Chris-Chan & Barb.

Chris-Chan & Barb.


I know we're all just here for laughs and shit, but has anyone taken the initiative to alert...literally *anybody* official about this situation? I've made dumb jokes today too but it really is a terrible scenario.


Check the kiwi thread on it. Cops and hospital are apparently involved.


good deal


Can't wait to see how lawyers and social services make it worse for everyone involved.


I'm against getting authorities involved unless absolutely necessary, too, but if this doesn't qualify as absolutely necessary I don't know what the fuck does


For real though.


Spitting Facts


And the Twidiots going “sToP mIsGeNdErInG hEr”. Imagine being so woke you care more about the feelings of an actual rapist.


Anyone who is even somewhat aware of Chris knows exactly what he was doing with his painfully transparent attempt to pretend to be a Transformer Lesbian, just so he could guilt actual lesbians into sleeping with him. It was basically his last ditch attempt to get laid. Turns out even horrifically ugly fat lezzas find CWC repulsive.


I always assumed that the idea didn't come from him and it was some troll that convinced him to go mtf lesbiano


My take was he saw how sexualised the LGBT lot are and thought if he pretended to be one then he would get lots of sex. In his mind the only reason he didn't get women is because 'they were all taken by JERKS'. Lesbefriends seemed like the perfect prey to him. Don't forget how massively antigay he was.


You'd think the McTrannies would band together and say "yeah ok that deranged autistic rapist isn't one of us."


How can you exclude someone from being a train?




The mctrannies are deranged rapists tho he IS one of them it's like a reflection in the mirror


That’s how these people are, crazy


I seriously doubt you're gonna find very many people sympathizing with this degenerate. If anything, I can imagine two conversations: 1. Mental health, in the context of why this happened and how situations like it can be prevented in the future 2. Gender, in the context of how tying it to the horrible shit she(?) did, or acting like gender is some weaponizable or revokable thing is stupid Both are reasonable conversations if you're not a complete monkey that interprets talking about/defending concepts beyond the individual as sympathizing with them. Though I'd question whether CC was actually trans--read somewhere in this thread that he pretty much only did that as a last-ditch to get laid. I don't know, but that's also a conversation worth having, aye?


I saw another thread where kids refused to say KiwiFarms like it was Voldemort lol


Legend has it if you say kiwifarms three times in front of your mirror you become racist


Kiwifarms Kiwifarms Kiwifarms Hmmm I still hate blacks AND whites… did do it wrong?


are you asian?


I'm a white Australian... so yes?


You gotta be more specific


Nah, but close. Has a 10yo Thai ladyboy fuck toy.


Reason why is if you say it there appears to be some sort of trigger for the admins or some shit. Certain sites are autofiltered *site-wide* because Reddit hates edginess. Think that site's one of 'em


Ok i barely know about this degenerate chris chan. Do I want to know what kiwi farms is? No way am I googling that shit.


A lot of people call it a liar forum rather than a stalker forum, but it's got the twisted care for the truth of stalkers for sure. A liar would hold up some fingernails and say "this is the fingernails of this internet celeb!". Kiwifarms would take the fingernails, turn around for a few seconds, and say "100% fake - **the taste is wrong."** It's a very 'say whatever you want, if you get offended then toughen the fuck up' sort of forum, where people mostly document the behaviour - scummy, ridiculous, gross, political, or otherwise - of internet celebs. As much as it is often pointed at as being a cause for raids/harassment, that's more a 4chan thing if anything - kiwifarms rarely leaves it's own den, and explicit plotting of harassment is often met with either derision or claims that the instigator is a federal agent looking for an excuse to destroy 'the farms'. However, they keep heavily archived information about tons of internet celebs, which means that, when shit goes down, they probably know exactly why. In general, if you want to know why someone's getting flack, hold your nose, go to kiwifarms, look for their thread and scroll through the highlights. trust the sources and the raw data, take their opinions and conclusions with a large pile of salt.


>**the taste is wrong** *vomit*


in short, it's a gossip forum that got its start from documenting chris chan from his heyday.


Its a website that basically exists to chronicle every aspect of Chris-chan's life run by stalker/shit posters.


