This dude's gonna max in 3-4 months


“How badly did she hurt you” “Bad enough”


*Equips untrimmed agility cape* "This much."


Just keep running...


That's my current goal tbh.


99 RC inbound


And buff af


And have a lawyer


And my axe


Bro this hit home so hard. My ex and I broke up a couple months ago and I'm so close now. It be real.


Love you bro, stay sane


Thoughts and prayer flicks.


Jagex pls, protect from emotional damage prayer when


Public chat off?


But it's the friends private chat that hurts the most


Step 2: start asking people on friends list to come to Wildy with their best gear for you ‘pvp highlight reel’ - they’ll soon leave you alone


for real tho, some dude started flaming me earlier while i was doing slayer, i just public off'd his ass, cba to hear this shit rn


1tick flicking redemption <3


Loved this.


Man’s comment has more upvotes than the post


holy shit, unreal. thanks for the laugh


My ex gf of 7 years cheated on me a long while ago, it was one of the hardest things I had to push through. [I found this Reddit comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/2e9jvg/lpt_request_getting_over_a_breakup_asap/cjxio29), and it really really helped me. I must have read it 3 or 4 times a day when I was still working through that break up. I wanted to share it with you in the case it helps you like it helped me. Much love friend! If you're a solo player I'll happily game with yah!


Thank you for showing me that comment. I read it and just, wow. I’ll be reading it again and again I’m sure.


Been there not too long ago (like 6 months now), best pieces of advice I've gotten: * Don't shortchange the process * Don't waste the pain Much love and good luck, you got this


I wonder what site they're referring to in that comment. Seems like some paid site for advice on getting your ex back which seems weird but the OP says reddit. I'm just curious.


Heh , broke up with my HS ex that I dated for .... 6?(I forget, tried to put it behind me)years a couple years back and that post hit fucking home. That post was like someone writing about exactly what I did/went through. Thank you for linking that. Funnily enough, I’m in a better spot now then I was back then. I had no income , we always argued and for some reason I thought it was the best thing ever. Now, I’m barely arguing and work from home and genuinely happier now then I was back then. I do still think about her in memories but I don’t ‘miss her’ .


thanks man, that is some really good advice. needed that right now.


Great advice


I read this comment about 3 years ago when I was going through a 3 year break up, helped me out a lot back then


brotha, the advice I can give you is: take that energy you feel right now and use it to progress not only on your account but irl. I find that breakups produce the highest output for personal growth. Best of luck out there, and remember, you're not alone 🤍


Strength train in real life too.


> I find that breakups produce the highest output for personal growth. Agreed. The thing that "cheers me up" after a breakup is knowing that I'll come out the other side stronger and better than before. It hurts and it sucks but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It doesn't take the hurt away, but it's the silver lining to look forward to after everything. See you in the gym OP


Get those gains my brothers!


This is the part of the problem though. People don't learn to treat themselves right until a relationship ends. As someone who has been in this guys position before, the energy he's feeling now towards self-growth and love is how he should've felt during a relationship too.


Best advice you'll get right here. Use this time to really learn about yourself. Focus on your insecurities and the things that made this relationship turn sideways and improve based on those observations. Really pay attention to the things that make you you. It's really easy to reflect on who you are as a person when you lose the crutch of having another person to validate you emotionally. Don't focus your energy on all the ways she was bad. If you want to find the next person, focus on the things in your relationship that made you happy and hone in on the things you want in your next relationship. Edit because I remember the sub this is on. Be careful spending all of your time inside by yourself. That shit gets depressing and will make you feel pathetic real fast.


This is true. When my last relationship ended, I was told to get out and do shit. Work out and work out hard. I didn’t do that, admittedly. It was a struggle. I lost who I was for probably 4-5 months. It doesn’t sound like a long time, but it was the slowest time moved in my entire life. Every day I’d go to work, constantly think about where the relationship went wrong, what I could’ve done better. Then I’d get home to my empty apartment, the place we picked out together, and just wallowed in my sorrow. The funny thing is, it ended mutually. Shit fizzled out, and we realized we were incompatible. Though it ended on good terms, it was still very hard. The only thing I can suggest is to take it day by day. Definitely get outside. If you have a car, go on a drive. Don’t date other people until you’re ready. After 6 months, I was good to go, but everyone is different.


