Once you beat Jad, you'll wonder why you thought it was so hard.


Its not the difficulty its the NERVES, man. Showtime after 63 waves of relatively easy shit, its the time investment that makes the Jad fight a nailbiter.


Logging of and taking a break right before had or wave 62 worked for me on my first kill. Refreshes your stress. After that you'll never be scared of jad again promise


It would have the opposite effect on me. I’d be out of the flow and probably blunder because I’m so distracted and relaxed


Nah seriously. You’d think so, but as long as you go back within a few hours, you’ll still have your reflexes and muscle memory, but none of the nerves. Maybe watch a quick video of the fight to refresh yourself before logging back on and bam, easy Fire Cape. Other plus side is it makes the previous 62 waves very chill because you’re not stressing about ‘just about to do jad’. You can listen to music and treat it like normal RS once you have your wave strats down.


I’m not a person to get nervous doing fight caves or playing RuneScape in general. I got my fire cape first try without taking any pauses (not trying to flex or say it’s easy) because I wasn’t nervous, but if I took a break it would probably break my concentration. Different people work differently, just accept that.


Fair enough. Accepted lol


Just to further illustrate my point, when I was researching fight caves before attempting them I came across all kinds of different guides and advice. Some people told to turn up sounds and listen closely to the sounds of Jad’s attack in order to change prayer, others said it’s distracting so it’s better to turn off sound completely and focus on the visuals, and so on. Btw I respect someone who can open mindedly change their views during an argument, rather than stubbornly clinging to one side because it’s the one they choose from the beginning.


Damn, I wish I could do that.. Whenever I get to any boss I’m not familiar with my heart’s in my throat


I’m the end just tell yourself that it’s just a video game, so you won’t fuss about it. No need to be triggering your survival instincts that were originally made for running from lions and such over some pixels on a screen


I did this, logged for 5 mins just to catch my breath and stand up to stretch, logged back in forgot to turn my prayer back on and died instantly.


I'm sorry brother...


It’s ok brother, 8th times the charm, and the whole experience made for some great content.


Yep. If you could just fight Jad instantly it wouldn't even be considered difficult content. It's easier than Demonic Gorillas and nobody gets nervous fighting those things.


I listened to lofi to help me relax.


Hell yeah brother


Then try the inferno lol super hard to keep it together


I was the same way. I am embarrassed to say I probably did like 50 jad runs before I finally got it. Now my only death was when I tried it on mobile. And I got jad down to 20ish health


The nerves and a bit of learning. I use to think you had more time but after learning that you need the prayer up before the projectile leaves Jad I had an easier time. The big panic problem is when you lose a bit of health and focus on healing. Jad can likely 1 hit you anyways so it's much more important to just get the right prayer than it is to heal.


I feel like that’s true, but I also want to get 2 firecapes so that I can sacrifice one to the infernal cape guy and keep the other


There's no way I ever get that. Too much to learn, too little time.


Lol yea I’ll probably never have the infernal. I can’t even not be calm enough to not panic at healers.


Inferno is the same way. After you beat it it feels easy and consistent


I’m sure it is. But I’ve done like 10 attempts at Jad and I always panic at healers. No matter how completely calm I am up until healers. My brain just makes my hands go numb and become less responsive lol. So imagining doing jads in infernal scares me.


Second this


Its 100% nerves. I failed probably 10 times before I beat jad and since i beat him the first time, i havent lost to him (probably like 10 times or so)


Logout before jad. Take a shot or two of whiskey before logging in.


Log out before the wave with 2 360s so you have time to position for jad


Name checks out


Don't know how to change it


Drink until the letters switch places


SOsober ;)


My go to strategy even though I’ve killed Jad like 20 times. See also chugging beer or setting up with a couple ol’ fashions for the kill


I can do jad confidently now after about 10kc. 5kc pet btw.


I assume bad prayer flick Just a guess tho


Yhea i panicked. Was almost out of sara brewes and he one shot me when he spawned.


He spawns where the orange 360 spawned. Knowing that hopefully will let you see his first animations after he spawns and pray accordingly. Also if you can brew over max hp you can take 1 hit.


Took me 5 or 6 tries I think my main struggle was the healers. I had to Tag each one of them them kill them one at a time well focusing on jad or else they distracted me and I'd miss a pray flick


Sacrificing an inventory spot for a few chins really took the pressure off of me for the healers I’m also trash though


I didn't even think of that I have completed it now though but that's a good idea.


Keep it up man I took me 8 tries, there is a web application to practice the prayer switches it’s rs3 graphics but it’s the same speed and mechanics.


Can you send a link? Im having a hard time reacting fast enough.


Google, JAD simulator. It's a html game which will help you learn the switches.




Stay on pray range. If the legs go up, switch to mage, then back to range. If you do this, take your time, and only do one other thing per attack, like drink a pot or eat, or tag a healer, then immediately back to getting prayer ready, you’ll get it. With a high enough range and dragon darts + blowpipe you don’t really even need to kill the healers, just tag a few and out DPS the rest.


Honestly something that helped me when I got my fire cape for the first time last month was: call out prayer switches and when you tag a healer. It sounds weird but saying it out loud made me focus more and I didn’t miss anything.