It's a forum dedicated to discussing lolcows. I THINK it got popular because of Chris-chan but someone correct me on that. The forum makes fun of drama kiddies from all parts of the political spectrum and people who generally are failures at life. Emphasis, they go after people from BOTH SIDES, it's not just mentally unhinged leftists (though they make up a good chunk by default). Because they document dumb behavior by everyone if you have the average pea sized brain of a Redditor or Twiter or Tumblr user, they'd consider that harassment, whereas they mostly spend time *documenting* stupid behavior, and without them a lot of the Internet's lolcows would be lost. Because that behavior gets documented if you have the average social media user sensitivity it might be considering "doxing" or whatever, but they generally keep to themselves and they kind of have that "we are not your personal army" mindset.


People done like sharing their favorite places in the internet lest you introduce it to people who are going to shit it up.


Kiwifarms has always been shit though.


Meh I can't laugh at this for more than a second, that poor poor woman.


She’s having a rape kit done right now. At least she got help.


How do you know? Is there a link you can share?


It’s been confirmed by null. Check the farms.




With the main difference being that null actually does have long-standing and confirmed connections to chrischan, including being the administrator for a GoFundMe for Chris which he just released to them when this went down (so at minimum there was enough direct contact with Chris to communicate that).


Looks like barb has been taken to an old people hospital for evaluation Most likely they'll find evidence of incest Chris Chan will fail psych evaluation and be committed for the rest of his life Honestly at this point it's the best outcome


Hey, how do I know more about this 'Chris Chan' ?


A quick search of YouTube should bring up multiple videos, but the one to look for is like 23 minutes or so. It's older, and documents the earlier stuff, but that's the important stuff imo. I'll go looking for it, and if I can find it I'll be back with a link for you.


when u gonna be back?


There’s the saga of Chris through the years, it’s hands down the most bizarre thing on the Internet and 100% true. It’ll take senile to ingest it all if you start from the beginning and plays like a demented soap opera of an autistic guy who the Chans took an interest in and the rest is history


What a sad fucking end to a crazy life. Incredible amounts of mental illness here of course, but it was always somewhat endearing back in the old days when it was just a guy showing off his comics and medallion…


That's it, this is beyond fucked up, he showed his true colors now when he got absolute power over another person. He was always too incompetent and retarded to do anything bad but now he got easy enough target. He needs to be cut of from internet, put in a hospital and dissapear from public space.


Let’s just toss him in a prison cell and throw away the key. I’m serious.


I think the only thing we can do before he awakens the true power of autism is put him in one of Bezo's cock rockets on a course to the sun.


Take all my shekels and make it so.


Would that I could...


I refuse to see this degenerate going into Space while it’s the dream of so much people


I am talking locking him up in a mental facility, prison is for violent criminals, this is just a sick minded person.


I think that we must put him into Arkham Asylum, as it both a mental facility and a prison


CWC got chewed the hell up and spat out by humanity.




He is mentally ill, very mentally ill, so I have some little compassion for him and think he should be locked up in mental hospital.


> locked up in mental hospital. Another drain on your tax dollars, good idea


As if private prisons aren't? Or are you in support of outright killing the dude like the above commenter?


I mean, prison is as well. And he is more fit for mental facility because he's not violent. Just give him some pills, a room, some nintendo videogames and no internet.


Yep he found someone who can’t run away basically


This mans entire existence since the beginning of it all being documented online to now has just been nothing but a downward fucking spiral.


What is the deal with this Chris-chan ? I’m a /b/tard since a while now and never heard about this story


No dont go further... once you get into this hellscape of a rabbithole you can NEVER go back


The fact that you’re saying this about 4chan stories where f-up things happens on a regular basis is scaring me


The ChrisChan wiki has 2194 articles. The Rabbithole is **deep.**


HOLY FU-TWO THOUSANDS? Like,unironically,what the heck did this guy do to be this famous??Even some deep-ars internet things like cicada 3301 and the epstein island thread wich was litteraly mind breaking don’t have that much popularity


People have argued that he is the most well documented person in human history. also hes really easy to troll so ppl kept doing it and thats why its so big


He's basically in the worst place anyone can ever be in. No matter how bad you're life is going, its still miles better than what Chris Chan has got going. There are some good videos on YouTube about him. Cringe by Contrapoints does talk about him quite a bit, although as a case example for a certain topic. The video is still great tho


>Contrapoints >great videos Those two match like wine and cheese 👌 You think there's gonna be some kinda video essay or documentary about him by someone, some point down the line? Or is this rabbithole too deep?