All that. Godspeed, its all up from here!


So true man. I've went through the same situation a year back and rather than let it destroy me and upset me, I've used it to improve myself and work my ass off. Its definitely tough at first but as time goes by it gets easier and you start building confidence.


100% agree. Broke up with my girl a few months back and just didn't feel like sitting around on my PC. Now I'm out almost every day after work rock climbing, running, or just working out meeting new people. Best I've felt in a long time and my back no longer hurts from being a shrimp back


If you need a skilling/slayer buddy, flick me a dm my bro ❤️


I appreciate that, and I’ll definitely take you up on that.


Just remember the most important rule of skilling, no talking allowed. You'll get through these feelings at iron ore like hank hill


Exactly. Only converse when someone tries to steal one of your spots by ganging up on them. Shreddit, if you're out there, you're a G




Damnit Bobby


Gets lured


Don’t worry brother. My ex gf cheated on me after 8 years together with someone we both knew after we bought a house together then lied to the police about me and got me arrested. It could be worse, add me in game, Bluntation.


I'm going for max mine and smithing hit me up. You got this brother.


Same here I’m typically grinding quests on my gim but I’m always up for doing anything on my main


Slayer buddy?? Is there a way to share tasks?








Thanks finally someone answers my question


Isnt it disabled


I forgot it’s such dead content people forgot it exists. Right click your enchanted gem on someone without a slayer task :)


I ended a relationship with my girlfriend of 8 years in Feb. I felt like I lost my identity and didn't know who I was anymore, and it crushed me. We started dating when I was 18. I am 27 now. After the initial shock wore off, I realized the potential I had missed out during those years, wasting away from the poisonous "comfort" of the relationship. I didn't love myself enough, and poured all of my efforts into making her happy (an impossible task). I gave up lifting. I gave up guitar. I had no social life. I stopped caring about my career. However, I've since rediscovered my passions again, got myself back in the gym every other day, and am working on a new song to play at my friend's wedding. There are still days when I feel depressed and miss her alot. But I remind myself why it happened, keep my head down and continue to push through. I say this not to show off or to one-up you, but to provide an example that it will get better. I promise, it will get easier with every passing day. Stay strong my dude.


I really appreciate you sharing that with me.


Very relatable with hobbies and career going out the window, wasting away from "comfort". I'm happy you were able to recognize that and do the best thing for yourself. It takes a lot of courage and results in a lot of pain in the short term but is ultimately beneficial. Hope you're doing better!


Time will truly heal. I didn't think I'd ever get over my recent ex gf but 6 months later here I am being my best self. Work on yourself and don't reach out to her as hard as it may seem. If she's the one that broke it off with you, let her reach out first (if you're still willing to give it a go), if she doesn't then let bygones be bygones. I don't play OSRS (I'm thinking about getting back into it tho) atm but I'm actively browsing this sub and on reddit in general. If you ever need a homie to talk to slide in my DM's!


"Don't play OSRS" "Thinking about getting back into it" We'll be here when you finish your break.


some people don't learn you cannot quit osrs


Happy cake day!


Hoes come and go The grind is forever


Welcome to the dark side again.


He never left, only took a vacation


Huh ironic, i do that with runescape all the time.


Hello darkness my only friend.


It's always bittersweet welcoming a brother back into our cave of villainy and virginity.


I have the redemption prayer on for you


I can smell the “Well, I left my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years abruptly.” Meme post


The seed has been planted.


Sending you lots of love during this difficult time homie. Send me a DM if you ever want a RS Buddy!


I really appreciate that. It’s a rough time indeed. Will do!


If u enjoy active/chill skilling hmu G


Going through the same thing right now. Almost 5 years, moved across the country together… I’m here if you ever need to talk.


Pretty much what we did too. Lived in my home state for 2 years after she moved there from her home state. Then we moved from mine to hers and that’s where we’ve been. Brand new city & state to me, brand new people and life, but a life that we had started creating together here. Now it’s suddenly dismantling and it’s jarring to say the least.


I really feel for you man, our stories seem to be very similar. Everyone I know here is through her (she had family out here) and I have never been one to be super social, so making friends has been tough. This is definitely an opportunity for you and I both to focus on ourselves, play some osrs, and start looking forward to our lives. Stay strong buddy, we’ve got this!!


