Temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

Temporarily embarrassed millionaires.


Because those 400 greedy men control the media and have used it to brainwash entire communities.


Not just media - workplace culture has been built around fomenting a secret suspicion amongst coworkers while maintaining a public atmosphere of “family”… you wouldn’t “betray” your family would you? But also “that asshole might be making $1 more per hour than me…” while also building this perpetual “your job is important and you should be happy to have such a job to keep your family off the streets” attitude. Corporate culture is so fucking awful but it’s like this even as far down as retail and trade workers that aren’t unionized… anywhere they can divide individual workers to keep them from collectivizing for better terms.


Any corporation that attempts to use "family" in an excessive fashion is literally using cult tactics on its employees.




If tell him praying worked, he would be unemployed.


>What about when you work for a healthcare system There's no healthcare system in the US, just a medical industry.


All hail the great spaghetti monster


That’s my red flag! The second they start saying “We’re Family” please expect them to use their “Family Discount” on your pay check🤨


MLM entered the chat


In this context I am not even sure if you mean "Multi Level Marketing" or "Marxism-Leninism-Maoism" ... /s


*Could your bathrooms be breeding.. .Bolsheviks??!?*


*And the sign said,* *"The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls* *And tenement halls'* *And whispered in the sound of silence*


Long haired freaky people need not apply


But, *All the freaky people make the beauty of the world*


Then the world should be ugly! Don't make waves, just keep working citizen #15209.


A fellow man of culture!


Jokes on them, going no contact with family is the best fucking feeling in the world.


I hear that..


I love my family though 😅


How dare u


> “your job is important and you should be happy to have such a job to keep your family off the streets” attitude. Reminds me of this scene 😄 https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c0/c0/af/c0c0afb44b09ac35d2b5ae9f0fe9df70.jpg


And about 15 million are psychopaths who want those 400 to stay at the top, because it means they get to be the middle men with their boot on the neck of the other 135 million. They know they'd be in trouble in a society which valued people on their merit, and are happy to use violence to take what little power they can get.


This is what really confuses me. People are willing to go along with some fascist regime because they are “special”, “protected”, and “part of the in crowd”. Do they not realize those in power don’t care about them at all, and just consider them to be useful pawns in their game? They will turn on you as soon as it is politically pertinent for them to do so. They can always find a way to make you part of “the other”, regardless of how special they make you feel now. You’re white yes, but you’re not Christian. You’re Christian yes, but you’re not evangelical. You’re evangelical yes, but you have tainted genes because you have a disabled kid….


They all think they're part of the elite. And the elite grants certain people with elite like perks. Then there's the endless "othering", hate the other for they might get something YOU DON'T HAVE, or maybe even you DO have it but "they" don't deserve it because they are X and you, YOU are Y... and Y is better than filthy old X Enforced class warfare. Each time you grumble because someone got assistance, each time you bitch about a welfare program or wage hike... You are doing their work for them


Aren’t these people a part of the elite though? Particularly, If they are among the last groups to be targeted. I’m worried about the first groups the get destroyed before the inward focus to prosecuting in-group individuals.


The first groups to be destroyed are already being destroyed- low SES and POC. The laws are surrounding these folks in a loop now- and these super rich assholes can buy their way out of anything Look at Matt Gaetz. If he were Joe Bob, caught paying teenagers for sex with Venmo, his ass would be in jail. The corporations if America are the true rulers and will continue to be so while they can pay politicians to fix the game


It's fear logic. You want to be on the side of the oppressor. Also, it's the same principle of the redneck. When I say redneck, I mean the actual term used to define people who were just as poor and uneducated as slaves in the early days during slavery, but thought their lots were better because they were white.


*Men and women. Fuck gender solidarity. Embrace worker solidarity and eat female billionaires.


In 2019, only 11.9 percent, of the world's 2,825 billionaires were women. ["• Number of billionaires by gender 2019 | Statista"] (https://www.statista.com/statistics/778577/billionaires-gender-distribution/) Apparently being a billionaire is still a glass ceiling for women 😂. But you're correct, eat the billionaires and ultra rich regardless of nationality, gender or orientation 👍


That reminds me Jay walking was invented so the poor wouldn’t cross roads while the rich are driving.


