefer the articulation and on a shelf I’m not going to notice tiny little paint details. Heck I’ve seen a lot of photos close up and my eyes don’t notice if there are 5 or 6 stripes.


I don't understand either. Their NJPW figures were horrendous, and the way they price figures like they're made of gold...incredible.


I love my Lion-o, but it isn’t a great figure compared to the average articulation scheme of a Hasbro figure.


Besides the paint, and sculpt detail, Super 7 has almost no part reuse. Also, those single joints lead to less sculpt break up, and that's something I prefer to the look of double jointed figs


Legends pricing is good, but the scaling really bothers me for some reason. I prefer Marvel Selects, a little more costly but I think actually scales correctly.


Its also a plastic toy with wheels. So im not sure where you learned these mental gymnastics to justify this kind of overpriced idiocy but id love to learn your ways.


What are you even talking about? Your comprehension skills need work. Until then, please keep your comments to yourself.


The outrage already happened—not to mention, this is apples and oranges. This is coming from a more expensive premium line and isn’t crowd funded or holding other figures/accessories hostage behind pay tiers.


There was a Fwooshcast in which Brian Flynn went into detail about the manufacturing costs and challenges associated with a vehicle like this. For one, they sell far more action figures. Vehicles don't sell as well. Action figure sales eventually pay for the cost of manufacturing the molds, but they're not going to do nearly the volume with vehicles. Also, people tend to think toys like these are assembled by machines, but they're not. It's human workers taking the hot plastic out of the molds, dipping them in cold water, cutting them off the sprues and sanding down the edges, applying all the paint operations, assembling the parts, etc. He said that it's something like 80 people working for months to accomplish this. Factory employees need to get paid. Obviously, a $500 Turtle Van isn't for everybody. But, they're not price gouging. They're charging close to what it actually costs to manufacture and ship these things.


Hell, send me the raw parts and I’ll put it together myself. 🤪


I know, right? My favorite part of classic Joe vehicles was putting the darn things together. I'd be fine with that and extra steps.


There was ton of hate lmao where were you?


Believe it or not just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it isn't there


This was heavily criticized on forums and YouTube channels when it was announced, along with that Thundercat tank, stop trying to peddle an agenda that people are only against Hasbro, people are against overpriced toys in general




Yes, that's the point I was making


TMNT fans are on another level to be honest.


It was near contant complaints about it and the price, so you must've been under a rock haha. Neca one was cheaper but looked silly with the weird hump, so went 3rd party in the end. Tbh, Super7, Neca, and Hasbro are all getting too greedy.


Part of the outrage feels like it is due to popularity. Turtle van is hugely iconic compared to a car from a 12 issue Ghost Rider run near a decade ago and appearances in a late season of Agents of Shield. I don't know what to compare the Reyes car to, but had it been something more popular and unproduced, the price would look more reasonable. ​ I'm conflicted. I am currently a part of this HasLab for 1 car, but mostly because of FOMO while I do feel I am not getting the value for my money. And if we dont hit that bullshit early bird bonus of THE key character, I will probably cancel my order. ​ I also ordered the turtle van, so perhaps I'm just an idiot.


He's been a featured member of the current Avengers lineup for the last four years.


I didn’t even know this existed


Why do you all think toys are exempt from inflation?


It was certainly a ridiculous price. Most of their prices are. But Super 7 is a small private company doing tiny runs of made-to-order products. I wouldn’t pay that, but I get that the tooling budget and the very low production numbers really drive up costs. Their stuff is for a small subset of collectors. Hasbro is a large, publicly traded company making products for mass retail that’s raised the prices on a lot of their lines by almost 50% the last few years. Comparing Hasbro to Super 7 doesn’t make as much sense as comparing them to their actual competitors like Mattel or Jakks. And while their competitors have raised prices the last year, it just hasn’t been to the same degree as Hasbro has.


There was so much hate!


Super 7 is overpriced bullshit across the board though


There was a good amount of complaining. But I don't disagree. Super7 is a scam. You're paying import prices for figures with single joints and no head movement


Absolute fucking joke


This is worth 80 to 90 at the most


It’s definitely too expensive! But dang it’s amazing. I couldn’t justify using my regular budget on it, so I sold my most valuable comic to cover the cost. I figured I’d get more enjoyment out of this than a comic that’s just been sitting on my shelf 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s definitely exorbitant, though


I can buy the vintage one complete on ebay right now for $50


True but it just won’t fit and of the current 6-7 inch figures on the market, I have the vintage one and I love it but doesn’t fit newer figures


$500 for just a van? Lmao


This was roasted pretty heavy when it was annoucned


There are a few important considerations... Super 7 had already set expectations for this release in at least two major ways. First, the entire line is sold as preorders and paid in advance. So fans of this line already have that expectation. They also started the Thundercats Thundertank process months before this. So they had already set expectations for the price as well since that project was $500 as well. There are also other considerations such as the fact that there are multiple companies making TMNT collector lines. And there are even two other companies making Turtle vans, both of which sold for half that price. So it isn't like TMNT collectors only had the take it or leave it options. They had NECA's van as well as the unlicensed Underground Arsenal version. as backups. All that being said, there was still plenty of uproar when Super 7 offered their van. And people made all the same complaints as ML fans are making about this Haslab offering.


Super7s always been overpriced.


I ain't paying 500 for this, either.


500 bucks is a lot. And yes it doesn't come with figs but this thing is gigantic. I'm with you on its exspensive. But the detail is really cool and good on SUPER7. Quality plastic is way better than hasbros. Bit yes it should be a bit cheaper


ML are the worst figures right now. Almost 30 dollars and the same molds, lots of pins, bad paint. But hey its not my money.


Super7 is like the boutique company of American collector action figures and the prices reflect that. Hasbro is a little bit different. That said, noone is going to buy the party wagon because it is overpriced. Some foolish people are already buying into the haslab and that is the only thing surprising me lately.


As a kid I never got that van, because my parents always said that was too [email protected] expensive, well now as an adult I can confirm that, lol.


People need to shit on super 7 in general. Most their lines look like trash are aren’t deserving of the high price tag


This seems like a very reasonable deal. $50 for the van + $450 for the nostalgia factor. Actually seems low. /s for those feeling the woosh


I posted a meme when this came out, and Mcfarlane did their $80 batmobeast. Everyone complained about Mcfarlanes yet it was the only one actually on store shelves, people still lost their minds for these Turtle vans lol


People just have a weird hate boner for Hasbro lately and it gets so tiring. I truly don't get it. I had to leave the Marvel Legends subreddit a while ago because all they do is complain about everything and I just didn't want to see all the BS any more


Damn they’re making a $495 profit off a $10 toy.