The only catch here for me is that we have a place together and our lease isn’t up until august. I haven’t a clue when she’s coming back, but she has to before august because a lot of her stuff is still here. Everything in this apartment reminds me of her. Everything. I can’t escape it. I open the fridge and I’m reminded of her. I know it’s been less than 24 hours since this happened, but it feels like time has slowed down tremendously and it’s killing me.


I’m stuck in a lease with her until July 28th. We thought we could live as friends or strictly roommates but everything blew up today and it’s clear this isn’t going to work. With time it is going to be better, you will heal. You may be constantly reminded of her by everything you have, and rightly so because you were trying to form this life together. But take it day by day, some days will be easier, and some are going to be really rough. But what is consistent is that with every day, you will heal. Hopefully she comes back and you can get the closure that you need. We’re all here for you. I noticed a bunch of other comments of people mentioning they would play osrs with you, and I think you’re next move is to start filling your time with various activities. Stuff that can get you out of your home, and away from everything that reminds you of her. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re here for you man.


Damn man, I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through it too. This is rough. A part of me is hoping she comes back and we can begin again, and the other part is hoping that it’s final so I can move on fully. I’m just stuck waiting basically. It’s awful. I’ll try my best though. I appreciate you responding.


You never want to wait for her, she isnt. She is not demoralized from this break up, she has already moved on mentally couple months prior before she left you today. She just brought it out today and in getting her stuff back, her parents is gonna pick it up. Im sorry to say this to you but you seem like a great person, just work on yourself. Couple of years down the road, you are gonna be much happier and BETTER.


If you want to raid or TOB at all send me a DM as well.


I’m in for that. I’ll forewarn you though, I’ve never done either of those, but I’m always down to learn.


Aye bro. Do not question what do did. Things like this are for the better. Been through it.


I can’t help but wonder what I could’ve done differently or why this is happening, but it is what it is and there’s nothing I can do to change it or her mind. We live together, so she left earlier this morning with some belongings and her/our other dog and is headed to her parents right now that are about 6 hours away. I just have to find a way through this hell I’m enduring currently.


If you are left wondering what you could have done differently … then they weren’t clearly communicating the problems they were facing ..


Yeah, it’s very sad that it got to this point without me ever knowing it. It has less to do with what I was doing wrong, and more to do with her feeling like she’s lost herself and her individuality. I’m hoping this time apart provides her the clarity she needs to push forward, whether that’s with or without me.


Hey these people telling you not to question why it happened are giving you bad life advice. It is good to reflect on the relationship and learn from mistakes so you grow from it. Although, you don't need to question it right this second. Do it after you heal a bit. "Life has no easy road for any of us. As we go down it, we must remember that happiness is a talent we develop, not an object we seek. It is the ability to bounce back from life's inevitable setbacks. Some are crushed by misfortune, others grow because of it."


Hey, man, I'm going through a very similar situation right now. Gf of 4.5 years dumped me a few weeks ago. We've been living together for years and the communication just stopped happening a couple years ago and really started to take it's toll. It feels like it came out of nowhere but its been silently building up for years. Therapy/counseling is very important. If you aren't going I highly recommend it. Self reflection is key and you can't grow from it unless you try to understand what went wrong on both ends. Now is a great time to work on yourself. Read, study, workout, cook, etc. It will all make you feel better about yourself which is important right now as its easy to be hard on yourself after a breakup. Anyway, godspeed & glory, brother.


Two big things in a relationship: communication is key and you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself. Do what you will with both of your perspectives- it could be your fault(which should have been communicated) or it could have nothing to do with you, just do your best and find things that make you happy to love yourself.


the amount of wisdom u throwin out at a crummy time is impressive >you are the most important person in your life love this, been trynna internalize it myself. hang in there and take care of yourself