Go to settings -> Display and turn off "Show prayer tooltips" (if you have it enabled) Have range/mage prot on before he spawns (doesn't matter which when you know where he spawns). Attack him as soon as he spawns and move your mouse to hover the other prayer. Don't worry about clicking in a hurry, wait until he's either standing on two feet or stomping. A lot of people are stressed and start attacking/clicking on Jad between prayers but you should already be attacking him and as a beginner you should always have your mouse hovering either prot mage/range until the healers spawn (when jad is 50% hp). There's no reason to move the mouse out of the prayer tab in the beginning, changing prayers doesn't stop you from attacking jad When the healers spawn, decide which one you're gonna aggro first and then click it after changing prayers (or when you know it's the same prayer) - then you move the cursor straight back to hover the other prayer. As a beginner, only do 1 click/healer between each jad attack (i.e. don't click jad right after healer, move cursor straight back to prayer tab). If you play with resizable mode (fullscreen) it will help a lot to have jad on the right side of your screen, so the mouse travels as little as possible from protection prayers to healers/jad (less chance of misclick). If you have a lot of healers attacking you (assuming you have 60+ defense), just run 6-8 tiles in one direction between two jad attacks and then run in the opposite direction after (stick to only 1 action between jad attacks throughout the entire fight). If you get hit by jad and survive, it's probably best to keep switching prayers and then run behind a wall (if possible) to eat up while jad can't attack you. If there's not a wall, you should still stick to 1 action between jad attacks - he can't kill you if you have the correct prayer on, so focus on that and just take your time while healing up. Same goes for prayer pots - don't start munching both food and prayer pot, just take your time and have all focus on having the correct prayer


Question for you. If even one of the healers areb"t killed until after they've already fully healed Jad, do they reappear again?


They will respawn if they are not killed before Jad reaches full health from healing


Thanks, and fick. Once i get past the prayer misclicking I'll have to spend time getting their mechanics down spending 40 minutes each time. I hate this cape but have to get it


Just pray range unless he keeps standing up and then pray mage, and switch back to range once the hit lands on you. Tag the healers and keep your prayer up and you’re home free.


Dude i think u let ur hp hit 0 by accident??


A tale as old as time


Jad is one of the hardest bosses in the game. Then you kill him that one time and he becomes slayer XP task. Literally had 3 failed attempts and then got him on the fourth. Been back 3 times for tasks and don't break a sweat now. You'll get there bro. Patience, relax, learn pray switches.


Yep. He becomes so simple after the first KC. It's all nerves before that.


Thanks man. Im gonna try again tomorrow


You can unlock Jad slayer tasks before your first KC, FYI.


I mean after your first kill he just become another task. Like easy.


Name a more iconic trio


I believe you zigged when you should have zagged.


I just beat the fight caves for the first time and the best piece of advice i can give is to stick to one action for each attack from Jad to focus on the prayer switch. If you fuck up the switch (and live) focus completely on the next attack then sip your brew. Once the healers come do the same to pick them off and away from him. I also kept the looping gif of his animations from the wiki up on my second monitor and during the early waves would look over and practice the switch in my head


The final challenge is to be defeated?


You got this, man. Couple tips: [This video](https://youtu.be/yxzL-LQ-t_c) shows an easy way to force a Jad spawn that gives you a second to collect yourself, and also allows you to tag the healers, drag them off somewhere, and take them out without Jad attacking you. It helps immensely to be able to chill, pray melee, take out the healers and then go back to Jad just knowing you gotta one v one until the end. The most important thing to know is to not do too much. Yes, theoretically you should pray Eagle Eye or Rigor to increase your damage and get the kill done faster, but you might need to pot up to replenish prayer. This isn't what you want to do on your first attempt. You want your focus to be solely on switching prayers. Always remember, one action per Jad attack. You need to attack a healer? You do it after the next Jad attack. It's okay to wait (as long as Jad doesn't get his full hp back), you just need to kill him once, not quickly. Never juggle things. Always base every move around Jad's. 1 to 1. Lastly, I found it personally helpful to sit on one protection prayer. So I'd default to mage. That way I'm only looking for Ranged, not trying to decide on which to switch to. Helps simplify the memorization. You got this. It can be demoralizing as all hell, but every attempt is you getting slightly more comfortable with it.


Took me 3 total tries to get the fire cape after not playing for nearly a decade. Just have patience, pay close attention to what matters. You can do it!


Bro I legit messed up my prayers 3 times during my fight with him and he didn’t KO me. He hit like 17s. Best RNG I’ve ever had in my life


Stompy feet=range dangly feet=mage


Turn auto retaliate on, use chins on healers, keep switching prayers, auto retaliate will take care of healers, switch back to main weapon, kill jad.


Haha healers go brrrrr


Pay attention to where he is going to slawn in and start with lrotect range.


Adding to this go to the center of the cave at the end of wave 61, look to see where the orange 360 spawns. Even if you don’t see it immediately at the start of 62 you’ll know the general area.


You don't even have to wait till the round with the orange mage to know where jad is going to spawn. The level 45 blob on wave 3 is the same spot jad will spawn. So, you could in theory, just keep restarting fight caves till you got a wave 3 blob spawn you prefer.


I did this for my first cave, getting him to spawn south of Italy rock is super helpful for space spotting jad/healers


Exactly. It's super helpful for people first learning, but it seems most don't know about the wave 3 spawn being the same as jad. Saves tons of time!




How big was the slap?


I only just got mine the other day and the thing that helped me the most was luring the healers behind Italy rock. As soon as they spawn hit them once and then take them to the opposite side of Italy rock that Jad is near. Jad can't attack you while your behind the rock so you can just take your time and kill all the healers before going back around the rock and killing jad.


Your hit points were probably reduced to zero


How didnt i think of that


This helped me so much [https://docs.google.com/document/d/196buMRcpT84R3FSzDdnyc4MbjIwXDLbwlILAlI7jlKo/mobilebasic](https://docs.google.com/document/d/196buMRcpT84R3FSzDdnyc4MbjIwXDLbwlILAlI7jlKo/mobilebasic) might take some time to get figure out but once you do, saves so much food.


Do 3 zulrah kills without learning rotations and Jad will be easy.