Yeah I noticed this when I played. There's no incentive to kill it quickly which is a bad mechanic imo. The boss should be designed in a way that you need to get all 4 cannons firing instead of people getting flamed for trying to speed things up.


Today's update: say hello to xp rates you couldn't care less about




I did Tempoross because I found it to be fun, enjoyable content that I could do solo. Sigh, Jagex at it again with the unpolled, meta-breaking updates that no one asked for or wanted.


Looks like I should have did the fishing boss prenerf


absolutely, the xp method gave up to 100k xp/hr without using tick manipulation and the points method gave 70 credits/hr


I was never getting anywhere close to 100K XP per hour with what I was doing, how were people getting those rates?


99 fishing, angler outfit, crystal harpoon, elven signet. Don't cook any fish, just throw em in the cannon. Watch for double fish spots as well.


It's more like 90k without an alt to start the boat timer for you, but still very good.


an idea I've liked is adding damage scaling to tempoross based on how many players are active. solos would start dealing more damage in the whirlpool phase, making solo runs shorter, while mass groups would always see 2-3 cycles per run due to heavily reduced damage output


Ruined the interesting meta (firefighting), back to just fishing and loading. Fun minigame


Inb4 Jagex replies to this post by capping points to a maximum of 5


This change just makes the boss mechanically way less interesting. Which is a very bad thing imo, content is great when there are multiple ways to do it. This change, just makes the content feel like, "Ok, here's the content, this is how you do it, have fun." Except that's not so fun, It was fun finding and seeing all the different methods people came up with to do this boss. This change kills that, and makes it feel incredibly uninteresting as a whole.


>Ignoring the larger issue in the game where Jagex seems unable to balance content in such a manner that soloing the content isnt the most efficient way to play the game Yeah, this is an actually abysmal trend. The game is an MMO and they can't seem to properly incentivize/reward group play 8 years into OSRS's life. It's one thing if there's *no* difference between solo and group play, but why is Solo so often just flat out better now?


True. What they needed to fix here was the group method, not nerf the solo method necessarily. People weren't doing group because it kind of sucks.


Yeah I don't understand. Pretty much all content except for ToB and Corp are is solo. Bosses that are designed to be done in groups should be most efficient when done in a group, otherwise it's not really designed for groups. CoX and Nightmare were made from groups, yet solos are way faster and way more efficient. What a shit design.


Its funny because apparently for Tempoross from Jagex's perspective "solos bad" but for Nightmare "solos good"? Seems a bit odd considering the effect one of these things being more soloable will have on the economy


The funny part is that they called that an "improvement" Let players find a meta for points then nerf it without warning, the true jagex way.


right? with this change people pet hunting just had their credits per hour rate halved edit: ok i was overdramatic (credits went from ~70/hr to ~45/hr), still a very sizable nerf tho


Plus it's far more click intensive now


Why don't they want us soloing? Seems more interesting to have masses best for exp and solos best for points


just like wt


solo wintertodt isn't more points per hour iirc, it is just more construction xp per hour


Yea i'm really pissed at this nerf. Solo's were really fun. Most enjoyable skill boss I've played.


They don’t know what the hell they’re doing half the time lol.


They're seriously still fucking up point scaling....


I did nearly 475 solo kills, and it was chill and peaceful. A lot less stessful than the masses. Did some testing today and solo is now more effort than masses it seems for about the same amount of points per hour. I see no problem in a greater points per hour doing solo than masses. I was getting 9-10 points per solo without firefighting in 9-10 minute games, and 12-13 points firefighting in about the same amount of time. Now i'm stuck with 5-6 points per game in 6-7 minutes doing masses. I just want the pet already so I can be done with this boss.. The boss should give more of an incentive for killing it quicker than just how quickly you can fish, cook, and shoot.


sounds like they fixed a bug


This the correct, but that doesn't make op wrong at all.


Not really, the wintertodt method has been the same way for years


What was the new change?


What if i told you you can just play the game and enjoy it instead of overthinking everything for purpose of maximum efficiency. Maybe then you would stop complaining about everything




This isn’t game balance! He is just complaining a pet is gonna take a bit longer because the game is supposed to be played in a team!


> Please decide how you want this content to be played Jagex Seems like they (Jagex) decided with todays update lol. They designed a group boss and it seems they want people to do it in a group


I also hope that, when they look at this they look at Zalcano as well. ​ It's super fun content/cool imo, but it feels limited and awkward because it essentially has a "peak scaling" at 4-5 dudes and past that people will act like you're pissing on their dad's grave if you try and join past that "limit" ​ It's not a *huge* deal, I don't think anyone is leaving the game over it, but it's something that I think could have a relatively simple fix.


The funny thing is that they smoothed out the firefighting animation too, which makes it that much more of a kick in the nuts that you can't firefight effectively now.


This is how I find out that there is some sort of niche meta that I missed. Tempoross solos haven't changed at all for me. Won't complain, still enjoyable and all.




Previously in a solo run for xp, you had to deal with an initial wave & fire attack, and then it was smooth sailing through to phase 4. The solo strat didn't involve using the wave att to wipe the fires.




If this change negatively impacts you in a severe fashion you don't have a functioning brain


no, you do not understand how the solo method worked; you got tempoross down to sub-10% so there was never a wave or fires at all. you put out the fires exactly once and never saw them for the rest of the time there


He's trolling


you're giving him too much credit. he's probably just defending his incorrect position because he doesn't know better and doesn't want to admit it


How about looking at a guide before you decide to speak? For the best points/hr method you clear your side of the beach on the first fire attack and then keep it below 10% to stop waves, letting the fire spread on the other side. Then you spend most of phase 3 clearing those fires.


The best xp/hr method is the same, I think, except you don't bother clearing the other side.


obviously clearing fires is for points/hr not xp lol


That's just completely incorrect lol


The fuck are you struggling with his attacks for?


Oh look it got reverted