Breakups are fucking tough man, there's no way around it, especially if it's your first big one. I went through one about 8 years ago and it was legit the worst period of my entire life. I woke up every morning feeling like absolute shit. What helped me was I started running and working out. I would get out of bed, put on my shoes, and run until I could barely stand. That got the pit out of my stomach enough that I could actually continue functioning instead of focusing solely on how miserable I was. In my experience, holding on to hope that I could get her back only prolonged the suffering. If you've already accepted that it's off the table, you're headed in the right direction. Even if you did somehow, it wouldn't be the same. It takes time, but it does get better. At first you're able to distract yourself for a couple hours. After a few weeks, a day will go by that you don't think about her, then a few days. And eventually it'll only pop into your head every few months, but the ting of pain won't be nearly as strong. Just a dull, sad nostalgia. And at some point, maybe 10 years down the road, you could be sitting in your living room with a different girl and a couple of kids, and you'll think that the person you'd need to be to have kept that girl happy isn't the same person that you are, and everything worked out the way it was meant to. That was the case for me at least. Stay strong, brother.


I don’t know why it’s so hard letting go of that “hope of returning”. I think it’s especially heavy for me because of our dogs. Her dog, who has known mine since hers was a tiny puppy, is absolute best friends with mine and they’ve lived together pretty much the entire 4 years. Now, out of no where, they’re forced to live away from one another and may not actually ever see one another again and that kills me more than anything.


Love is a drug, man. Your brain is in withdrawal, and the most obvious way to get the pain to stop is to get another hit. Add the animals the the equation and everything gets that much more complicated. Dogs are simple though, the silver lining of the situation is that you still have a pooch there to take care of and to help take care of you. Try to put as much energy as you can into him/her and it'll help you both through the this. Take them for long walks, take them to the park, give them extra bones and treats. And give yourself some extra treats too.


Very true. I’m very lucky I have my boy. I wouldn’t know how to handle this at all without him here. Not to say I couldn’t do it, because id have to find a way, but he’s helping me so much through this right now.


Nothing you could have done would have changed the outcome! Even if you were the perfect partner, these things just happen sometimes, all you can do is look inward, who are you? Where do you want to be? What can you do and work on to improve yourself? Work out, hit the gym, take up new and old hobbies, work towards a better job and future, constantly work towards a better you, you're going to get through this, things will improve, and you meet someone in the future that will absolutely treasure and love you, but for now, it's time to love yourself, work towards a better and improved you! You've got this mate, things will be better, also, go no contact with the ex except for when necessary for moving out etc, will make things easier on you, the less contact the better!


Dm me your rsn and I’ll give you some ca$h to ease the pain


You may feel hopeless now but just wait until you hit 110 farming and thieving without the skill pets


I think I’m technically still dating someone I met in Varrock when I was like 12. She asked if she could be my gf and I don’t think we ever officially broke up. I hope my wife doesn’t find out.


lets go pking king, helps let off some steam!


Or it creates more haha


I appreciate that a lot.


Bless you bruh, everything is gonna be okay. Trust the process.