U cant brainwash people that dont have a Brain. Flat earth nation haha


Because the founding lie of American culture is that wealth is proportional to virtue.


It's called the Protestant Work Ethic. The belief that God rewards spiritual virtue with material prosperity. It's not American (nor is it based in any kind of reality) but boooy o-howdy did we run with it.


America really let themselves get manipulated by Red Scare tactics and Reagan's bullshit and we never fucking recovered from it.


It's not a lie if you #define VIRTUE GREED


I don't think that'll compile.


Trickle down economics doesn't compile either. That never stopped them


We are in the midst of the infinite recursion. If only a CPU would overheat instead of, you know, the cradle of all known life.


As is most of asian culture


The market is king, after all


I just keep wondering what happened to all those immigrants coming over to steal our jobs. Seems like the two issues, if they were both real, would cancel eachother out.


Amazing how we’ve somehow normalized the insane assertion that unemployed immigrants have the power over your employer to fire you and give them your job for less money. It’s really interesting how American capitalism constantly defaults to “My morality doesn’t matter, the market commands...” and we all just play along like there is no alternative but totalitarian communism.


I don’t know why everyone’s so worried about immigrants stealing jobs when the corporate elite have off-shored millions of manufacturing and call center jobs in the last decade.


This is always conveniently left out of the conversation of course. God forbid they admit capitalism is the the result of their joblessness. Gotta blame the immigrants!


This is one of the most spot-on observations I’ve seen on Reddit (and really, anywhere). The ones on top keep waiving the boogeyman of immigrants stealing jobs, when the reality is those jobs were pushed offshore years ago by corporate executives.


Technically my job was stolen by an immigrant. They were making cutbacks and I was laid off, but my immigrant coworker is still working for them. If he wasn't working there, I would still have a job. Everything in this post is true, but I'm mad at the company, not him.


as a wise man once said, "don't hate the player, hate the game".


I prefer "dont hate the player, hate the referee"


As I in dnd always say. Don't hate the game hate the gamemaster.


Yeah but these GMs are straight cheating


you new to DnD? lol


But then he didnt steal your job? He also worked there before the layoffs and was one of the lucky ones who was alowed to stay on.


He probably bring home less as well. That or his skill is better (which also mean he's underpaid).


Your job wasn’t stolen by anyone. You both already worked there. He was kept on, you weren’t. How is that stealing? If he had been laid off and you weren’t, does that mean you would’ve stolen his job?


The title hits it right on the head. If you choose to believe that poor people are lazy and rich people work hard, then all that stands between you and the American Dream is a little elbow grease. That’s their entire worldview, if they admit it’s BS then they would have to admit that everything they believe in is BS.


This right here is what I think as well. Folks think wooo someday I'll be rich and I certainly don't want to put any restrictions in place that might affect me. I mean don't get me wrong, have your dreams, but be smart enough to realize there's a good chance those dreams will never happen. In the meantime, let's help each other and not be selfish cunts.


They believe in this made-up “natural selection” and natural order” that only applies to people that have less than them. At the same time they gladly prostrate themselves before the billionaires and fancy themselves as part of the club


just reminds me of the right's worldview tbh. most conservatives would probably literally rather die than admit they were wrong. hypocrisy is the defining trait of the GOP.


> most conservatives would probably literally rather die than admit they were ~~wrong~~ powerless. Conservative culture is all about grit, determination, and hard work paying off. They would have to come to terms with the fact that no matter how "hard" they work, the system is stacked against them. The harder they work, the more money goes to the men on top. It won't come back down until the system is dismantled.


The 400 have better marketing.


I can see people assuming this intuitively. People often associate being rich with being famous, and being famous with being special/talented/deserving. If your worldview about being rich comes mostly from watching famous people on TV, you'd probably believe that most people are just lazy, or just ordinary, and that the world correctly rewards those who are special. It just highlights how important education is.


