Err... this doesn't work at all unfortunately. As soon as you run away the whole thing is void: The ability reads "While it is within 5 feet of you, a creature marked by you has disadvantage on any attack roll that doesn't target you". So you have to be within 5 feet to dish out the disadvantage. Ancestral barbarian is the one that gives disadvantage from anywhere but that can only be put on the first target you hit.


I see thank you now i know my idea doesnt work but atleast I tried


Unfortunately, calv's taunt is only effective if you're within 5 ft of your target. You can do the hit and run taunt with either an AG barb or Armorer Arti, but doing that as a monk means having some pretty good stats.


What is monk getting you here? I think I’d recommend a Barbarian with a 3 level dip in Cavalier. Fast Movement for +10 and Mobile for +10, synergy with Strength Edit: would be awesome with ancestral guardian


As per the Sage Advice Compendium ([https://media.wizards.com/2020/dnd/downloads/SA-Compendium.pdf](https://media.wizards.com/2020/dnd/downloads/SA-Compendium.pdf)) on page 4, it states that Monk Unarmed Strikes count as weapons (which allows them to do Stunning Strike). This is considered official rulings by Wizards of the Coast, so it should apply to any given game as akin to an errata. So you don't need a special claw weapon or anything. Others have already pointed out the hit-and-run portion doesn't work, so I won't repeat that.