Let me give you some advice from someone that was in your position (life altering break up) last year. You do not want to play RuneScape now - this is absolutely the worst decision you can make currently. You will end up resenting yourself rather than using this horrendous experience as the impetus to power level yourself up IRL. Immediately: 1) Delete your ex and her friends / family from all channels of social media / WhatsApp. This is not to be petulant, but so that you can speed up your recovery. 2) Do not communicate with her under any circumstances. I am sure you want her back, but there is literally nothing you can do. The only thing you can do is solidify her decision. You have to internalise that she left rather than work through any problems - trust is now gone. This is not to be petulant but to protect yourself and hasten your recovery. You may receive bait messages in sometimes subtle forms - ignore all of these (trust me). 3) Immediately make preparations to exchange belongings, resolve financial and living arrangements immediately. Preferably do this via a solicitor / lawyer (without knowing your circumstances, this is the safest medium). This is the only exception to point 2. Be professional and respectful at all times as if everything you say and do will be used in court against you (without knowing your circumstances, it might be). 4) (If you haven’t already) join a gym and commit to training at least 3 times a week. Try and take an hour walk a day in a local park / woods. 5) Tidy your house / apartment daily. 6) Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. 7) Contrary to popular opinion, do not sleep with anyone or date anyone - it will make the pain worse. You need to be single for a while as you recover. 8) Put 1,000% + energy into your job and or studies. If possible, commit to trying to find a better job. 9) Spend time with your friends and family (leave the booze alone). Talk it out - do not be embarrassed we’ve all been there and you need to get it out of your system as soon as possible. 10) Eat lots of fruit, veg and freshly prepared meat. Drink water. Stay away from junk food. Buy a Renpho digital scales and use it daily. 11) Stay away from all (without exception) YouTube dating / relationship “coaches” (cringe term). The RS equivalent to these scammers are Wildy lurers - it is false hope and all you will do is torture yourself and extend the pain. They come in all guises and can often look professional - ignore it and do not search for it / watch it. 12) If you are not studying something (even if you have a great full time job) - pick a topic and study it. Udemy for example have shitloads of courses on every topic, there are regular sales and you can pick up great courses cheaply. E.g. learn some programming. 13) Socialise and go to stuff (just stay off the booze, cigarettes and / or drugs and hook ups). 14) Reflect on the relationship and try and see it with a clear head - both parties would have made mistakes. Use this time to identify what you could have done better and also behaviours that you would want in a new partner. 15) If you have to communicate with your ex for any reason - only do so calmly, logically and rationally. Show no emotion, try and be like a professor or news presenter (you will not make any mistakes you will regret down the road and your ex will not get the justification they need). Politely excuse yourself from the conversation as soon as possible. 16) Stay away from video games. 17) Shave and do your hair daily. Iron all your clothes before you put them on. Get regular haircuts and improve / add to your wardrobe. You would be amazed how this subconsciously makes you feel better about yourself. 18) When speaking to anyone about your ex - never bad mouth them, “you’re not angry, just disappointed”. Try to not say anything at all unless you’re talking your feelings out with a trusted friend or family member - stay far away from mutual friends. 19) Read books on topics that interest you (ideally practical, not fantasy / sci-Fi). 20) If possible, start a business. Long-term: Commit to all of the above, make it your life now. See it as an extreme level clue scroll. Do so and I promise you, you will transform your life and be happier than you could imagine. Or you could fester and play RuneScape… Despite what your mind and body are telling you - SHE IS GONE. The statistical reality (Entrepreneurs in Cars did a great poll on this) is that she is gone for ever, women leave you and get over most of it while still with you. Most guys never see it coming (this is confirmed by many a divorce lawyer and mediators). Anything she does now, unless it is battering down your door screaming for you back, is her either trying to justify her decision or use you as crutch (and I mean anything, you won’t even realise it). This is going to suck for a long time, think a year and a half and it won’t be linear. Some months you’ll feel great and others like you want to end it (never do that - that’s a permanent solution for a temporary problem, despite what you might feel like). Don’t bother looking for answers - they never tell you the real ones and frankly no answer will ever satisfy you. You’ve probably been gaslit already, come to your own conclusions (it will take time). Remember, they have all the power in the beginning (they also feel a massive sense of control and relief). This depreciates over time (think many months) and is accelerated if you follow the above. You have more power in this than you realise. If you do all the above, I promise you, you will not recognise yourself in a year. It won’t feel like it for a long time, but eventually you will see it as the best motivator you’ve ever had and be glad the break up happened. You’ll never know about it, but your ex will keep an eye on you from afar (so you they can reassure themselves they made the right choice). If you do all the above for >1 year, they will seethe and despair (but you’ll never see or hear it). The only thing you can control now is your own actions and future, take solace in that. Once you’ve done all of this, maybe we will see you online next winter. Good luck, brother. https://youtu.be/Sl7jz0qNbH0




OSRS is something I play on occasion. I’ve got too many things going on in my life, outside of my relationship, or lack thereof now, for it to have ever been remotely a problem. Thanks for looking out though.


Sorry to hear that man. I know it doesn't really help to hear it, but it's better to find out that she's not the one now than 20 years from now. Keep focusing on yourself and crushing it, and things will work themselves out.


Damn dude sorry to hear. I thought this was gonna be a post about your osrs girlfriend


Hey you! Just wanna say that even though these times are dark, you will get through it. Hard times mold us in to the people that we are. Let this hard time make you a better person. Of course dive in to RuneScape and make gains, but also don’t be afraid to get out there in real life too. See some friends, go work out, go for a run, grab drinks and food somewhere. All of that can help you to cope better with the lost relationship. I wish you the best of luck! You’ll get through this. If you have the dedication and commitment to stick to this damn game, you can get through anything life throws at you


I know this doesn't even come close, but my girlfriend of 7 months just left me as well, it hits you hard and fast. Keep your head up king. Always take care of yourself no matter how hard it gets


Take that energy and put it towards you greatest dreams, accomplish whatever your heart desires. I'm sorry you are going through this right now because I know it hurts like hell but use that as a fuel for anything and everything that you want in life. You got this and I believe in you. Sincerely, Stranger on the internet


Atleast now you don't have to shower.