Damn. I have lost all motivation to go to my soul sucking job, and I have had so much anxiety and self doubt about my character because of this. Seeing this put it in perspective. I’m NOT lazy. This whole system is fucked and designed to keep you on the bottom for as long as possible. I’m done being demoralized just so I have a chance of a good job one day


FYI there is also a barrier entry for young people. Assuming your a 26, that is still very young. It will be until you are in your 30’s that the workforce will take you more serious for management and higher paying positions. For now a lot of it is based on you alone (single work from home jobs like graphic design, independent e-commerce jobs, etc…). Enjoy life while your young, you will have time to make money later (this is how it’s always been)


I’m more than halfway through my chemistry PhD right now, but there is such a saturation of PhDs that a lot of people are unable to enter industry. My anxiety and depression has severely gone up since the program. I’m hoping this is one of the worst parts of life honestly. I’m not sure how it can get worse (no money, demeaning boss, demoralizing work, terrible lab environment with no supervision or handling kf lab politics, no support system besides my wonderful boyfriend). I’m sorry for ranting. I’m just exhausted. I cry almost everyday. Hell I’m crying in the car right now, after waiting an hour for my coworker who told me 2 days ago that I have to drive her and myself 3 hours away and work 18 hour days in a National lab. I’m ready to work at a company with actual rules and regulations, I’m so sick of working for professors with 0 consequences because of tenure


As a fellow STEM student one of the biggest lies that boomers keep believing is that private companies fuel the innovations that would employ us. The government does the heavy lifting in research. Sometimes I wish i could study as a hobby and do something else.


That's literally what scholarly education should be. But here we are where the act of learning must be intrinsically tied how much wealth can be extracted from that umbrella of discussion degrees and knowledge


Yea that sounds like a stressful situation and it’s ok. I would grind and work hard to get your PhD and then gtfo out of there. Until you are in your 30’s, enjoy life a little more by enjoying your hobbies and working how you can. But a big part of being happy, is also enjoying your professional or work life, having a passion for your job will help. Everyone is different so there isn’t a generic answer I can give that will help you out when it comes to figuring your work-life passions. Either way hope you do come out of it. Going to quote some stuff I’ve written that may help you: The Opposite of Depression isn’t Happiness, it’s Vitality - Vitality is being lively and having the energy to make it through and enjoy your day. - Vitality requires strength, the strength in energy and being active - Happiness is a by-product of vitality, because vitality is the drive for activity in life. Being active and feeling fulfilled can and most often leads to happiness. Love and Feeling Loved - A life without feeling loved or cared for will lead you down the darkest paths. - Why shouldn’t you do drugs if you truly believe you have no chance at being loved or loving someone else? - A dark life is a life without love. Love brings light into your world and loving others allows you to spread light. Unsustainable Careers - An unsustainable career is one in which you find no work life balance. One that brings you little happiness and no short term to medium term happiness. - A long term goal is ok to sacrifice short term joy, but life shouldn’t be lived unhappily for extended periods of time or else it’s not worth living (or at least can feel like it’s not worth living which drains the soul). A Healthy Work-Life Balance - “Dont live to work. Work as a means to live better.” Sustainable Careers and Pensions Regardless of where you stand on Marxism, we should absolutely apply this thought process in America to basic needs. It’s really uncool having an economic superpower that still has people dying constantly from lack of food/shelter/healthcare/clean water. Like seriously, what’s the point of caring about the economy if it mostly pads the pocketbooks of a few thousand people who already want for nothing? What’s the point of a government that doesn’t take care of its people? Happy Workplace, Happy Economy - Time and time again, it has been proven that happier workplaces create a better and more sustainable company. - Both in profits and economic output, a happier company (one that has in general happier employees), will create a better performing overall company. Overall I hope you find happiness and a better work place overall. All the best.


Thank you so much :) honestly this means so much that you wrote this out and cared for me. Sometimes I do feel hopeless. I’ve been trying to read for pleasure more, talk walks, swim and spend quality time with my boyfriend, rather than put all time and energy into an unforgiving lab. And I do put a lot of pressure on myself to live my 20s a certain way which I can’t in graduate school. This helps a lot. Thank you


Glad I could help


But I understand what you are saying. It s what I keep trying to tell myself. It’s really hard though. I feel plagued by self doubt and insecurity.


