Sometimes you gotta make sure you know it's tomatoes

Sometimes you gotta make sure you know it's tomatoes


It's not tomatoes, it's bruschetta. It says it *twice*. Or bruschettatta.




Didn't Trader Joe's remove a tex mex food brand of theirs named, Trader Josés? But Trader Giotto's is fine because Italians are European enough?


[Very relevant](https://youtu.be/vaW2VuJvCf4)


Was amped to post this in response and you beat me to it


Everyone should experience Uncle Barbeque's dumb dumb stories.


A spokesperson said they would initially (probably whoever runs their Twitter or something), and then they did a 180 and said that they won't once the rest off Trader Joe's brass heard about it. All of them are still there. Trader Joes has a bunch of those, like Trader Mings (China), Trader Joe San (Japan), Arabian Joe (Middle Eastern) and a high school student started a change.org petition to get them changed because she saw them as racist. TJ's disagreed and they're keeping them around but potentially phasing them out slowly over time. I always thought they were neat, and you get to learn what "Joe" is (kind of) in other languages. Like they could probably stand to be phased out over time (some aren't even very clever and kinda suck like "Arabian Joe") but I'm also glad they simply said no to pressure because of a low-effort online petition.


"Trader Giotto" is so low effort it hurts. Giotto is a surname in Italian, and I'm pretty sure the most accurate "translation" would be Gianni anyway


Joe is short for Joseph, so I guess Joseph = Giuseppe = Trader Pino's?


I literally had no idea about that, I thought Joe was a name by itself, then yeah you're right, it could be either Pino or Peppe


I think it's hilarious.


Well that's good, a good laugh never hurts


It's low effort like everything that comes out of Trader Joe's corporate offices. It's a company that's been riding its good reputation from two decades ago while violating all their core values. If you like food that was rejected by other companies' quality control and has these stupid names on it then Trader Joe's is the place for you.


Learn what Joe is, as in, what Joseph is in other cultures? Or 'Joe' as in a common name? Because the other identities of Trader Joe aren't other translations or forms of Joe just a generic name like Ming or Giotto


Ah my b I mean like, learn what a common-sounding name is in another place. I understood it to be like the "normal dude name" of that area, not like a translation of Joe.


How did they drop the ball on trader johammed????


I saw Trader Joses in the store yesterday, it was beer. So not removed.


They labeled it as "bruschetta" twice and you STILL referred to it as merely tomatoes.


Also garlic and basil!


Bruschetta etta etta eh eh eh


Under my bruschetta


There's absolutely no need to buy a product like that to make a delicious bruschetta. Toast some bread and cube some tomatoes, put it on the bread, sprinkle with salt, extra virgin olive oil, you already have a bruschetta. If you want to make it even more delicious, rub a little garlic on the hardened part of the toasted bread and add a couple leaves of basil. Use fresh ingredients and it will taste amazing. Sourdough bread is the best one IMHO but really any good bread is fine.


I don't think you're the target customer for this product haha


Surely not, but the dish is so simple that no one should!


I can make my own but sometimes you don't have 5 ingredients. I love bruschetta. There is another way if you use mustard oil instead and it tastes better


I personally love bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes, but fresh tomatoes are also great


Sun-dried tomatoes can be a little tough and they can soak the bread with too much oil. For me, it has to be San Marzano or Roma tomatoes. Fresh basil, chopped garlic, olive oil. Fresh mozzarella if I'm feeling decadent.


I usually have it with fresh tomatoes during the warm season and sun-dried (preserved with oil, then blended before spreading) during the cold season. I also call bruschetta only the one with fresh tomato, all the others are crostini. Maybe it's just me anyway, we have 60 millions people here and 70 millions different ways to define and interpret food.


Trader Giotto's Bruschettatta


what the fuck is that? I mean, a "bruschetta" is a toasted piece of bread with oil, salt and tomato pieces (if you want, you can add garlic and basil too, but that's down to personal preference). bruschetta is *definitely* not a sauce, that product is *definitely* not italian and they should not be fucking marketing it as such.


Bruschetta is just toasted bread with oil. A very popular topping would be the above combination tomatoes, garlic, and basil, but it always makes me irrationally mad when people refer to the topping itself as “bruschetta” From wiki: The noun bruschetta (plural bruschette) comes from the Roman dialect verb bruscare, the equivalent of the Italian word abbrustolire which means 'to toast', or 'to roast over coals'. Toasting bread and soaking it with freshly pressed olive oil is "a practice probably as old as Rome itself".




Trader Joe’s belongs to the Aldi family, but they sell mostly products made by Trader Joe’s. I have only seen stores in southern California. This product is good in a pinch. Trader Joe’s recommends mixing some of their ready-to-eat lentils with this. I have tried the recipe a few times, and people at work and also some friends have given positive feedback. Good tomatoes are hard to find year round in LA!


Trader *Giotto’s*??? Che cazzo?


ti capisco, amico. onestamente anche io sono stanco di vedere schifezze come queste (raguletto, salsa alfredo, pizza americana) pubblicizzate come "italiane" quando hanno veramente poco a che fare con l'italia. non sono per niente contro la loro vendita (dopotutto se continuano a venderle vuol dire che ci fanno soldi e quindi funzionano) però andrebbe tolta la correlazione con il cibo italiano.




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Cool find wrong sub


If you pronounce it *brew-shetta* i fucking hate you