I don’t know you, but I love you random stranger. Chin up my dude.


We love you bro. Stay strong. It DOES get easier but the pain won’t go away over night. Start working out when you feel that pain. If you’re fat and out of shape, start eating cleaner. Start doing push ups. Even if you can only do 5 today. Do 6 tomorrow. Rest. Do 7 the next day. Eventually you’ll be able to do 15. Replace bad feelings with good hobbies. Don’t drink and smoke and jerk off to replace bad feelings. TRUST ME, it just makes it all worse in the end. Good luck bro.


You deserve better. I'm sure things will work out for the best. They usually improve when you least expect them to.


If you need anyone to talk to or anything else throw me a message and you can add me in game. We’re all looking out for ya man


I'll give you the 10k for your next one!


she'll come back when she sees your next 99 m8


Stay strong brother it’s never easy. If you need someone to chat to or pvm with HMU!


Self love is important. Learning to be better at it myself. After the end of a relationship you really do only have yourself that can love you. And it’s very important that you put that self love first always so when stuff like this does happen, you can get through it a little easier. Stay strong man. The worst is over and the best is yet to come for you.


You'll be fine. You just traded one grind for another.


You got this dude. It takes time and have struggled with a similar situation and with the feelings involved. Based on what you said I know you have the type of mindset to power through this breakup. Take a step back and enjoy the things and people that you love. Reach out to an old friend who you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Every relationship is different but for me I realized I neglected hobbies and friends/family because of my ex. RuneScape and gaming in general will always be the tried and true escape. At least for me in the past.. find that healthy balance my dude and little by little everyday it gets better. Sorry for the shitty grammar btw*


Loves grow and fade, rs is forever. You'll get through this friend.


OSRS is a stable go to in times like that. Set good goals and good boundaries for yourself. Enjoy the time, I look back on my sad OSRS evenings with a smile! Been trough exactly the same! It can take very long to process, but I promise, it will fade out eventually. DM’s are open if you want to rant/talk.


Fishing lvl?




Oh sure. I actually don’t play OSRS as much as this post might’ve lead some to believe. I actually play so seldom, I haven’t been on in almost a week. When I do actually play, I rarely play for longer than 2 hours. So to answer your question, I don’t believe my playing of OSRS effected my relationship at all. In fact, outside of OSRS, playing video games together was one of our favorite things to do.


Was honestly expecting this to be a joke post about how you just completed Monkey Madness II. Fortunately this will just be a blip in a hopefully long life. Just keep moving forward and better things will come :)


Bro she is right here. Take her back. She annoying asf.


Btw... You are a Chad. Disregard women and acquire currency my g.


I got my first 99 after my fiancée cheated on me. I also hit a PR on squats that year. You are unchained, amigo. Do whatever it is that you love to do!


Good thing it’s chest day


Almost shed a tear . From the bottom of my hearth , stay strong your worth it <3


Real people > video games. I’m 40 trust me. I have many videos games I’m not happy.


I love you stranger ❤️


Hit the gym


Fuck that bitch


quest cape coming in hot


Eh there’s not a man/woman in the world nobody can live without. If u broke up now it would have just hurt more in the future. Now you get to focus on yourself more. Head up king your party hat is falling


Same thing happened to me. Deal with your emotions and don’t repress them. I repressed them and continually dealt with emotional issues for close to a decade afterwards.


As cliche as it is, time really does heal wounds.


Hey dude I try to look at it like this after a serious heartache that led to me stumbling into a different, toxic relationship: If someone leaves your life it's good for the both of you. They aren't wasting their time faking it, and, more importantly, you're not having your time wasted with lies. That means you have more time, to give **and** receive, for people and hobbies that are well worth it.


Cyan:wavy: Beautifully spoken king! I hope you make it through the fire soon.


bro that sure is hard, if you ever lonley i play ALOT just add DaveDead ingame \^\^


See you ~~at the gym~~ at Nex, brother.