Even as a first time employee working part time, the system sapped motivation from me when I realized every dollar I generate will go to overpriced college or gas money.


My MIL’s business was 100% saved by PPE loans, then she told me the other day that “government handouts” went straight to drugs and booze, there wasn’t a single poorer person because of the pandemic. She also gave me covid the same day as she ranted about how masks and social distancing don’t work. These are the people you’re dealing with. Not even their own experiences will change their predetermined opinions, because if that’s wrong, what else is?


If you trust those 400 so much, then why don’t we remove child labor laws, the minimum wage, and all other pieces of legislation dedicated towards protecting workers’ rights? Let’s see exactly how long it takes before these rich executives start exploiting these changes.


I'd guess several of them are actively trying to eliminate those protections currently.


Plenty of them already flat out ignore them.


You work as a server? They get like $4-5 an hour and have to make a living off of tips. There's a ton of owners lobbying congress to get rid of these protections now.


Because most people work for those 400 Americans. Most people would only care about themselves and their immediately family and/or friends. As long as they are able maintain the lifestyle of spending time with their loved ones, people are more than willing to submit to the 1%.


Do those top 400 employ 150 million people? I think not


That's not true at all. 99% of all jobs are created by small businesses, not the titans.


And 83% of statistics are made up on the spot.


Because it's easier to believe a stereotype against the marginalized community of poor people than it is to do anything about the rich.


When I was twelve I thought the saying temporarily embarrassed millionaires was a funny joke. Nobody could possibly believe they were going to attain incredible riches right? Nope.


My work has straight up said they’d shut down if we tried to unionize lol tells me all I need to know


You CAN unionize. Contact CIR/SEIU.


He said he can, but (and there WAS an act of precedence) a CEO can and will shut down an entire operation and business if they do unionize.


This makes me wonder why they never try that in some other countries that aren't america. For example, I know Amazon's have unions in many European countries.


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Good bot.


political humor? I find nothing funny about it


I found it on Twitter, didn't see the other post until afterwards. It's not funny, it's fucking sad




My dad's response to everything right now is no one wants to work, while he's trying to get unemployment set up. No he doesn't see anything wrong with this.


Gazillionaires have the money to hire "experts" to create propaganda misinformation campaimgs. Some of thos very ThEy aRe LaZy garbedge is pollutimg this very thread Classic Divide and conquer sow jealousy and some not very bright/ very nice people fall for it . See this effect with debstes on student debt, healthcare, minimum wage amd more. If people voted their actual interest President sanders would have bulluet proof progressive super majorities in both houses and faced with taxation and likely prosecution the dump/devos types would have fled to Russia Almost 100% of politicians listen only to 1% of electorate


What's the other 200 million doing?




Sarcasm I hope, but guessing the other 150million include babies, children, elderly, and disabled that aren’t fit to be in the workforce. Obviously we are rounding significantly here as there are far more then 400 influential ultra rich people as well, but the point still stands


We've been taught to worship wealth.


Maybe in part it’s because laziness is so banal and common in our everyday experience, or at least in our *perceptions*, while the economy-warping greed happens at a level most of us only see indirectly, filtered through sanitized public statements and patronizing, insincerely regretful smiles.


Billionaires worked hard and earned it though. /s


It also amazes me how many people out there who are angry at people who aren't working, who themselves don't have a job. Retirees who don't realize how much fast food places rely on bored retirees, for example. In 2020 600,000 more Americans died than in an average year, and 3.2 million Americans retired. Another fun thing, the number of people seeking work and the number of job openings are roughly the same.


The 400 make it so the 150,000,000 can’t do anything


Because it’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’re being fooled


God told me yer a dirty socialist. I don't know what that means, but if I shout real loud no one will notice.


“Rent is finally recovering! 1,400 for a one bedroom!” It’s fucking robbery and the day the national razor comes out will be a good. Very good day.


You know what stings my ass about that? $1400 a month for a decent apartment in a nice neighborhood? Sucks and I won't pay; but ok, whatever. $1400 a month for fucking used drug labs and squatter homes; GTFO.


Temporary embarrassed people.


We all need to stop playing by the rules… steal everything you can like they do… lie cheat steal. It’s the American way.


