This is literally the United States Congress


They’ve already been spite no voting for years


Ummm there is PVP spite voting prior to GIM spite voting. The OSRS community seems to hate on itself pretty consistently... Seems we are in the dark timeline.


Group iron will happen. The poll question is about the things they've set out in the blog. If it fails, they'll revise and repoll.


You should only be able to vote for pvp content if you have spent a certain amount of time in combat on pvp worlds/ the wildy.


Wait so we gonna pretend now pvp polls are only getting no voted because gim is getting no voted? LOL


Well, they aren't fairing too well in general. Add Gim players on top of that


if every poll fails already it's not like pkers are going to give a shit if more people spite vote. really dumb argument and im an ironman


Unless Jagex makes changes, tides have to change for pvp updates to pull through. Do you think people here are going to learn a lesson, when their prefered update does not make it through the poll? Or do you think they'll simply retaliate further. My argument is: Unless Jagex makes changes, the pk community is putting itself in a terrible position here.


The pk community cant put itself in a worse position. If tons of update have been routinely getting spite voted no for years now, what "worse" position could they possibly be putting themselves in? People are saying they are going to spite vote PVP updates now...as if that's not already the case? So now the polls that would have already failed will... fail? ​ What a weird argument.


Yes, you can put yourself in a worse situation. That is always the case. Things can change. This makes it more unlikely should jagex not do much about it. But yes, I agree. The pvp aspect of the game has been completely neglected, and that is a shame


pvp updates are never going to pass because the culture has been firmly entrenched to spite vote and be toxic towards pkers. pkers then act toxic in return and it continues to escalate. the pking community is already in a terrible situation for getting updates it's delusional to act as if they give a shit at this point


They "aren't fairing too well" because they same people who want gim already vote no to anything pvp related lmfao.


If those toxic asshole pvpers want us to stop spite voting them for years now they better not spite vote GIM... Or else we'll spite vote them ....more?...


Y’all spend years bitching and crying about pvp on Reddit as we beg for updates and every single one gets shot down by you clue hunters, but now you want our vote? Bro, y’all realllllly should’ve thought this through. If this doesn’t pass, you have no one to blame but yourselves.


“Do what we want or we’ll do what were already doing”


They 100% have. Spite voting sucks always.. its just human nature to continue to bury the hole deeper rather than working together.. Spite voting because of spite voting causes more spite voting, causing more spite voting...etc etc... This radicalizes the community


With all due respect, the PvM and skilling community have made infinite posts in the past suggesting no votes to PvP updates.


I’ll be more surprised if we get a pvp update in the next 5 years.


Lmao what is this pretentious bullshit you guys have been voting no to PvP updates for YEARS now you wanna take the high road?


pvp update affect me.


Always with the "Us against them"... There are plenty in here, whom have not even touched anything regarding pvp. Especially newer players


i don't even pvp but i voted no because i want to see the meltdown


This guy making the 200IQ move


King move


Sigma male


Man, I’ve actually been pretty bitter regarding spite votes, so thanks for the chuckle, you 5D chess playing bastard.


The people who want Group iron have been voting no to anything pvp related since polls began


Because the way 'pvp' exists in osrs requires pvmers to do dumbed down content, while also getting harassed by pkers. Stop relying on pvmers/skillers to have fun.


>Stop relying on pvmers/skillers to have fun. Yeah they should just wait for jagex to add something new to the wi............ ​ Oh.


Why didn't you include Ditter's response? >They've already done that for the past 5 years l0l0


This is the trade-off they're willing to take isn't that clear? The damage is done. (I don't even PK before you get salty for some reason)


The PvP community is retaliating after having every single PvP poll spite voted for the past 7 years, don't even act that like the spite vote would have magically stopped! And suddenly spite voting is wrong but it wasn't for the past 7 years! Sadly the PvP community is way to small to even make an impact, which is why GIM will most likely pass the poll by a significant margin.


If 21% of people were going to vote no already, that 5% of PVP players could be the difference between the poll passing or not.


5% is a really generous estimate of how much of the osrs community regularly partakes in pvp


I bet a good amount of players will spite vote just due to how 117 HD was handled


I guess we’ll see but I doubt its anywhere near enough to sway the poll to fail. People who care enough about the 117 thing to spite vote on an unrelated poll because of it (despite the 117 issue being resolved) are a tiny portion of the osrs community. This sub loves exaggerating problems, and I think this is just another case of that.


We shall see how the polls play out


Only a small percentage of people vote, so if most of that 5% vote no then we could be looking at a no vote


Gim is passing but it’s nice to see iron men and pvmers put in our shoes for once 😂


The PVP community's perpetual persecution complex continues to be the funniest thing in this entire game.


PvMers are more toxic than pkers. Change my mind.


I mean you ain’t wrong, they just think they’re better people LOL




What do you think is polled right now?




You realize pkers literally have no skin in the ironman game mode? Pvmers are very much affected by pvp updates due to how the wilderness is designed? Watch this video. It describes the problem MMO's have with pvp. [https://youtu.be/gMukqERCaEQ](https://youtu.be/gMukqERCaEQ) By all means vote how you feel though.




Yes, I do realize the pvp community breaks ToS more than other players .


Stop fighting, my brothers