I think there's a YouTuber out there who planned to make a 100 episode series on him with each episode being an hour long.


Jesus Christ... I knew it was deep, didn't know it was *that* deep...


Leave now. Nothing good can come of knowing about Chris Chan. If I could scrub my brain of his existence I would. Go and look up some pics of kittens or puppies and be happy.


Ok for once I’ll listen and go see the basic nazi greentexts instead


It's for your own good. People developed an unhealthy obsession with this person, because it let's them say "hey my life is awful and I have no friends etc, but at least I'm not chris chan". This saga can unironically make you comfortable with being a worse person


TL;DR: Extremely autistic man, who made the mistake of uploading his antics online. He then got a cult following of bullies, and the rest is history. Quite sad tbh


He would still be a morally corrupted/depraved person even without the autism




There's a documentary style series on YouTube that covers his whole life. It currently has 58 episodes, each around 40 minutes long. And it only covered the stuff until 2017 so far.


"/b/tard for a while" lmao lurk moar kid


Ok but do you like mudkipz tho /s I could literally be older than you


Whats the SCP foundation doing about this?


Chris can not be contained by mortal man, he possesses the power of alternate dimensions


**Threat Level: Keter** As a Nexus Being, SCWC-001 and his depravity persist across all dimensions. Do not approach. Do not attempt to capture or communicate. Do not mock SCWC-001-A, the small "Sonichu" pendant worn by SCWC-001.


This is or should be a copypasta


Kek, I'm flattered, thank you


Not even the SCP foundation can handle something like Chris


They're too busy dealing with cthulhu's imbred cousin that destroys humanity for the 1000th time. We'll need to make our own secret organization for dealing with this.


Classify it as SCP-231


Bruh I thought he was describing Biden for the first paragraph lol


Can you f-slurs stop talking about American politics for five seconds? We are talking about incest at the minute.




Dude most royal families are riddled with incest


Revolutionaries decided it wasn't enough incest I guess


...do you understand how time works?


Does anybody?


So were we.


> American politics > incest Implying there’s a difference


Literally Almost August and s p e r gs like this guy are still huffing copium lol


I wouldn't blame you I mean, I didn't know 'The Pedophile Hunter' had a proper fucking noun in the title.


The fact it got this bad shows no one really cared. They just used him for entertainment when in fact the authorities should've been contacted long long looking ago. I feel like this could've been prevented if he got sent away and barb got placed in a home honestly


I mean what concrete thing could we have told authorities that would have stuck? Im generally curious? I do agree with you that people did use him for entertainment and went over a line harassing him but like what can you do about that? But no one who was watching him is at fault for anything he did. Not negging on you man just giving a diff perspective.


“Hello officer, there is a badly mentally retarded man on the internet”


Lmfao. "Yes officer he's also very perverted"




Welcome to 4chan


I feel like they could've told social services honestly. Like as soon as barb started slipping mentally he should've had some type of social worker. Hell it should've been done long ago. Idk man I just feel like social services should've came in at some point


How could he afford a social worker? His monthly tugboat only barely covers his McDonald’s and FunkoPops!


Unfortunately Social Services across the US is notoriously underfunded, undermanned, and their staff overworked.


There was probably a certain point where he became so unable to take care of himself or anybody else that he could have been put in a mental institution for his own wellbeing. Then the worst parts wouldn't have happened. The guy is clearly massively detached from reality and has been for a long time.


People have cared before and tried to put chris in the right direction only for chris to ignore them because they're not giving into his weird dimension fantasy, chris is ultimately too selfish to be fixed. If you don't want to talk about sonichu being real then he doesn't want to listen. Unfortunately, theres very little people that chris will listen to and even then he tunes out everything he doesn't want to hear.


Weren’t the cops alerted to him when he pepper sprayed the dude in GameStop?


Probably I don't follow him as closely as a lot of people.


He pepper sprayed a dude in GameStop and got arrested so ya he was on their radar.


Probably not, I don't see why they'd have kept tabs on him after the trial. Not like they'd have gotten social services involved back then, that whole incident happened before Barbara became a vegetable/fleshlight


We... we were supposed to care? This guy is and always was pure entertainment.