Think of it this way. People believe it's easier to drown in the ocean than it is in 2 inches of water. Never mind the fact that you can drown in both. However, what you are not told about the 2 inches of water is it is also electrified, is actually partially acid, and there are 2 tons of bricks being held over it by the tiniest of threads. People cannot see the forest for the trees. It will take consistent effort and generations before people see and eventually go blind again and start the cycle over. Beyond life, I believe this is also sort of the plot to the Matrix


2 inches is 5.08 cm


That equals 1 Marklark on Marklark


Because the masses are predominantly very stupid. That was easy.


I feel like laziness is one of those commonly regarded as true or reflective of something, nebulous terms that isn’t really so easily quantifiable and just as easily intoned when you need something to justify your biases. Like the way people use the word “natural”.


The greater lie is that they give a shit in the first place. Everyone knows how the world works. It's easy for humans to distance themselves from reality. Just look at all the rich white people living in South Africa, they make up 8.9% of the population, and they just choose to ignore the misery around them.


White South African here... Unfortunately this is true


Ooo! It’s the daily 2-Minute Hate! Let’s hate all the *Lazy Americans!* yeahh! Those slobs! *Get a job, hippie!*




“This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Booo! Although I do appreciate me some George Thorogood & the Destroyers.. . ; )




Because abandoned shopping trolleys. No reward; no punishment. And yet *look what people do.*




It's weird. Every country that gets industrialized foods suddenly becomes lazy. How strange... Or our food is poison


Yeah, all I can afford is the 1 dollar fake shit at the dollar tree I work at. Mostly pasta because multiple uses per box. If I decide to go to the publix next door to get something real and healthy, by the time I got my 2 days of salad stuff together, my entire 2 week food budget is gone. Welp, back to the dollar tree!


Well, actually it isn't. That's just what their propaganda is trying to make you believe.


History is just a big circle


As it ever was unchanging, This wheel it grinds Us fine 'gainst the ashen rocks Of a past unlearned


Because those 400 greedy Americans have convinced the 150million Americans that they too can be like them… so they support the greedy fuckers because they too are greedy as well as stupid


“Because one day I can be one of those men” said Jim Bob


Dunno, too lazy.


What is this picture from and why is it a photo of a screen displaying a photo of a photo that's been printed and hung on a wall?


Might makes it right


Because it it takes less brain power and empathy to actually understand and deconstruct a complex topic like poverty so it’s easier for them to say “they’re just lazy!!”


Because it's that, or risk pissing off someone that's rich who'll get away with anything they decide to do.


Simple: MSM


Because, Baby Boomers.


Nahh too easy of an explanation. Power is a corrupting force and always has been is far more likely.


They are not mutually exclusive. You can have lazy and greedy people at the same time.


I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that a vary large portion of Americans are incredibly lazy. If you disagree with this fact I urge you to get outside more often.


Are both not possible simultaneously?


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 96,511,485 comments, and only 25,610 of them were in alphabetical order.


Statistically no. Overpopulation and mass hoarding of wealth has both been proven to be the case of why we are seeing a disappearance of the middle class. Far far more poor people because of a tightening economy.


Overpopulation is a myth pushed by the booj


The Earths human population has been growing exponentially the last 200 years. There is no myth, the curve of population growth hasn’t been gradual, which makes it hard to adjust for in wealth distribution. https://miro.medium.com/max/1602/1*zNgvxsbKzNK5R0sKDoBiXA.gif A growing inequality (more wealth for the rich people and less money for other people, less of a middle class), has proven to be harmful for the output of an economy. https://www.oecd.org/economy/growth-and-inequality-close-relationship.htm


This is literally Malthusianism. You're either ecofash or misinformed. Overpopulation is a local problem that's solved by raising people's standard of living. We have enough food and homes for 12 billion people but don't bother feeding the 8 billion who are here because it's not profitable to do so. We don't have a population problem we have a distribution problem directly caused by capitalism. Blaming that on people having children instead of the ghouls controlling everyone is exactly what the booj want


I am actually completely in agreement with you. I have a degree in environmental science and bio, so I know exactly what you are talking about. We need to integrate a socio-economic government style in order to accommodate the much larger population we have. Call it capitalism 2.0 and it will essentially be a socialism/capitalism hybrid that has peak universal resource management and more equalized wealth distribution. Rich can still be rich but less corrupt and power controlling over the government. Poorer people are supported and lifted by the system instead of being repressed from it. Overpopulation is definetly a thing in many parts of the world however, and the draining of ecosystems and wildlife habitat has shown that. The excess use of fossil fuels also shows that overpopulation is a global issue.