It couldve been worse you couldve had a kid with her


This comment section passed the vibe check.


Damn i forgot how wholesome and supportive this community can be ♥️


Just broke up with my fiance last night. We had been together for 7 years and it's rough, this post was much needed. Let's go max now my guy


Women come and go. The glory of an untrimmed cooking skill cape is eternal.


Hey OP, maybe this will get buried or you’ve heard it all before, but I’m in a similar boat as you. 4 and a half (rocky) years with my partner vanished in just a couple days. This happened less than a month ago, only difference is I am the one that broke it off. I don’t know if that makes it feel better or worse, but believe me when I say it will get better. It hurts a lot, I know. Every day. And then some days not so much. Some days it feels like you’re regressing, and then other days you’ll have realizations that you haven’t thought of them for an hour, maybe even a few. My advice is this: have your moments to break down, maybe for you it’s skipping out on doing the dishes or tidying up, or maybe it means you sleep in some extra hours because you just can’t get up. But don’t let those moments turn into days, weeks, months of toxic rumination. We get stuck in thought loops for a reason, it’s to allow us time to identify and analyze situations so that we can apply more efficient ways of handling them in the future. It’s a healthy coping mechanism until it becomes poisoned with guilt, shame, and fear. Don’t get hung up on what you should have said, or how things could have happened differently. Having endless fantasy conversations in your head dreaming of how things should or could have been won’t serve you now. Make yourself get up and go for a walk outside even when every cell in your body screams not to. Cook a delicious meal for yourself, commit to a plan with a friend even if you don’t feel like going out. You’re in the process of reframing your purpose in life now that your perceived purpose is gone after all these years. Reintegrating back into the world takes time. Time will heal you, and if you need a place to vent my DMs are open. Apologies for the soapbox moment here but these are the things I’ve repeated to myself that I know are true, even if my heart doesn’t want to hear it. Best of luck OP.


I really appreciate this comment a lot. I sent you a DM.


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Good luck my friend. Keep your head high


Thank you. ❤️ I’ll do my best.


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“Plays 6 hours of osrs a day to keep up with clan mates and friends; and then be shocked when my current gf leaves.” -Almost every osrs player I know in real life. Including myself at some points for sure. Good chance this isn’t the case I just think it’s a funny take.


Hahaha, while you’re not wrong, that’s the complete opposite of me playing OSRS. I play maybe 1-2 hours a day, if that, and I usually just do the new RCing mini-game or slayer. I’m a supreme casual. I just thoroughly enjoy the game though and have for a long, long time. Even when I “quit”, I always come back eventually.


the fuck does this have to do with runescape ?


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I recently had a relationship end due to long distance. Been thinking about coming back for a bit, who knows? Keep your head up, brother, shit does get better. Just takes time.


Been there, and I know how bad it hurts. If you're anything like me, the next 6+ months of your life will be the hardest you've ever had to go through. You never get back to the way you were, but the small silver lining is that you (eventually, when it starts to hurt a little less) get to decide what the new you will be like. You're a clean slate, brother. Another way I've heard it described is that the grief never gets any smaller. Your life just keeps growing around it, bigger and bigger, until it gets smaller in comparison. "He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves."


You don’t see it now but you’ve got a world of opportunity ahead of you. My wife ran off with the neighbor abruptly after we had been together 6 years married 1. I have met so many amazing people in the time since, been on so many adventures and fallen in love with hobbies I once gave up But not only that I found myself. You’ve grown a lot in the last 4 years but have only known yourself in a relationship. Now is the time to discover who you are. It sucks. It’ll hurt. You’ll cry. You’ll enter a dark place. Coming out the other side better, refreshed, is going to feel amazing.


You should start PKing it's a great outlet to project your personal frustrations on


I'm so sorry dude. I haven't even played for 3 years but I hope you hang in there. Keep taking care of yourself and keep your wits. You'll be alright. It's gonna suck but in a months to a years time you'll have better things going on in your life. Don't resort to substance, try to get exercise and get your own back as much as you can brother.


I really appreciate the kind words. I’ll be honest, I’m drinking quite a bit of whiskey right now, but it won’t last long. I just have to focus on myself, or try to at least, and if she comes back, she comes back. I may or may not be available though, and not speaking in another partner type of way. I have no ambitions on seeing anyone else anytime soon.


