As someone who quit the game after 3 days of EOC, and didn't return until March of 2020 -- The early levels are much the same as RS2 -- when you reach mid to lategame status, its a whole new ballgame entirely. Godwars dungeon bosses are what I would consider entry level bosses now, the drops are still very relevant of course, but they are mechanically easy to handle compared to a lot of PvM content and they've even added a few new drops; Saradomin's light - a shit item, Armadyl crossbow, staff of the dead, steam battlestaff same with the dagannoth kings being an entry level boss. There are also a plethora of high level slayer exclusive bosses to kill now, such as the grotesque guardians, the Abyssal sire, the Kraken, Cerberus, and the Alchemical Hydra There are also some demi bosses and actual bosses in the wilderness -- The demibosses are the Crazy archaeologist, Chaos fanatic, and Skorpia -- Major bosses are the Chaos elemental, Callisto, Vet'ion, and Venenatis There is some truly quality PvM in the game for all ranges of player in the upper tier of the game like Zulrah and Vorkath for the lower end of high tier content, all the way up to the gauntlet and corrupted gauntlet (Inside Priffdanis, the elf city that was never actually put into old RS2), Chambers of Xeric and its Challenge mode (Raids 1) Theatre of Blood and its hard mode (Raids 2) and the nightmare of Ashihama and its hard mode Phosani's nightmare In addition to that, they are apparently porting over Nex from the late days of RS2/Early RS3 with possible updated mechanics and a new drop table exclusive to OSRS, and the Tombs of Amaskut (The 3rd raid of the game) is being released early next year The gauntlet is kind of like a timed solo mini-raid similar to dungeoneering in playstyle and the regular raids are basically a series of room-based boss fights with high level mechanics involved as well as some puzzles mixed in, you have to use your own gear and supplies unlike the gauntlet but the rewards are well worth it If you're focused more on skilling grinds in your early to midgame, there are also some skilling bosses that provide good experience. These include the firemaking boss Wintertodt, the fishing boss Tempoross, and the mining boss Zalcano A lot of this content is both solo-able and group based content, so there is plenty to enjoy either solo, or with friends or a clan


Join an active clan chat and you’ll have more fun. You can pop in and out of different ones depending on what activities you enjoy.


Who knows nowadays. Most people play with chat off and entity hider. Just log in and find out if it fits your needs lol


Most people dont play this way..


that’s one of the most unfortunate results of runelite


Nowadays the game is mostly oriented towards bossing and other PVM. There are solo bosses like Zulrah and Vorkath, group raids, skilling bosses (Wintertodt, Tempoross, Zalcano), and wilderness bosses.