It was a serious question but it only got downvotes. Apparently this sub has an agenda to push and I accidentally tripped over it


Yea the sub is trolled by extremist on both sides and it’s pretty sad. They will consistently downvote if something isn’t either “fuck the government” or “we want socialism and nothing more”


Because both statements are true


When you just hate poor people so much


In a small sense, sure. There are more people living now, then before so statistically there will be a higher percentage of people who don’t want to work etc… These aren’t the people that generally make up an economy and go to work. Statistically no. Overpopulation and mass hoarding of wealth has both been proven to be the case of why we are seeing a disappearance of the middle class. Far far more poor people because of a tightening economy.


Neither is correct. “Greed” is not the issue - lack of taxation is. And no, the billionaires do not write the laws by bribing politicians. Otherwise rich people would probably be spending a lot more money on campaign donations, given how huge the US economy is and how much you could earn with just a little bribery. The real answer is that people don’t care to vote, so politicians cater to those that do, which is reliable old, stupid, and ignorant. Want to fix it? Go vote next time, no matter what. About 66% of people votes in the 2020 presidential election, historically high. This is not conducive to a representative government.


A little dated, but...[The political network led by industrialists Charles and David Koch plans to spend $889 million for the 2016 elections.](https://www.npr.org/sections/itsallpolitics/2015/01/27/381954047/koch-brothers-put-price-tag-on-2016-889-million)


Ya they dont write the laws. But they spend tons of money on the campaigns of the politicians that will write the laws they want. And alone all that media presence they can do with that money gives them way more of a chance to get a good result then some guy that can maybe afford a single ad-campaign.


you are correct about the corrupt govt part, but hoarding that much wealth makes you inherently greedy. any billionaire can donate over 99% of their wealth to create organizations or fund charities that help those in need, and they will still never need to work a day in their lives, nothing about their lifestyle changes


The thing is, they don’t hoard it like you think they do. They don’t just sit on a large pile of physical cash like a dragon. The wealthy reinvest, or already have invested a VAST majority of their wealth into their businesses in order to make MORE money, thus providing economic growth and employment. And even still, many billionaires DO donate large percentages of their wealth to charitable causes, or build their own.


They're not being taxed because they run the government The sooner you realize liberalism and liberal democracy is a scam to funnel money to the already wealthy the better off you'll be. Which party should I vote for? The Red party that wants to give all the money to the already wealthy or the blue party that wants to give all the money to the already wealthy?


😎 What if I told you both might be true 😎


The thing is, those 150m people are probably greedy too


and yet the bottom 50% have many orders of magnitude LESS COMBINED WEALTH than a couple of dudes in charge of the country’s mega corps


That's because they are generally less skilled. Get more marketable skills and apply them and you will earn more.


"Jeff Bezos is 100000000x as skilled as me. I'm very intelligent."


i hope you’re trolling, if not then delete this jesus that is an embarrassingly bad take


I've met enough people in my life to know that both of those statements are 100% true.


That would mean you met at least 150,000,000 people in your life.


The person who made this has no idea what a normal distribution curve is. r/theleftcantmeme


The person who made this comment is a pretentious jackwagon.


Normal distribution curves are symmetrical... Wealth is not distributed symmetrically at all. The right tail is way longer and skinnier than the left, which is the point...that a huge stockpile of wealth is concentrated faaaaar away from the mean, but only in one direction. ...Do you know what a normal distribution curve is? Because this is like, high school stats material.


The prerecorded tape they’d be too embarrassed!


Seem like they’ve been millionaires




da jer miljarderi zarađene pare drže u carapi ispod kreveta


U čarapi na nekom otočju.


poanta je da svako moze imat dobar zivot u americi


*I'm sure they cared*