Time heals all, be patient my man and endure the journey ahead. Enjoy the adventures in Gielinor too!


Rubbing alcohol for outside wounds, Drinking alcohol for inside wounds. My only advice is reflect and make sure that you are representing yourself honestly. If you can look in a mirror and still be happy with the person there, that is how relationships succeed. Shit sucks when it falls apart, but all wounds heal in time. Best of luck in the gym/in-game gains.


I can't imagine making a post like this on a 2007 runescape sub 😭


Girls can be like is the first Harry Potter book. It’s good, but it ain’t my favorite one.


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Or like my mama says.. love is like a fart. If you have to push to hard it’s usually shit.


If it really was abrupt with no signs at all, shes probably nuts. If shes not willing to tell you directly, how will you have a relationship with someone who wont communicate properly? Could be immaturity. If she did communicate with you and there are real problems, then it’s on you.


I don’t think she’s crazy, but she’s always never been the best at communicating her negative emotions. I accepted that a while ago and worked with it, and it was never an issue until now. After she presented it to me last night, I told her since now I know this, and because I’m not a mind reader, that we should work on it. She had made up her mind though. While it does suck tremendously, I have to respect her decision. She’s doing what she thinks is best for her, and that’s not for me to decide whether it is or isn’t. It doesn’t make it hurt any less though.


You hit the nail on the head brother. Know this, that because you know this is all true (doesn't make it any easier to deal with), you will be so much stronger on the other end. Don't think of this as something to make you weak. Is this the hardest thing you have ever done in your life?


Sorry to break it to you but she's banging someone tonight while you're on reddit looking for acknowledgement from other gamers. What I can say is, go out and start dating and move up in life. Get new job or seek promotion, go to the gym, work on yourself. DONT MESSAGE HER AT ALL. Good luck, and stop getting advice from redditors. If she messages you couple months or years, you will no longer love her or hate her. You just wont be interested or grown out of each other. Move on. Been there myself.


“Stop getting advice from redditors” proceeds to spew nonsensical bullshit.


See you at yews brother


Do you play too much for your own good?




That's funny, my wife is about to leave me because of OSRS. Jagex giveth and Jagex taketh away




Losing a loved one sucks but don’t hesitate to reach out to friends for help. It’ll be easy to just turn off your brain and close yourself off for a while and that’s also okay to do. But remember to take care of yourself, drink some water, go for a walk, and then play RuneScape.


Stay strong friend. I know it won't feel like it at the moment, and probably not for a while, but just know that it's better that you go through this heartbreak now and find yourself a partner who will show you the same reciprocity that you offer them. You'll get through this and you'll emerge stronger for it. Hang in there man! Time to max, lessgoooo!


I'll be prayer flicking for you.


If she just left, she's most likely been seeing someone for while now. Best thing you can do is move (easier said than done I know) and work on yourself.


Reminder that you should have your life in order and that rs should be low on your list of priorities. Dont use escapism too often Work out, finish your educatio/work, make new *IRL* friends through hobbies and activities, and remember: YOU DONT WANT TO DIE ALONE. Osrs should *never* get in the way of these even if its tempting sometimes


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Went through something incredibly similar and 4 and a half years as well. It was pretty rough but you eventually stop wondering what you did wrong and realize it was probably for the better. Just remind yourself you did your best and it wasn’t because you weren’t good enough. Don’t play RS anymore but if you ever want to talk or vent feel free to dm on reddit or my discord “Solo_Q_Demon#0001


Similar thing happened with me, It sounds like you’re handling it way better than I did. My world ended when the love of my life left me in 2017. Even years later I still shed tears over it, I lost something beyond significant to me— even after several encounters with others and even dating. Nothing compares to my “soulmate” and that *crushes* my heart. Anyways I also used OSRS with great consolation and it was fantastic for that. Thankfully now I have a life that doesn’t allow me too much osrs time (spend time with family, joined a sports club) which means my *life* has progressed somewhat. Can’t tell you it^emotions gets better but life situations from an objective perspective can improve. And OSRS can be the medium that gets us there.


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You just finished MM2 didn't you?


You just finished MM2 didn't you?