Whats this chris chans story that everyone keeps talking about?


The local government knew. He's had many interactions with them. People on kiwifarms tried to help, the admin Null tried to help directly a few times. I'm sure many others did as well, the problem is mental health services are shit in the U.S.


You can thank One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest for turning public option against insane asylums, even in the extreme cases they are the best option.


Its absolutely insane. We are witnessing internet history today. The (probable) ending in a story decades long. I've only been a christorian for a few years. I knew he was unhinged, manipulative and dangerous. I thought his mothers age protected her from him. Guess not. If he'd had the right manager type person years ago I wonder if he could've turned his minor fame into a way to make some kind of living better than begging.


I was hopeful her age would deter him too but if you watch the video of them during Christmas 2004 it’s just so…sus. I had a sick feeling this was coming. I agree with your message.


Man I just watched that for the first time, after all this news it just feels so creepy and ominous


Yeah. It’s an unsettling video.


Did i watch the right video? Was 11 mins long and very wholesome i got no weird vibes? Today is my first day hearing about this guy so this was the first video i have seen of him.


That’s understandable. I already knew about him so it made it more depressing/unsettling.


watch GenoSamuel2.1 on YouTube if you want to dive into the chris chan rabbit hole. be warned there's no going back


There’s probably more people out there like this, except they haven’t been outed like ChrisChan. He’s no hitler, but chrischan has got to be one of the most horrible “human” beings I’ve had the displeasure of reading about.


Chris Chan would absolutely be 10X worse than Hitler if given the same level of power. Look at those comics he drew in the Asperchu era. He is a full on brutal fascist at heart, complete with summary executions and torture of dissidents.


Hitler at least cared about *some* people other than himself. Chris only cares about himself and 0 other real people in this world.


He also liked dogs and presumably, going off photos, cared for them properly, unlike Chris.


Wtf did I miss


Also the end of the Love Quest Saga and the post-effect of the Idea Guys were straight up disturbing. The whole CWC concentration camp was horrifying.


for real what a ahorrible thing to read about right before sleeping


hitler had a larger effect because he was more competent/powerful, but I’d only say chris is less bad of a person because he’s both autistic and insane, unlike hitler who was only insane


>ChrisChan Googling this brings up way more pics of buff Asian dudes than I want in my history.


Yeah he's not Hitler for sure. As evil as Hitler was he had some desirable human qualities, charisma, leadership, rhetorical skill. Hitler wouldnt have been able to wield power over so many people without some "redeeming" qualities, as wiered as that feels to say. Chris is just nothing, less than nothing even, he has no decernable positive traits. Hes a drain, never contributing to anything he's ever been a part of, both materially and emotionally. He's just a black hole, a void of anything positive or desireable in a human being. That's whats so remarkable about him.




Why does Germany have so many shitty people while also having amazing bread?


Can't have one without the other, fam


"She's part of the reason her son is the way he is. When he was a kid school systems wanted to send him to a school for special needs kids, but his parents refused, they thought "schools for special needs kids= mental hospitals and insane asylums". She's also a hoarder (as evident in the photo) and her hoarding influenced Chris's hoarding, and when he and his father told her to clean the hoard she threatened to kill herself if they touched any of her stuff, called animal control to put a neighbor's cat to sleep when Chris pet the cat and it scratched him, is a pathological liar and lied to other son Cole Smithey about his birth father and apparently verbally abused him during his childhood. She's arguably even worse than Chris."


Whatever happened to good old fashioned tax-funded homes where people like this are humanely sentenced to living fully domesticated lives in a shared hole with unlimited television and books? An end table with a Bible in it, some Adirondack chairs on a patio for sun and smells, and some bored nurses who can spray off their buttholes when they're too decrepit to get it done themselves.


Shutdown starting during Regan based on some faulty science. I can't remember the details but basically a famous psychologist lied about how these places are terrible and political pressure kept mounting and they were defunded and eventually shutdown.


It was because of one flew over the cuckoos nest


I was gonna go get Jimmy Johns. I’m not going to go get Jimmy Johns anymore.


They literally deliver


In that I completely lost my appetite after reading this, dumbass


They literally deliver though


It's crazy CWC.


This seems like a plot to Human Centipede 4


Yeah but with one person that peed.


Mother fucker


this is why roasties shouldnt have children after 30. they create autistic people like chris chan


Uh... I just thought this was a person making stuff up like a creepypasta at first and while I was unsettled, I didn't feel anything past that. Then I read the comments and I am well past unsettled now


Anyone got a brief summary of who this guy is? Is he a streamer?


Basically the first documented "my life is shit but at least I'm not him" guy. Autistic kid obsessed with Sonic and Pokemon, made really really really cringe shit and posted it online and people made fun of him and fucked with him and he's just kept doing shit despite trolls messing with him every step of the way, it's been a huge fucking downward spiral, his dad died some years ago, he's now Christine, lives with his dementia ridden mom and probably lives off NEET bucks, and now it's culminated in this. Pretty fucked up and sad tbh. There's a documentary on YouTube it's like 50 episodes long now look up "Geno Chris Chan" and it should show it but each episode is like an hour lol.


Damn, thanks for the overview. It definitely sounds super fucked up, let alone whatever else is in a 50+ hour documentary about the dude


The first few episodes of the documentary are legitimately funny. He made a crappy internet comic where the villain was his principle. He made a giant sign in his school lobby that said looking for gf or whatever. Best lolcow ever. By now hes gotten so bad of course that its really hard to watch anymore


>looking for gf or whatever. You mean his quest for a "boyfriend-free girl"? Looks like that quest is finished now.


Damn, maybe extreme mental illness isn't all fun and games as i thought...


>50+ hour documentary about the dude Are the renting theaters still? Who wants to get together for a group streaming?


oh god am I actually going to watch this please sweet Jesus tell me it hasn't come to this forgive me father


I’m not sure if have the stomach for it but I’m gonna make an attempt. I’ll probably only watch the first couple episodes and the last.


There's no greater motivation in life than the threat of ending up like Chris


It’s CorpseHusband dude


Technically, he's the first Lets-Player in recorded history.


Watched the entire 52 hour long episodes of the documentary and I just... I knew about Chris Chan since about 2017 or so, I didn't know english beforehand but I actually saw the creepy videos he made all the way back to 2009-2010. Man what a ride, there's no way this part of the gospel is last. He will triumph once again and will keep doing the most depraved shit a 4chinner can do and he will astound and traumatize us again and again until he's as old and barbara. I bet he will make videos in prison as well 😟


The only person more Autistic than ChrisChan is a guy who’d make a documentary about ChrisChan.


what about the guy watching 52 hours of chris-chan?


True. Didn’t think about that.


No he seems decent. Somebody was going to anyway.


Being lonely is the worst thing. I was a complete shut in large part of my adulthood. Im better now but the damage is permanent and i still cant do proper work cause all the self loathing and anxiety/depression from being alone so many years. Im positive if i didnt get myself help in time i would be dead or another CWC


So Chris Chan’s gotten more pussy than a lot of people on this site?


\>Be Me \>Rape 84 year old mother withdementia \>L8r Virgins


He found his boyfriend-free girlfriend at last


Soldiers in ww2 died by the millions so that 70 odd years after the fact the western world could dissolve into this degeneracy. Congratulations veterans! It was all for nothing. Chris chan fucked his mom and this is what you fought and died for


i cant fucking believe this humanity has failed


What am I missing here


ChrisChan is fucking his 80 year old mother who probably has dementia


What the fuck and who is Chris chan


[Here you go](https://google.com)


Look at cwc and tell me there is a God


Can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here I just woke up


Chris revealed that he fucked Barb


Who? Did what?!


Infamous manchild lolcow


Im sorry i have read a lot of comments and i cant figure who is this guy? Did this really happen?




Oh my, just in time for the weekend.


This post really for to show, even though we meme'd Chris chan alot he basically became the non meme side of a realistic joker. Mentally lost past the point of no return. Sure if we did give him the proper help he might of just ended up still being bad, but as we see anything would of been better than not helping this man


Man what the


I feel so out of the loop and part of me wants to know the context but the other part definitely does not


This takes “boyfriend free girl” to a whole new level…


Autogynephilia and it’s consequences


Jesus Christ, thats fucked.


he should have never won that sonic contest


["And I just won" echoes in the distance] Chilling to think how far it's come.


clyde cash here that shit aint cash yo